Study in Ballarat – Australia

In the last decade or so, Ballarat has become quite a lucrative option for international students to carry out their higher education. Some great universities and easily adaptable lifestyles are what make people want to study in Ballarat. Take a look in-depth to know about this city in Australia before applying.


Ballarat is a city in the state of Victoria. This city was popular because in 1851 it rivaled Melbourne in terms of population and economic growth as gold was found.

  • Established Established
    This place was established in 1838 after its name was changed to “Ballaarat” from Yullie’s station by Archibald Yullie.
  • Geography Geography
    Area of this city is 343.6 km2 (132.7 sq. mi).
  • Demographics Demographics
    The total population of this place is 116,201. East-Asian, Anglo-Saxon, and Celtic are some of the common ancestries of this area.
  • Language Language
    88.1% of people speak English at home. other languages spoken at home include Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish, Nepali, etc
  • Economy Economy
    The average income of people residing in this city earns more than what people earn in regional Victoria. (52.1%) here work in white-collar jobs such as management, sales, administration, etc. While, 32.9% work in blue-collar jobs like trades, technicians, etc.
  • Education Education
    Some of the globally renowned universities are situated in this city and the reason for international students wanting to study in Ballarat.
  • Climate Climate
    Oceanic moderate climate is what people can expect here along with four different seasons.

Reasons to study in Ballarat

  • Lifestyle

    This city is highly popular due to its colonial-period heritage and cultural history. Also, it offers a remarkable educational system for people pursuing higher degrees along with a remarkable and affordable nightlife. A better lifestyle is what attracts international scholars to study in Ballarat.

  • Weather

    The average high of this city ranges from 9.9°C – 26.2°C depending on the month. Similarly, based on the month, the average low temperature would be between 3°C – 11.5°C. This data is provided by “Climate Statistics for Australian Locations: Ballarat Aerodrome”. Such temperature makes people want to study in Ballarat without any hassle.

  • Innovation

    Rapid development and population growth carried out till the late 19th century due to the gold rush; however, its innovation has led to its continuous development till today. From having great educational institutes to appropriate healthcare systems, commuting networks, and more can be seen here. Hence, people want to study in Ballarat.

  • Multicultural

    Ancestry of this city’s maximum population are descendants of Anglo-Celtic descent. However, over 8.2% of the population were born overseas; North East Europe consists of 4.2% of the population born overseas. Other overseas-born people include East Asians and other areas.

  • World Class Education

    Some of the best schools and universities are here for people which leads to over 50.3% of people opting for higher education here. Two of the best universities that even international students choose to go include Australian Catholic University and Federation University Australia. People should study in Ballarat because of such top-notch educational institutes and facilities.

  • Transport

    With amazing connectivity and roadways, Ballarat offers great transport facilities to the people staying here. Also, public transportation is quite reasonable as numerous schemes lead people to enjoy free rides, concessions on tickets, etc. Affordable transport is another reason for people to makes people want to study in Ballarat.

  • Multilingual

    Though English is dominant for languages spoken at home, other highly spoken languages at home comprise Mandarin 0.9%, Punjabi 0.7%, Filipino 0.4%, Hindi 0.3%, Spanish 0.2%, Italian 0.2%, etc. Large immigrants are why international scholars want to study in Ballarat.

  • Healthcare

    There are numerous private and public hospitals in this city. However, the two major options are Ballarat Base and Queen Elizabeth Centre. The largest private hospital in this city is St. John of God Health Care, which was established in 1915. Other facilities include Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre, which is a widely popular cancer treatment centre.

  • Tourism

    This city is filled with heritage sites and cultural aspects that make it an ideal place for tourism. Some of the most common tourist spots are Ballarat Wildlife Park, Sovereign Hill, Tramway Museum, Botanical Gardens, Ballarat Art Gallery, Eureka Centre, and more.

  • Safety

    Ballarat is one of the safest places in Australia with crime at an all-time low. Also, safety measures are taken by officials and other authorities to ensure complete safety for tourists as well as residents of this city.

Top universities in Ballarat

Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Federation University Australia

Such universities and more are the reason for scholars to study in Ballarat.

Transportation in Ballarat

  • Public Transport

    Bus and rail constitute the public transportation system in this city. CDC Ballarat operates an available bus network in this city centre along with suburbs and other surrounding areas. Also, being a major hub for rail transport in Victoria, it serves freight and passenger rails. It operates on lines of Ballarat, Ararat, and Maryborough.

  • Cycling

    Recreation and transport are what make cycling a viable commuting aspect in Ballarat. The current cycling route is expected to extend 50 kms on several on-road marked routes. The number of cycle users grows annually and even draws people to several cycling sports. Most opt to purchase one but many still can rent one whenever needed.

  • Airport

    Ballarat Airport is situated just 7.4 km away from the city’s centre. It is situated in Mitchell Park's outer suburb area in Victoria. Over 10 airlines offer services that include domestic and international flights. Some of the popular airline services include Qantas, Jetstar, AirAsia, Virgin Australia, etc.

  • Other transportation systems

    Other transportation for commuting purposes consists of ride-share options, Uber, yellow taxis, etc. In addition, people can drive a personal vehicle as long as an individual holds a valid Australian driving license.

Easy public transportation and other commuting systems make students want to study in Ballarat.

Living costs in Ballarat

The average cost of living in Ballarat is $1740, which includes monthly rent and utilities. In addition, monthly food expenses would be around $560 and transport would be $50 approximately. Such affordable living is why international scholars want to study in Ballarat.

Disclaimer: This monthly is predicted for a single student and excludes course fees and materials. Also, this average living cost may vary due to a student’s lifestyle and other factors.

Type of Living Costs Estimated Average Costs
Rent $550 AUD
Food $200 AUD
Transport $60 AUD
Internet $60 AUD
Electricity $60 AUD
Entertainment $60 AUD
Total Average Cost $990 AUD
Disclaimer: This monthly is predicted for a single student and excludes course fees and materials. Also, this average living cost may vary due to a student’s lifestyle and other factors.

Free things to do in Ballarat

  • Ballarat Botanical Gardens

    Ballarat Botanical Gardens

    Founded in1858, it is situated on 40 hectares of land. Modern greenhouses, marble statues, landscape gardens, native plants, and more are available for people to enjoy in this place.

  • Art Gallery of Ballarat

    Art Gallery of Ballarat

    This museum was established in 1884 and since then new exhibitions are added to the collection. It is known for housing domestic as well as international art pieces. Though most exhibitions are free, some might require a ticket.

  • Sovereign Hill

    Sovereign Hill

    This is a remarkable tourist attraction as it is an old gold mining town’s replica that offers coach rides, costumed actors, mine tours, and more. It offers an insight into the gold mining towns of the 1850s.

  • Ballarat Tram Museum

    Ballarat Tram Museum

    Till 1971, the tram was the best transportation system. However, now this museum offers an insight into the old history of trams along historic trams. Also, there is a solar-powered tram that is still operational for tourists.

  • Black Hill Reserve

    Black Hill Reserve

    This is an urban park that provides visitors with exceptional city views. It is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and more. Moreover, numerous people opt to visit this reserve for a picnic and other family activities.

  • Rail trail Ballarat-Skipton

    Rail trail Ballarat-Skipton

    This is a 53 km trail that every cycling enthusiast enjoys. In 2008, this trail was upgraded and now it goes through amazing places like gold mining historic sites, native grassland, trestle bridge, etc.

This city is an excellent option for residing and studying, which is why international students are eager to study in Ballarat.

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