Study in Darwin – Australia

Looking to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree? Why not study in Darwin, Australia? It offers numerous supreme universities and a lively lifestyle that is quite affordable in modern days. Know about Darwin and other details to decide!

About Darwin

Northern Territory’s capital city is Darwin. In 2019, it has a population of over 160,000. This city is where a majority of this population resides. It serves as a regional centre for Australia’s Top End.

  • Established Established
    John Wickham named this region Port Darwin In 1869, however, in 1911 it was renamed, Darwin.
  • Geography Geographic area
    Area 3,163.8 km2 (1,221.6 sq mi)
  • Demographics Demographics
    Local population, Overseas immigrants. currently, the population of this place is over 147,255 (2019
  • Language Language
    The 2016 census showed that apart from English, other languages spoken here are Greek, Tagalog, Mandarin, etc. but the numbers are very low.
  • Economy Economy
    Mining and tourism are the two biggest pillars of Darwin’s economy. Annually, $2.5 billion worth of energy and mining production takes place in this place.
  • Education Education
    Several top-ranking universities have led international students to study in Darwin. Some of the popular universities are Charles Darwin University, Nungalinya College, etc.
  • Climate Climate
    Tropical savanna is how people can describe Darwin’s climate. It has distinct dry and wet seasons; also, its average maximum temperature stays quite similar year-round. Warm winters and humid summers are what people should expect. Also, May-September is the dry season and the sky mostly stays clear.

Why study in Darwin?

Looking at the below reasons will aid in knowing why to study in Darwin!

  • Lifestyle

    It offers a vibrant lifestyle where nightlife, food, and culture play an essential role. From enjoying beaches and parks to live music and more is what one can enjoy in this lifestyle. It is an ideal place for people who like to explore and opt for outdoor activities. Such a lifestyle is what international scholars prefer and thus, they study in Darwin.

  • Weather

    According to Meteorology Bureau, the highest average calculated was 33.8°C and the lowest average calculated was 19.3°C. Wet season in Darwin is associated with monsoon rains and tropical cyclones. The hottest months are considered to be October & November. Also, the majority of rainfall is seen during the December-March period.

  • Innovation

    The development and infrastructure of this city and various business sectors like mining are a result of innovation from people. Several innovative ideas have led to this city’s development in numerous sectors.

  • Multicultural

    Over 100 nationalities reside in this city and thus, making it an ideal multicultural city. This reflects in their culture and food available along with languages spoken at home and more. Such multicultural is one of the reasons many international scholars want to study in Darwin.

  • Top-notch education

    Darwin offers remarkable colleges and universities that offer courses equivalent to TAFE degrees and more. Moreover, universities here online and offline courses that are available for academic and vocational studies. Hence, by studying here scholars receive degrees that will further their professional careers.

  • Cheaper transport

    Tap and Ride card is what an individual needs. It offers unlimited rides for 7 days consecutively. Such unlimited access to commuting is what brings the transportation cost way down and makes it cheaper, especially for international students who want to study in Darwin.

  • Multilingual

    With so many nationalities and multicultural aspects, it isn’t hard to believe that it is a multilingual city. Moreover, the 2016 census portrays English speakers at home consists of 58%. Other languages spoken at home include 3.5% Greek, 3.7% Tagalog, 1.2% Nepali, 2% Mandarin, 1% Australian Aboriginal language, and more.

  • Healthcare

    The metropolitan region’s public hospital is overseen by Health and Families department. Also, Royal Darwin Hospital

  • Tourism

    Tourism is one of the largest industries in Darwin. Katherine Gorge, Litchfield National Park, Kakadu National Park, etc. are some of the tourist hot spots of this country.

  • Safety

    Northern Territory Police members are Darwin’s force. With forming groups to handle the safety of residents and tourists, assaults related to alcohol decreased by 16% and domestic violence dropped by 9% in 2019. In short, it is quite a safe place now whether you reside or are a tourist.

Top universities in Darwin

Before starting to study in Darwin know about its popular colleges.

Charles Darwin University

Nungalinya College

Bachelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

Transportation in Darwin

  • Public Transport

    Getting around in Darwin is quite easy due to the frequency and connectivity of public transport like buses, trains, etc. Buses are maintained by Northern Territory Government and are the primary public transport mode in this city. Efficient and air-conditioned buses are what you get here. Public transport is cheap and thus, international scholars prefer to study in Darwin.

  • Cycling

    Coastal weather and stunning environment are what people get to enjoy when using cycles for commuting. Using bike paths, people can use their cycles to go around the city which will offer exceptional views and is a healthier alternative than anything else.

  • Airport

    Darwin International Airport is the 10th busiest in Australia, which serves Northern Territory. It is located in the northern suburbs; Darwin city centre is 8 kms from the airport. Also, there are three terminals available – international, domestic, and cargo.

  • Other options

    Other options include hiring a taxi, uber, getting cars or e-bikes for commuting. These won’t be as cheap as public transportation like buses and trains but is a great way to commute within city limits.

living cost in Darwin

Some of the monthly expenditure international students have to bear includes room rent of $550 and food of $200. Other monthly expense includes entertainment, transport, mobile & internet, water and other utilities will come to a total of $240 approximately. Hence, the total monthly expense will be around $990. Such affordable living cost is another reason for students to study in Darwin.

Disclaimer: This is just an average projected number and doesn’t include course fees, materials, etc. Also, this number greatly varies depending on lifestyle, accommodation, etc. that a student acquires.

Free things to do in Darwin

  • Enjoying tropical sunset

    Enjoying tropical sunset

    Nothing is more beautiful than watching a sunset on Mindi Beach. Such a spectacular scenic beauty should be enjoyed by all. People who study in Darwin prefer this free activity a lot when they are free.

  • Northern Territory’s Museum and Art Gallery

    Northern Territory’s Museum and Art Gallery

    Through exhibitions here, people can know about science, history, and more of Northern Territory. Cyclone Tracy exhibit is the main one to watch.

  • Berry Springs Nature Park

    Berry Springs Nature Park

    This place is a 40-minute drive from Darwin and offers people a place where they can relax. Taking a dip in the water, opting for picnics, etc. are what people opt to do here.

  • Litchfield National Park

    Litchfield National Park

    Cascading waterfalls, rainforest bushwalk trails, and more are what this park offers. It is ideal for a day trip.

  • East Point Reserve

    East Point Reserve

    This is an ideal place that locals prefer to visit. It offers people nature walks, knowledge about military history, spot wallabies, etc.

  • George Brown Botanic Gardens

    George Brown Botanic Gardens

    Take a stroll through this garden to explore woodlands, mangroves, etc. Also, people can spot native birds, local plants, etc.

People get so many perks in this city that they prefer to study in Darwin rather than any other place. Hence, get started for your admissions to the best universities here!

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