Study in Bendigo – Australia

Looking to study in Australia? More students are choosing this country for several reasons that include great universities and more. If an individual wants to be in this country for higher studies, then study in Bendigo for an ideal successful career. However, take a look at this city in detail first.


Bendigo is a city in the state of Victoria. It is situated in Bendigo valley and is 150 kms approximately from Melbourne which is this state’s capital.

  • Established
    In 1851, people discovered gold and transformation occurred. From a sheep station, this area became one of the largest colonial boomtowns in Australia.
  • Geography
    Area is 287.4 km2 (111 sq. mi)
  • Demographics
    local population, overseas immigrants
  • Language
    Over 88% of people speak English and other languages spoken at home are Karen, Mandarin, Punjabi, Hindi, etc.
  • Economy
    This city has a massive and developing service economy. The primary industries of this place are finance, health, tourism, education, commerce, food processing, etc.
  • Education
    This city offers the best colleges and universities along with a remarkable primary and secondary educational institute.
  • Climate
    A temperate dry climate is what people can expect in this city with cool winters and hot summers. This city lies in a semi-arid/subtropical humid climate transitional zone. Bendigo receives over 109 clear days every year.

Why study in Bendigo?

  • Lifestyle

    People here are known as “Bendigonians” and it offers a remarkable lifestyle to all. It is the state’s fastest-developing regional city that enjoys a laid-back lifestyle. However, people can also have great social and nightlife along with satisfying professional careers making people want to study in Bendigo.

  • Weather

    The average high temperature of this area stays between 12.6°C – 30.2°C depending on the month. Also, the average low-temperature ranges between 2.7°C – 14.4°C based on the month. Frosts are common during spring and winter but snowfall is rare. This data is provided by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Innovation

    Innovation plays a critical part in this regional city being the fastest growing place in Victoria and competing with the major cities in this country. From excellent hospitals to education institutes, job opportunities, and more is due to the innovation that helped build its infrastructure.

  • Multicultural

    The gold rush is when immigrants from all over the world started to migrate to this place in the 19th century period. It primarily included people from China and several European nations. Such immigration from people globally led to this city’s multicultural aspect and the desire of international students to study in Bendigo increased.

  • Top-notch Education

    Monash, Deakin, La Trobe, etc. are some of the university names that are globally popular. Hence, world-class education is what people receive who want to study in Bendigo.

  • Transport

    Student concessions and other discounts make public transportation quite cheap in this place. Also, due to a great infrastructure, people can enjoy an extensive network of public transportation for efficient commuting regularly. Such affordable transportation leads individuals to decide to study in Bendigo.

  • Multilingual

    Due to immigrants residing here from all over the world, this city has become multilingual. Most people (88.1%) speak English at home. Other languages spoken at home include Mandarin 0.5%, Karen 0.9%, Hindi, Malayalam, & Punjabi 0.2% each, etc.

  • Healthcare

    Bendigo Base Hospital is the largest medical centre for the people of this area. However, the largest private hospital in this city is St. John of God. Moreover, this is a small surgical facility available that is Bendigo Day Surgery. Appropriate healthcare is why many want to study in Bendigo.

  • Tourism

    Tourism is a major component that contributes to this city's economy greatly. Cultural and heritage tourists keep visiting this place, especially due to its gold rush history tourism. Other great attractions include Bendigo Tramways, Golden Dragon Museum, Great Stupa, Central Deborah Gold Mine, etc.

  • Safety

    Bendigo is an adequately safe city where numerous laws and rules have been implemented for residents' and tourists’ safety by city officials. Safety is a must for all international students and thus, they choose to study in Bendigo.

Top Universities in Bendigo

Monash University

La Trobe University

Deakin University

Such universities make it easy for scholars to decide that they want to study in Bendigo than anywhere else.

Transportation in Bendigo

  • Public Transport

    Public transport includes bus networks and rail as the primary options for daily commuting. The rail line is available on Bendigo, Swan Hill, and Echuca. Also, bus service is available mainly from CBD in Bendigo and goes throughout the city and onto the suburbs. People here prefer the bus service due to it being cheap, safe, eco-friendly, etc. Also, public transportation is one of the efficient commuting ways in this city.

  • Cycling

    More people in this city are opting for this commuting system as it is more environmentally friendly and a healthier option. Using bike lanes people can easily travel within and outside the city limits. People can either purchase or rent a cycle accordingly.

  • Airport

    Bendigo Airport caters to domestic and international flights. Some of the popular airline services available include Qantas, Jetstar, Air North, Virgin Australia, etc.

  • Other transport options

    Walking, ride-share, Uber, yellow taxis, etc. are some of the ways through which people can commute daily. Also, owning an Australian driving license would lead one to rent or purchase and drive his/her car accordingly.

    Such an affordable transportation system is why many decide it is better to study in Bendigo.

Living cost in Bendigo

The total monthly living cost in Bendigo is $1,634 approximately. Single room rent per month would be around $762 in this city. Monthly utilities would be $250 approximately. Transportation and food would cost around $400-$500 monthly. This is quite a reasonable monthly living expense and why most international students want to study in Bendigo.

Disclaimer: This is a predicted cost for a single scholar living in Bendigo. It doesn’t include course fees, materials, etc. However, the numbers may vary due to a student’s lifestyle and other habits.

Type of Living Costs Estimated Average Costs
Rent $1100 AUD
Food $200 AUD
Transport $60 AUD
Internet $60 AUD
Electricity $60 AUD
Entertainment $60 AUD
Total Average Cost $1,540 AUD
* The above-mentioned expenses are just an estimation. They are subjected to variations according to the type of lifestyle which includes personal consumption, lifestyle, and type of lodging. The Department of Home Affairs from the Australian Government suggests $20,920 as the starting point for a single person’s annual expenses.

Free things to do in Bendigo

When students who study in Bendigo have free time can opt for these activities mentioned below:

  • Walking and cycling trails

    Walking and cycling trails

    One of the most exciting things to do in Bendigo is to select cycling trails to take a walk there or just cruise on a cycle. O’Keefe Rail Trail, Goldfields track, Bendigo Creek trail, etc. are just some of the popular trails in this city.

  • Rosalind Park

    Rosalind Park

    This park is situated over 60 acres of land. People can enjoy open spaces, historic conservatory, open spaces, ornate statues, playgrounds, and more.

  • Lake Weeroona

    Lake Weeroona

    Bendigo’s crown jewel is this lake. This mesmerizing ornamental reserve and lake are situated over 18 hectares of land. This place was transformed from a grimy mining place in the 1870s.

  • Visit Bendigo Art Gallery

    Visit Bendigo Art Gallery

    Continuous success and overwhelming growth have led Bendigo Art Gallery a must-visit place for people. It showcases world-class art and most of it is free to observe.

  • Visit Lake Neangar

    Visit Lake Neangar

    Lake Neangar is a great place to visit and enjoy. Most families with kids love to visit this area for a day of relaxation and more.

  • Go to Bendigo Botanic Garden

    Go to Bendigo Botanic Garden

    During the early gold rush period, Bendigo Botanic Garden was set up. This is situated over 15 acres of land and consists of numerous native plants, lush green nature, and more.

Hence, fill out the forms of universities to study in Bendigo. It is a great place for international students to relocate and create an outstanding professional career.

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