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Numerous international scholars seek to go to Perth for their higher studies. A huge-scale employment opportunity after graduating and outstanding infrastructure are why international students want to study in Perth. Before deciding on your university, take a look at Perth in-depth.


Western Australia’s capital city is Perth; it is also the largest city in this state. According to the official report, this is Australia and also, Oceania’s most populous city. Perth has numerous heritage sites and vital public buildings. Also, it is ranked as one of the most liveable cities worldwide making people want to study in Perth.

  • Established Established
    Perth was founded in 1829 to be Swan River Colony’s administrative centre by Captain James Stirling. However, in 1856 Perth gained city status.
  • Geography Geography
    Area of 6,417.9 km2 (2,478.0 sq. mi).
  • Demographics Demographics
    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Perth has a population of 2,192,229 people. The common ancestry of people living here includes English, Australian, Scottish, Irish, Indian, Italian, Chinese, etc.
  • Language Language
    At home, over 73.5% of residents of this city spoke English; however, other common languages spoken include Italian, Mandarin, Vietnamese, etc. Such a multilingual aspect leads international students to study in Perth.
  • Economy Economy
    Being an administrative centre for government and businesses, Perth dominates WA’s has become a technology hub for start-ups; this created massive skilled job opportunities in Perth.Hence, people want to study in Perth to ensure employment opportunities later.
  • Education Education
    Children between the ages of 6-17 have compulsory education in WA. Apart from this, Perth has some of the best colleges and universities globally. These include the University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, Curtin University, etc. Globally ranked universities are why students want to study in Perth.
  • Climate Climate
    During summer, Perth has a Mediterranean climate. Summertime here is sunny, dry, and hot, which is between December-March; February is the hottest month. Winters here are wet and relatively cool; though it is highly seasonal, Perth receives winter-based rainfall. Such a climate is favourable for international scholars making them want to study in Perth.

Reasons to study in Perth

  • Lifestyle

    Perth is a vibrant and modern capital city that boasts a remarkable geographic location along with appealing investing opportunities and a desirable lifestyle. It has ample places to visit as well as nightlife that is ideal for all international students and more. Students wishing to study in Perth because of enjoying such a lifestyle.

  • Weather

    The average high in Perth stays between 18.5°C – 31.5°C depending on the month. Similarly, the average low stays between 7.9°C – 18.3°C. The record high was 46.2°C while the record low was -0.7°C. This data is presented by Australia’s Meteorology Bureau.

  • Innovation

    It is the hub for tech-based start-ups that show how innovation has led a great path to this city's development. Moreover, innovation in various fields has led to its overall infrastructure growth which makes Perth one of the greatest cities in the world.

  • Multicultural

    The 2021 Census showed that residents of Perth have several ancestries. These include English, Australian, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Indian, Chines, German, Filipino, Dutch, and more. Moreover, the 2021 census showed that over 169,000 residents were born in England. In addition, Asians started immigrating here after White Australian Policy was abolished in 1973. Thus, making people want to study in Perth.

  • World Class Education

    Some of the world’s top-ranking universities are located in Perth. These include the University of WA, Edith Cowan University, Curtin University, Murdoch University, Notre Dam University, etc. Students opting to study in Perth have access to the best learning process and excellent job opportunities after completing their degree.

  • Cheaper Transport

    Public transport is the cheapest option available for people. Furthermore, it is cheaper for scholars because of all the discounts and offers provided to students. Also, the large network of buses and trains ensures not just affordable but also efficient commuting. Also, this is another reason for people wanting to study in Perth.

  • Multilingual

    Being such a multicultural city, it has to be multilingual. The English language is what dominates this city as over 73.5% of people speak it at home. However, other languages spoken at home consists of 2.3% Mandarin, 1.4% Italian, 1% Vietnamese, 1% Cantonese, 0.7% Arabic, etc. This data is according to the 2016 Census. Such a multilingual aspect makes international scholars wish to study in Perth.

