Funded Courses

A government-funded course can help students by contributing to their tuition fees. Some of the schemes in Australia vary from state to state, and students will need to meet the eligibility requirements. There are many benefits of pursuing a funded course, which is why many students opt for it.

The courses that are subsidised are the ones that are highly demanding. This is because the government funds courses for meeting skill shortages and, at times, to prepare for an increase in jobs in that area. 

What is a Funded Course? 

A country that has a skilled workforce has a number of advantages to offer, so the federal and state governments work hard ensure that specific training is available to everyone. The government does this by supporting the students by providing them with funds for available courses.

But it is not true that every course is approved to be eligible for funding by the Australian government. Sometimes, a course in a state can get funded, but the same course may not receive funding in another state. 

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If you want to get enrolled in a training place where government funding is available, then you need to fulfil some terms and conditions of the Australian government. You must be an Australian citizen and need to reside in Australia though other training organisations may have different requirements. 

You must know that a funded course can study different types of courses under a low fee or funding through jobs and skills. Some of them are:

  • Information technology 
  • Health care 
  • Early childhood education 
  • Building and construction 
  • Individual care and aged support. 

One of the best ways to enhance your career prospects is with the help of funded courses. Whether you want to acquire new skills or enhance the existing ones, a qualification can help you and also help prove your abilities to others.

There can be various job outcomes when you opt for a funded course, but it also depends on whether you have the skills or not to acquire a job. Depending on what course you undertake and the availability of jobs, you may end up as a restaurant owner, a business owner or an IT expert in Australia.

Some of the renowned jobs (and descriptions) in various sectors that you can receive after completing a funded course in Australia are as follows: 

  • Childcare worker- As a childcare worker, you will take care of children in different early education facilities. You will develop these children from a young age.
  • Aged care worker- In this position, you will be responsible for taking care of the elderly population in Australia.
  • Python developers- Under this position, you will help different organizations with their technological framework.

There are other essential jobs that you can be a part of after you complete the specific course. You can check the Australian-funded course list before you come to a decision.

Most of the people who enrol themselves in a funded course in Australia become employed in the future under any field. Only a few of the students may continue seeking employment while  there are those who will look to continue their course or opt for another funded course.  

Career outcome in a funded course depends solely on what you do and your capabilities. Sometimes, the course that you undertake may also affect your career outcomes. This is why you need to check a course carefully before taking part in it. 

Depending on what course you have chosen and if they can be funded, there are different job prospects for people trained under government-funded courses. When a government decides to fund specific courses for candidates, they ensure that those are demanding in the market.

You can also acquire a job-role in daycare and the child care sector. You may also get a job at a restaurant or be the owner of one. There is a wide range of jobs available in Australia, and based on your eligibility and skills, you will receive a suitable job that matches your course. 

Various courses in Australia are either fully or partially subsidised under different initiatives of Australian states. But you must know what the courses that are subsidised are.

There are many courses in Australia that are either covered partially or fully by funding from the government. Some of the best and most demanding courses are funded by the Australian government, and they are:

  • Government-funded aged care courses

With Australia's aging population on the rise, it is easy to understand why aged care is one of the biggest job sectors in the world. Aged care continues to expand year after year, and there is a lack of skilled workers in Australia in this sector. This is one of the best reasons why we require aged care workers to work for the Australian citizens as they get older with time. 

Aged care is a sector that is recognized under Skills first, and there is funding available for both types of courses known as Certificate IV in aging support and Certificate III in Individual care. As a result of the funding, you will be able to complete both of these courses for free.

The government will entirely cover your tuition, and the resources needed for the courses will also be covered. But you need to ensure that you meet the eligibility for both courses and you can also pursue these government-funded courses. 

  • Childcare courses funded by government 

Aged care is not the only sector that is covered by the Australian government’s funding; you can also opt for government funding if you want to enrol in a childcare course. Eligible students can enrol in childcare courses funded by the government, similar to the aged care courses. 

People who are interested can also choose to study courses like Certificate III (Early childhood education and care) or even a Diploma (early childhood education and care). The tuition fees and resources for both the courses can be covered due to Skills First funding. 

  • Government-funded courses 

You may not think of it as an important course, but everyone loves to eat in the Australian state of Victoria. Depending on what cookery course you are enrolled in, you can enjoy a complete or partial grant of money.

  1. Certificate III in commercial cookery: the tuition is completely covered
  2. Certificate IV in commercial cookery: almost 60% of your tuition fees are covered
  3. Certificate IV in commercial cooking: Around 50% of the tuition fees are covered. 

It is a common fact known the people that the Australian government does not pay for all the materials and resources.

  • Government-funded patisserie courses 

Similar to the commercial cookery, Certificate III and Certificate IV in Patisserie are also funded by the Australian government. Unlike the cookery courses, most of the patisserie courses are funded entirely and subsidised by the government. 

But only eligible students will be allowed to participate in this course, but they must pay for the resources and equipment that they will require in their government-funded training. 

  • Government-funded hospitality management courses

If you want to enhance your hospitality career and take it to the next level, then you must take part in hospitality management courses. This is one of the best courses that you can opt for in terms of funded courses. 

Other than giving you a base in hospitality management and helping you to open or manage your very own hospital, these courses are eligible for government funding as per the rules.

It does not matter what stream you enrol in or if you need to study specific courses along with hospitality management, you can start the course without paying the entire money. 

  • Government-funded hairdressing course 

Whether you desire to enrol in a Certificate IV or III in hairdressing or a Diploma in Salon Management, you can study without having to pay any money in tuition. 

The students who are eligible can have the opportunity to choose their own class sets for training instead of purchasing them. This is an excellent advantage of this course. 

  • Government-funded beauty therapy courses 

While these courses are not fully funded by the government like hairdressing courses, the courses are also subsidized to some extent. Here, the students can also be eligible to get discounts of more than 50% of their tuition fees.

If you want to learn something and acquire new skills without having to pay money, then funded training courses are best for you. There are several benefits of undertaking government-funded courses, and there are many people in Australia who undertake different types of courses funded by the government. 

The reasons you need to take courses that are and government-funded are as follows:

  • There are various subjects from which you can choose from 

Whether you want to learn more about mental health or improve your engineering or IT skills or want to learn a new business, a government-funded course can help suit your needs. 

Under courses funded by the government, you can study and learn anything from IT to mental science to cybersecurity. With such courses, you can improve your knowledge. 

  • It can improve your chances of being employed

You can also improve your employment chances by undertaking a free course that is funded by the government. Whether you want to acquire a new skill or sharpen your existing skill, this qualification will help you impress your employers.

  • You will gain a valid level 2 qualification

Australian government-funded courses are fully regulated by RFQ. Not only will you receive quality content that is recognised, but you can also gain a qualification that will be respected and recognised by your future employers. 

When you can receive a qualification for free from the Australian government, then there is no reason for you not to be a part of it. A government-funded course will always be for the courses that are highly demanding in the current market

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