Aged Care Courses

Aged Care courses give you an opportunity to make your living in easier manner. Aged care professionals are highly in demand, as the job requirements is increasing day by day in the individual support sector. People are getting older every day and making a career in aged care services will be the right decision for you. Where you can earn handsome money and can help people around you.

There are three different levels of aged care courses:

  • certificate iii in individual support aged care
  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support
  • Diploma

Aged Care Courses (4 Courses)

Study Mode : Online, Classroom
3 Location
  • Tasmania
  • Sydney
  • Adelaide
Study Mode : Online, Classroom
3 Location
  • Tasmania
  • Sydney
  • Adelaide
Study Mode : Classroom
1 Location
  • Perth
Study Mode : Classroom
1 Location
  • Perth
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Whether the candidate opts for the aged care courses, or individual support courses, the course will be same. No matter which city of Australia you belongs to. It will help you in learning how to take care of elderly people. This qualification is non-clinical, but it will make you a career as a carer.

  • You will learn about the healthy functioning of human body.
  • How to empower aged people.
  • How to handle personal support needs.
  • How to live life as a second inning.
  • You can teach aged people for how to stay fit for longer.
  • The right medications.
  • How to boost the confidence of older people.

We all are getting older every day thus the increase in the population of older people, there are many job options created in the aged care sector. After completing any of the respective individual support courses in Australia, candidates can easily get the job of a carer or a worker.  Majorly, there is one type of job available after this course:

  • Aged Care or Disabled Care Professional
  • Disability Support Worker
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Community Care Assistant
  • Field Officer
  • Family Support Working Professional
  • Youth Working Professional

The Individual Support Workers provide care for older people both physically and emotionally. They also handle the everyday affair of old aged people at different places such as private homes, residential care places, hospitals or clinics depends. 

After completion of aged care courses(six weeks or aged care courses online) the individual become capable of providing assistance to the clients on the basis of their specific needs, thereby improving the quality of life of elderly people. As a carer, you need to help them in managing their day to day regular activities like in taking medication, dressing, washing, eating, and many other activities that will keep them occupied in a healthy manner.

Once the candidates have completed their individual support course, now they have lots of opportunity to make their career as a working professional. There are so many career making things available after completion of aged care courses from the any corner of Australia they may work as:

  • Aged Care Professional
  • Carer of Elderly People in Clinics
  • Individual Support Worker
  • Assistant in Nursing
  • Residential Care Worker
  • Residential Support Worker
  • Community Care Worker

The aged care course fees is not hefty and after the completion of the course, there are many jobs available in the market. This makes it a good option for many individuals, who want to make a career as the aged care professional.

  • Salary - Interestingly, experienced individual support carer can get an average of $31,000 to $55,000. This may get lowered for Freshers, but with experience the salary only improves.
  • Average Working Hours - With the changing time, more jobs are available, but mostly they are part time. Nonetheless, with more and more residential care facilities opening up, more requirements for full time professionals is increasing day by day.


The aged and home care sector is flourishing and so the requirement of carer for older people is increasing. This course helps individuals to understand this complex and unique branch of health care with practical experience of handling the elderly people. After completing this course candidates may get a full time as well as part time jobs in any home and community ageing houses and this is a nationally recognized qualification anywhere in Australia.

Certificate III

Having a qualification in the individual support sector can certainly make your career grow a lot. It is a good investment and after you complete this course you get certified to work in any aged care centre. This is an entry level course, but you won’t be having problem in getting a good job with a handsome salary. 

Certificate IV

For those who have experience of working as an individual support worker and have already completed the Certificate III must go for this aged care course. This will be an addition to your qualification and will help you in growing in this field. This course is aimed to improve your management qualities, thereby supporting other  junior colleagues in managing the work.

If you are someone who likes talking to elderly people and enjoy their company, then this type of job is best suited for you. If you are not fond of older people’s company, then you must not go for such a job as it may be very challenging for you. This job requires patience and tenderness, as the older people are sometimes difficult to handle far more than a kid. Still, anyone who is amiable and is understanding must go for the aged care courses.

Learn the skills and more experience which will help you to get the stable job in a community or home aged care amenities. Why this is right for you? Just because this is for humanity, you are getting a job and helping the people. Plus, you are making your career as well.