  • Healthcare

    There are 10 colossal hospitals with emergency departments in this city. Some of the best hospitals are Royal Perth Hospital, King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, Rockingham General Hospital, Perth Children’s Hospital, Joondalup Health Campus, etc. Such modern healthcare is another reason for students wishing to study in Perth.

  • Tourism

    Numerous spots are there for people to visit, whether they are in Perth to study or simply travelling there on a vacation. Some of the most popular attractions of this city are the Elizabeth Quay waterfront area, Kings Park and Botanic Garden, The Perth Mint, Perth Zoo, etc. Students opting to study in Perth get to visit many spots when idle.

  • Safety

    Perth is ranked as one of the safest and most liveable cities. According to the 2020 report of “Globalization and World Cities Research Network,” it came to be known as “Beta Global City”. Safety is another reason people want to study in Perth.

List of top universities in Perth

University of Western Australia

Curtin University

Edith Cowan University

Murdoch University

University of Notre Dame

Such globally recognized and ranked universities are the primary reasons for international students wishing to study in Perth.

Transportation in Perth

  • Public Transport

    Public transport includes buses, trains, and ferries. To use public transport, people need to have a SmartRider card, which is available at several retail stores and Transperth InfoCentres. Fares are nominal and using such cards aids in several discounts and offers. Also, there are free bus and train services within city limits. The ferries are available from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm. It travels from Elizabeth Quay Jetty to Mends Street Jetty.

  • Cycling

    Apart from buses, trains, and ferries, numerous individuals prefer to use a cycle when travelling within city limits. People can either purchase a cycle or rent one and use the bike path to commute in the city. It makes commuting much cheaper and healthier.

  • Airport

    Perth airport is where international and domestic flight services are offered to people. 28 airline services offer flights daily and 3 airline services are available for cargo transport. Some of the most popular airlines include Qantas, Emirates, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, etc.

  • Other transport

    Other commuting methods in Perth apart from public transport include Uber, yellow taxis, ride-share, and personal vehicles. However, to drive in Perth, an individual would require a valid Australian driving license.

Cost of living in Perth

The monthly expense of a student would include a single room will cost $550 monthly and monthly food expenses will be around $200. Transport will cost $60, electricity, water & gas $60, entertainment $60, and internet & mobile $60. Hence, the total will be around $1000 approximately. Such affordable cost of leaving is another reason for people wanting to study in Perth.

Disclaimer: This is the predicted living cost of a student monthly. It excludes tuition fees and materials required by students. The monthly living cost may vary because it depends largely on certain factors like a person’s lifestyle and more.

Free things to do in Perth

  • Visit Perth Hills or Mandurah

    Visit Perth Hills or Mandurah

    Visiting these hills will allow people to enjoy nature’s true beauty. Also, it is popular for stargazing whenever there is a clear night sky.

  • Go to Elizabeth Quay

    Go to Elizabeth Quay

    Going to this place will allow an individual to enjoy the waterfront area and people love to wander on its riverside trails.

  • Head to Scarborough or Cottesloe beaches

    Head to Scarborough or Cottesloe beaches

    Crystal blue water and white sandy beaches are what people can enjoy hugely when visiting these mesmerizing beaches.

  • Choose the city’s walking tours

    Choose the city’s walking tours

    Regularly, free walking tours are provided by this city's administration. It will offer a different perspective of this city.

  • Visit AGWA (Art Gallery of Western Australia)

    Visit AGWA (Art Gallery of Western Australia)

    Inspiring exhibitions are what people can observe in AGWA. Creative workshops and most exhibitions are free to visit for all.

  • Go to Northbridge Piazza

    Go to Northbridge Piazza

    Throughout the year, this place runs some free activities for people. It includes watching movies or cricket matches on a big display and more.

These are the things you should know about this city before opting to study in Perth. So, join your desired university today!

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