Study in Queensland – Australia

Do you want to create an impressive and high-value career? If so, you need to study in Queensland, Australia today! An outstanding education system with appropriate infrastructure and more leads international students to pursue their higher education in this place. Have a look at what you can expect when studying in this Australian state.

About Queensland

Knowing about this city place is the smart move for any scholar before applying to a university and starting to study there. So, take a look at its history and other details which are laid below for you!

  • Established Establishment
    Queensland was first explored in 1606 by Willem Janszoon, a Dutch navigator. However, before that, it was inhabited by islanders of Torres Strait and Aboriginal Australians. In 1901, 1st January Queensland was one of the 6 founding colonies that comprises Australian founding states.
  • Geography Queensland area
    Total area of this place is 1,851,736 km2 (714,959 sq. mi), while the land area available is 1,729,742 km2 (667,857 sq. mi). The water body consists of 121,994 km2 (47,102 sq. mi).
  • Demographics Demographics
    The estimated population of this place is 5,265,043; a survey in December 2021 showed this. Half of this population resides in Brisbane, while more than 70% resides in South East Queensland.
  • Language Language
    The 2016 census shows that over 81.2% of people speak English at home. However, the 2021 census portrayed that more than 80.5% speak English at home.
  • Economy Economy
    The gross state product of Queensland in 2019 was $357,044 million (Australian dollar); it is the nation’s third highest number after Victoria and New South Wales. Some sectors in this state include agriculture, mining, tourism, retail, etc. which offer the highest-paying jobs in Australia.
  • Education Education
    Some of the best universities in Australia are situated here. Universities that most international students opt for here are Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Griffith University, Bond University, Federation University, etc. These universities are the reason for people opting to study in Queensland
  • Climate Climate
    Queensland is a huge state and thus, its climate varies. The coastline area receives ample rainfall; however, coastal areas and far north have humid summers. While most places have dry winters. Brisbane, the capital city of this state sees an average minimum temperature of 15.7°C and an average maximum temperature goes up to 25.5°C.

Reasons to study in Queensland

If you are looking for reasons to study in Queensland, then the below-given reasons will help:

  • Lifestyle

    An energetic lifestyle is what you’ll get when living in Queensland. One can enjoy delicious food offered by restaurants along with other activities like strolling on a beach, visiting islands, etc. Also, numerous clubs and pubs in this state provide a thriving nightlife for young people and why people want to study in Queensland.

  • Weather

    The four main cities of Queensland are Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, and Mackay. All of these cities enjoy clear days ranging from 89.7 to 123. The highest temperature recorded in this state was 49.5°C and the lowest recorded was -10.6°C. Perfect weather for international students is why people choose to study in Queensland.

  • Innovation

    The growing number of research centres along with Queensland’s infrastructure, government policies, etc. gives a glimpse into the innovation niche of different sectors. Medical research centres, tech innovation companies, etc. show how innovation has transformed this place over time.

  • Multicultural

    English, Irish, German, and Scottish people were the 19th century early settlers. However, after the second world war people from eastern and southern Europe, especially a lot of Italians settled here. In the 21st century, Asians (primarily Indian and Chinese) started to migrate and have made Queensland a multicultural state.

  • Top-notch education system

    The University of Queensland often ranks in the global top 50 university list since its establishment in 1909. Other popular universities are James Cook, Griffith, Central Queensland, etc. Hence, world-class education is what people receive when attending such a university and the primary reason for the increasing admission number of international students.

  • Reasonable transport expense

    Transportation cost is quite reasonable, especially for scholars as they can get student discounts on their monthly passes. A plethora of freeways and national highways make it easy for people to commute easily. Public transport is what makes transportation expenses quite cheap in this state and why scholars prefer to study in Queensland.

  • Multilingual

    The 2021 census prepared by the official Australian authority showed that 80.5% of people speak English at home. However, other language speakers include 0.6% speak Punjabi, 1.6% speak Mandarin, 0.6% Vietnamese, and 0.6% Spanish.

  • Healthcare

    Public health infrastructure is administered and maintained by Queensland Health. Major names in this field are Princess Alexandra Hospital, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Queensland Children’s Hospital, etc. In short, Queensland offers remarkable public and private healthcare services.

  • Tourism

    Popular tourist destinations include The Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, Gold Coast, Southern Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, Sunshine Coast, Daintree rainforest, etc. People can enjoy mesmerizing beaches to wildlife when touring Queensland.

  • Safety

    By world standards, Queensland, especially Brisbane city is highly safe. Moreover, the police department has initiated several groups to deal with any safety issues making it one of the safest states in Australia. Safety is necessary for students and thus, they study in Queensland.

Queensland’s top universities

The best universities in Australia are:

Queensland University of Technology

Griffith University

Federation University

Bond University

Southern Queensland University

Queensland transport system

With an amazing infrastructure, Queensland provides the best transportation system. Hence people prefer to study in Queensland.

  • Public Transport

    Public transport includes buses, taxis, etc. which are overseen by the Department of Transport & Main Roads. Also, Queensland Rail provides primary rail services to residents of this state. In the coming years, The Greens will switch to electric buses and more to scrap transportation costs completely.

  • Cycling

    Though cycling is not a big thing in Queensland, there are bike lanes where people can ride cycles safely and reach their destinations. Also, people can either buy or rent cycles accordingly.

  • Airport

    Three major airports are located in Queensland; Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Cairns Airport. The Brisbane airport is the largest among the three, and the third largest in Australia. Gold Coast is one of the fastest-growing airports that receive several international and domestic flights. Lastly, Cairns is an ideal entry point for the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Other means

    Rentals is another approach that people can opt for. People can rent cars easily by submitting a few documents like a driving license and enjoy their everyday commute.

Queensland’s living cost

A total of $1000 approximately should be a student’s monthly expense. It would include room rent ($550), utilities ($60), mobile & internet ($60), transport ($60), and food ($200). Such affordable living cost is why many students choose to study in Queensland.

Disclaimer: This is just a prediction for a single student. However, it excludes materials and other course expenses. Also, this number depends on various factors such as lifestyle.

Free things to do in Queensland

Free activities in Queensland to do:

  • Nature walk

    Nature walk

    Visit various parks like Lamington National Park, Springbrook National Park, etc. to enjoy its greenery and wildlife. Also, for rainforests with ocean views, people should visit Burleigh Head National Park.

  • Gold Coast

    Gold Coast

    Walking on the coastline of 70 km is something everyone should experience once. It offers remarkable scenic beauty and more.

  • Markets to explore

    Markets to explore

    Gold Coast offers several markets where entering is free. It will offer a cultural insight along with a place to buy things you need at a bargain.

  • Currumbin Valley

    Currumbin Valley

    Currumbin Rock Pools are natural spas. You can use it for free and relax. However, the only expense will be travel fare.

  • Gondwana rainforest

    Gondwana rainforest

    It is an ideal cycling trail that people enjoy. It is free if you have a cycle of your own or else you will need to rent it. Going through this ancient rainforest is an amazing experience for all.

  • Bird Feeding

    Bird Feeding

    In this activity, people can feed wild lorikeets from 8 am to 4 pm. For this, you would need to reach Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary and reach its bird feeding area. Entering this sanctuary requires tickets but bird feeding is free.

Queensland is one of the best places to study. It has a rich multicultural aspect along great education system. This is why you should study in Queensland.

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