Study in Adelaide – Australia

Every year more international students are choosing Adelaide as their studying destination. Scholars understand that Australia is a remarkable country to study and build a professional career. Hence, most are opting to study in Adelaide.

About Adelaide

Know about this city in-depth before you move there and start your journey!

  • Established
    Adelaide is South Australia’s capital and was founded on 28th December 1836. It was named in Queen Adelaide’s honour.
  • Geography
    Area of 3259.8 km2 (1258.6 sq mi).
  • Demographics
    Adelaide has a population of 1,387, 290 people. 31.3% of this population is overseas-born. from England (5.7%), India (3.1%), Mainland China (1.8%), Vietnam (1.2%) and Italy (1.1%).
  • Language
    The 2016 census showed that over 75% of Adelaide’s population spoke English when at home.
  • Economy
    The largest employment sector in South Australia is social assistance and health care.
  • Education
    Some of the most impressive colleges in Adelaide are the best in this country. These universities are Adelaide University, South Australia University (SA Uni), CQ University, etc.
  • Climate
    A Mediterranean climate is what an individual will enjoy in this beautiful city. Cool winters, moderate rainfall, and dry summer are what one can expect here. The sea temperature on average stays between 13.7 °C to 21.2°C (August to February).

Why study in Adelaide?

An abundance of reasons leads to the growing number of international students here. Some of the most common reasons to study in Adelaide comprise:

  • Lifestyle

    With Victorian parks and tree-lined roads, it offers a great vibe to everyone. The city is filled with art galleries to explore along with aboriginal festivals, live music in pubs, terrace parks, multi-ethnic markets, and more. State fair and Royal Adelaide Show are quite popular in modern times.

  • Weather

    Mild weather is what people enjoy here. Dry Summers and cold winters along with the year-round clear sky is how one can best describe Adelaide’s weather. Infrequent and light rainfall is what to expect in summer. In the rainy season, it has rainfall of 80mm. In addition, hail is common during Adelaide’s winter season. All these make scholars study in Adelaide because of its suitability.

  • Innovation

    Some of the most famous names that lend an appropriate hand in the innovation field include the Royal Institute of Australia, BAE Systems (technology), South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, SA Pathology, and more. These research institutes and more supports innovation and aid in making people’s lives better; this is why you should choose to study in Adelaide.

  • Multicultural

    Adelaide is a multicultural city as it was founded with a vision for religious tolerance. It made different religious practitioners settle here, which made this place known as “The City of Churches”. Also, there are Jewish, Afghan, and other communities living together in harmony have made this city multicultural.

  • World Class Education

    Torrens, Flinders, South Australia, and Adelaide University are Laureate International Universities’ part. Globally, Adelaide University ranked 150th while Flinders ranked 250th and SA Uni ranks 300th. Ranking in the world's best universities list is why you should study in Adelaide.

  • Cheaper Transport

    Infrastructure is quite strong and thus, people here enjoy cheaper transport options. Adelaide Metro offers choices like six-commuter rail lines, a tram network, and buses. Well-defined layout along with numerous freeways and expressways makes travelling in and out of the city quite easy.

  • Multilingual

    75.4% of people speak English at home which is the primary language spoken here. However, other languages that people speak at home include 2.1% standard Mandarin, 2.1% Italian, 1.4% Vietnamese, and 1.7% Greek. In addition, other languages are spoken in minor numbers that include Cantonese, Kaurna language, etc.

  • Healthcare

    One of the major sectors that Adelaide’s economy depends on is healthcare. Hence, you can get the best medical facilities in this city. Flinder’s Medical Centre and Royal Adelaide Hospital are the two largest medical institutes in this city.

    Other institutes include Glenside Campus which specialises in mental health, Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Modbury Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, etc. In short, you can get the best healthcare in this city.

  • Tourism

    Adelaide attracts ample tourists from all over the world annually. Some of the best tourist spots consist of Cleland Conservation Park, Adelaide Botanic Gardens, Morialta Conservation Park, etc. Moreover, the city offers certain beaches that one can reach by hopping onto a tram. Brighton and Henley are where one can find beaches closest to this city. In addition, visit wineries, and more to have a comprehensive travelling experience.

  • Safety in Adelaide

    Adelaide is one of the safest cities in Australia and crime stats are below the national average. To accommodate night travellers, public stops have CCTV monitoring systems along with well-lit functionality to keep people safe. Also, on weekends, volunteers can be seen helping people with safety and first aid assistance if needed.

Top universities in Adelaide

The below-mentioned names are the best universities in Australia and this is the reason why you should choose to study in Adelaide. Take a look!

Flinders University

Torrens University

Adelaide University

Australian Catholic University


Transportation in Adelaide

Adelaide has a remarkable infrastructure that leads to affordable and swift commuting in Australia.

  • Public Transport

    Adelaide metro is this city’s public transport system that involves buses, trams, and trains. Metro cards, single trip, day trip, etc. are options when it comes to buying tickets. Also, people can get public transport timetables through Adelaide Metro’s official application or website.

    Moreover, various concessions are available for students that decrease living costs. In addition, there are several free circle buses and tram rides in the city centre which is why it is ideal to study in Adelaide.

  • Cycling

    There are additional lanes for cycles to avoid any accidents. Also, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. people can board bikes on trains for free.

  • Airport

    Adelaide airport is just 8 kms from the city and can be easily reached using a car, bus, taxi, etc. In addition, there is a JetBus service that travels to the airport from this city and vice-versa.

  • Other transport

    Other transportation includes hiring rented cars to travel to different places according to one’s convenience.

Cost of living in Adelaide

Cost of living in this city is quite reasonable. Totalling the amount for rent ($550 single room), food ($200), transport ($60), entertainment ($60), utilities ($60), mobile & internet ($60) will come to $990. Affordability is what makes people study in Adelaide.

Disclaimer: This is just a monthly living expense excluding course fees and materials. Moreover, this is just an estimated amount for one student. However, it can vary depending on the lifestyle a student wants to experience.

Free activities to take part in Adelaide

  • Rundle Mall

    Rundle Mall

    One of the free activities that you can choose to do is take a stroll to Rundle mall. This is a premier shopping attraction where you can enjoy several attractive art pieces.

  • SA Art Gallery

    SA Art Gallery

    Touring, ongoing, and other exhibitions will help you find something new every time. Most exhibitions are free and it stays open from 11 am to 3 pm.

  • SA Museum

    SA Museum

    Five floors filled with exhibited art pieces that you can go around and enjoy. Sir Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic expedition, 11m giant squid, etc. are some of the most interesting things to check out.

  • Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk

    Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk

    This walk offers insight into SA National War Memorial. It is a 280m walk that takes starts from Kintore Avenue and offers stories and images of humans and animals that served this country during this war period.

  • Bradman Museum

    Bradman Museum

    This is an ideal place for sports enthusiasts, especially cricket fans. Cricket memorabilia, footages, interactive displays, and more things are here in this museum in the Riverbank stand.

  • Migration Museum

    Migration Museum

    It is an ideal place which leads an individual to understand cultural diversity along with immigration factors, patterns, etc. in the 20th century.

    From having a world-class education system to reasonable living costs, great cultural diversity, ample free activities, and more is the reason why you should choose to study in Adelaide.

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