Study in Cairns – Australia

Cairns in Australia is slowly becoming the place to study for international students. This city offers globally recognised universities that offer exceptional educational platforms. Hence, a massive number of people worldwide are seeking to study in Cairns, Australia. Therefore, take a look at this Australian city before settling there.


Cairns is a city far north in Queensland. It is the 15th most populous in Australia and the 5th most in Queensland. This is an ideal tourist destination; however, with universities like James Cook, CQ, etc. it is a great place for higher studies too. Therefore, international students seek to study in Cairns for a degree and also enjoy the lifestyle.

  • Established
    In 1876, this city was founded and was officially named Cairns after Sir William Wellington Cairns. It was named so after Hodgkinson river’s gold discovery period.
  • Geography
    Area of this city is 254.3 km2 (98.2 sq. mi)
  • Demographics
    The 2016 census showed this place to have a population of 144,787; however, the Australian Bureau of Statistics declared that in 2019 it has 153,951 residents. 67.9% of people here were born in Australia, while the rest are overseas born like in England, New Zealand, the Philippines, Japan, etc.
  • Language
    Over 76% of people speak English at home, while some other minor languages spoken at home are Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, Korean, German, etc.
  • Economy
    Tourism plays a significant part in this city’s economy. According to data, this is Australia’s fourth most famous destination due to places like Great Barrier Reef, Atherton Tableland, etc.
  • Education
    There are numerous public and private schools, colleges, and universities present in this city. The exceptional educational infrastructure is why international students decide to study in Cairns, Australia nowadays.
  • Climate
    Tropical climate is what residents of Cairns Australia experience. Heavy downpour is seen from November to May and dry from June to October. Winters are warm making it an ideal time for tourists, while summer is hot and humid.

Reasons to study in Cairns

  • Lifestyle

    A modern and vibrant lifestyle is what residents can enjoy here. From stunning tourist spots to exciting nightlife; this city offers it all.

  • Weather

    Cairns offers 97 days of clear skies annually. Also, the mean maximum temperature ranges from 26.2°C – 31.7°C depending on the month.

  • Innovation

    Due to rapid development and innovative infrastructure, in a short period, this zone became the third biggest New South Wales urban area; also, in Australia, it is the ninth largest currently. High connectivity through roadways, numerous hospitals, and more shows the development this place made through an innovative approach.


  • Multicultural

    The rise in immigration in the 19th, 20th, & 21st centuries has led this city to become multicultural over time. Overseas-born people from Japan, China, England, Germany, Italy, Korea, India, etc. now reside here in abundance.

  • World-class education

    Some of the world’s top-ranking universities such as James Cook, CQ University, etc. have campuses here. Hence, people who want to study in Cairns will receive world-class education and degrees that are recognized globally.

  • Transport

    Public transportation system is quite cheap for people residing here. However, for scholars, it is even lower and sometimes free due to student concessions available.

  • Multilingual

    Having a multicultural background, this city has multilingual aspects. Though 76.9% of residents here speak English at home, there are certain other minor languages too. Other minor languages spoken at home include 1.6% Japanese, 0.8% Mandarin, 0.7% Korean, 0.7% Italian, 0.6% German, etc.

  • Healthcare

    Cairns Hospital is Cape York Peninsula’s major hospital; however, a smaller Cairns Private Hospital is also present along with several other small medical clinics. Thus, people get adequate healthcare whenever necessary.

  • Tourism

    Some of the best tourist spots in Australia is near this city. Those are the Atherton Tableland, the Wet Tropics of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef, etc. The Great Barrier Reef is a must-visit for all tourists as it is one of the seven natural wonders of this world.

  • Safety

    Cairns is a highly safe city, especially when compared with other large cities globally. As long as people take precautions and are not careless, this is a great city to stay in or visit.

Top Universities in Cairns

CQ University Cairns

James Cook University

Such universities make it easy for scholars to decide that they want to study in Bendigo than anywhere else.

Transportation in Cairns

  • Public Transport

    Bus and trains are the standard public transportation option for all. The bus network has two transit hubs within this city's central business district. The two hubs are situated on “Shield Street” and “Lake Street” area and another on “Cairns Central Railway” area. This bus transit network includes most city places including North’s Palm Grove, West’s Redlynch, and South’s Gordonvale. North Coast railway precinct/line of Queensland’s terminus is Cairns rail station. Queensland rail operates this service.

  • Cycling

    People in the city often take up cycling when commuting within this city’s limit. More people are taking up cycling due to it being a healthier and eco-friendly alternative than other options. The city has bike paths and more that ensure safety and a scenic view for cyclists.

  • Airport

    Cairns International Airport is just 7 kms from the main city. This airport consists of domestic and international terminals along with a general area for aviation. 14 airline services are available for commercial flights and 3 for cargo purposes. Some common airline services include Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Air New Zealand, etc.

  • Other transport systems

    Other transport systems include taxis, Uber, ride-share, etc. People seeking to drive a car should have a valid license and other documents and then can either purchase or rent one. Apart from these, several boats and yachts can be rented by people too.

Living cost in Cairns

The monthly living cost in Cairns is $1,814 approximately. It includes room rent, food, transportation, utilities, entertainment, etc. The average house rent starts from $1085 here and the rest of the money mentioned in the total cost goes towards groceries and other aspects of lifestyle.

Disclaimer: This monthly cost excludes all course fees, tuition, materials, etc. It just gives an estimated idea about a single student’s monthly expenses. Also, it might increase depending on a person’s lifestyle and more.

Type of Living Costs Estimated Average Costs
Rent $1200 AUD
Food $350 AUD
Transport $50 AUD
Internet $100 AUD
Electricity $50 AUD
Entertainment $50 AUD
Total Average Cost $1,800 AUD
* The above-mentioned expenses are just an estimation. They are subjected to variations according to the type of lifestyle which includes personal consumption, lifestyle, and type of lodging. The Department of Home Affairs from the Australian Government suggests $20,920 as the starting point for a single person’s annual expenses.

Free things to do in Cairns

  • Visit Crystal Cascade and Stoney Creek

    Visit Crystal Cascade and Stoney Creek

    Check out these two swimming spots; it is free to visit and can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of greenery and natural pools.

  • Go to Trinity Beach & Palm Cove

    Go to Trinity Beach & Palm Cove

    Visiting Australia means exploring the best beaches in the world. Hence, visit these beaches for free. However, water sports available will require buying tickets.

  • Visit Milla Milla Falls

    Visit Milla Milla Falls

    This is a crown jewel fall of Australia. It is this nation’s most photographed waterfall due to its awe-striking beauty.

  • Go to Esplanade Lagoon

    Go to Esplanade Lagoon

    It is a family-friendly place to take a dip in this amazing-looking lagoon. It also has lifeguards and areas to soak up the sun.

  • Explore Cairns Botanic Gardens

    Explore Cairns Botanic Gardens

    Tropical plants, greenery, and overall, quite a relaxing place. It is free to visit a place where people can explore rainforest flora.

  • Check out local produce and craft market

    Check out local produce and craft market

    There are several craft and local produce markets in the city. People can explore such places like Rusty’s to know about local people and culture.

All these tourist spots, remarkable educational infrastructure, great lifestyle, and more increase international students desire to study in Cairns.

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