Study in Central Coast – Australia

Opting to study in Central Coast in Australia is an excellent decision due to several benefits. Affordable living expenses to campuses of world-ranking universities are what make it an ideal place for international students. Thus, before progressing with the university application, take a look at some details about this place.


Peri-urban is how one can describe Central Coast in New South Wales (NSW) state. Central Coast is located on Tasman Sea Coast; Newcastle’s south side and Sydney’s north side. It consists of localities such as Terrigal, Wyong, and Gosford.

  • Established
    Aboriginal people inhabited this area for thousands of years. However, this area was established in 2005
  • Geography
    Area of this place is 566.4 km2 (218.7 sq. mi)
  • Demographics
    The population of Central Coast is 346,596 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 78.8% are born in Australia; however, overseas-born stats include 4.6% from England, 1.7% from New Zealand, 0.6% Philippines, 0.6% from Scotland, 0.5% from South Africa, etc.
  • Language
    About 88.5% of people speak English at home. However, some other languages spoken include Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, German, etc.
  • Economy
    This place offers a diverse economy. It has an excellent local infrastructure, natural assets, etc. Also, essential regional industries consist of Social Assistance, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, Construction, Tourism, etc.
  • Education
    The University of Newcastle has a campus at Ourimbah along with campuses of Hunter Institute of TAFE. Also, several outstanding private colleges make it ideal for international students to study in Central Coast.
  • Climate
    Subtropical humid climate is what people of this region face; mild winters and humid summers. Rainfall even spread annually; however, showers more during autumn.

Why study in Central Coast?

  • Lifestyle

    A lively yet relaxed lifestyle is what people enjoy here. From enjoying the coastal town and waterways to adrenaline rush activities, interesting nightlife, and more; Central Coast offers it all to the people.

  • Weather

    The Central Coast region has a subtropical climate. Summers are humid and winters are mild, which makes it an ideal time for tourists visiting this place. In addition, rainfall takes place throughout the year; however, winters are dry.

  • Innovation

    Due to rapid development and innovative infrastructure, in a short period, this zone became the third biggest New South Wales urban area; also, in Australia, it is the ninth largest currently. High connectivity through roadways, numerous hospitals, and more shows the development this place made through an innovative approach.

  • Multicultural

    Apart from being Australian-born, there are numerous immigrants living here. Some of the overseas-born are from England, Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Italian, China, India, etc. Such diversity through ample immigration has led this place to offer a multicultural aspect.

  • World-class education

    Outstanding education is what scholars receive when studying in Central Coast colleges and universities. Some of the popular choices include the University of Newcastle, Central Coast College, etc. International students want the best education and thus, they want to study in Central Coast.

  • Transport

    Student concession is what makes public transportation cheap for scholars. Also, opting for a monthly pass decreases commuting expenses significantly. Also, efficient traveling takes place because of the roadway and railway network built through careful planning and infrastructure.

  • Multilingual

    88.5% of people speak the English language at home. However, other spoken languages at home include 0.5% Spanish, 0.3% Italian, 0.5% Mandarin, 0.3% Cantonese, 0.3% German, etc. The multicultural people here lead to a multilingual scenario.

  • Healthcare

    Two huge public hospitals are present on Central Coast with Emergency departments. The largest one is Gosford Hospital and Wyong Hospital. In addition, there are several small hospitals (public and private) along with various other healthcare centers.

  • Tourism

    Tourism plays a critical role in Central Coast’s economy. It is considered to be Australia’s ideally popular coastal destination. Some of the places include Avoca Beach, Umina, Terrigal, etc.

  • Safety

    Several immigrants settle here due to safety measures along with a great educational system and lifestyle. It is quite a safe place when compared with other Australian areas.

Top colleges and Universities in Central Coast

Central Coast Community College

The University of Newcastle Central Coast

ET Australia

Such universities make it easy for scholars to decide that they want to study in Bendigo than anywhere else.

Transportation in Central Coast Australia

  • Public Transport

    Public transport comprises bus and rail services. Bus depots are located on Charmhaven and Kincumber. Through extensive roadways, people can travel to any of the places in this region accordingly. Central Coast’s western suburbs are situated on the Northern main line. It is ideal for people travelling to Sydney. Such a network leads to easy commutes for all at reasonable pricing.

  • Cycling

    Cycling within city limits using bike paths is a healthy alternative to commuting. People can opt to buy or rent one. Great scenic views are what people can enjoy when using a cycle for commuting on Central Coast apart from having a healthy lifestyle.

  • Airport

    A small plane landing facility is available in Central Coast, which is operated and owned by Central Coast Council. Sydney is a 90-minute drive from this area and Newcastle is 45 minutes away.

  • Other commuting means

    People can own a car, which would quite an efficient way of commuting throughout the region. However, other commuting means include ride-share, taxis, car rentals, etc.

Living cost in Central Coast

The living coast in the Central Coast region differs from one city to another. However, living in Australia would cost an international student approximately $1400-$2500 monthly; depending on the city he/she lives in and the lifestyle adopted. This should cover accommodation, food, utilities, transportation, and social activities.

Disclaimer: This is just an estimated monthly expenditure for a scholar. It doesn’t cover course fees, materials, etc. Also, this number depends on one’s lifestyle.

Type of Living Costs Estimated Average Costs
Rent $1200 AUD
Food $400 AUD
Transport $100 AUD
Internet $100 AUD
Electricity $100 AUD
Entertainment $100 AUD
Total Average Cost $2,000 AUD
* The above-mentioned expenses are just an estimation. They are subjected to variations according to the type of lifestyle which includes personal consumption, lifestyle, and type of lodging. The Department of Home Affairs from the Australian Government suggests $20,920 as the starting point for a single person’s annual expenses.

Free things to do in Central Coast

  • Gosford Regional Gallery

    Gosford Regional Gallery

    It showcases exhibitions from top artists for free. However, some exhibitions might be chargeable.

  • Somersby Falls

    Somersby Falls

    It is an ideal place for taking a dip and having a picnic on a relaxing day with friends and family.

  • Terrigal Beach

    Terrigal Beach

    One of the most beautiful beaches in Australia is free for all to visit. Take a dip in the ocean or lay in the sun; there is something for everyone here.

  • Farmer’s Market

    Farmer’s Market

    Take a walk through the farmer’s market in Gosford. It helps in knowing the people and local culture. However, buying items is not free.

  • Entrance Heritage Walk

    Entrance Heritage Walk

    Take a walk for free through a paved surface beside the ocean. Soak in the majestic view and different birds in the area.

  • Crackneck Coastal Walk

    Crackneck Coastal Walk

    Go through this trail to enjoy whale watching, picnics, hand gliders, and more. It is the spot to visit for a relaxing time.

The world-class educational system, ample free activities, great employment opportunities, and more lead international students to study in Central Coast.

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