Professional Year Program Courses

The Professional Year Program (PYP) is a program designed especially for the international students, who looking for applying permanent residency in Australia. The courses included in this program are based on different occupations in varied fields such as Accounting, IT, Engineering, etc. and are aimed to provide students with relevant practical training.  Authorised by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), these courses offer international students work in Australian industries and make a career in Australian Workforce.

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This is a pathway that leads students to jobs from university education by providing practical training. The practical component of Professional Year Program (PYP) offers students skills required in the real world of industries. As these courses are available in three different fields, so the participants will be learning things related to their sector. Accounting students will be given an insight of their sector, IT or other engineering students will acquire knowledge required in their respective job. These candidates will become a skilled professional once they complete this course, thereby expanding their employment opportunities.

Professional Year Program Courses Available Here

Primarily designed for international students, these courses are a good option in preparing them for professional careers in Australia. The industry-specific skills make them empowered and help them grab a good full-time job that can let them apply for permanent residency. It helps students learn all the fundamentals of the Australian work practices and the ethical code of conduct. There are broadly three professional year program courses and they are:

  • Professional Year Program - Accounting
  • Professional Year Program - IT
  • Professional Year Program - Engineering

As this course is available in different sectors, so the job options will be abundant. Some of the common job outcomes are:

  • Junior Engineers
  • Accountant

These courses are taken up by those who have either completed a degree or have got qualification in Accounting, Computer Science (IT) and Engineering. In order to get a job in Australia, they need to do these courses, as it will give them practical training in their respective industry. Therefore, their job roles will also differ and so the responsibilities. However, one thing will be common and that they will be performing their roles in a professional manner. As an accountant, they will be handling the accounts work, as an IT professional they will have to execute all the assigned work

There is no scarcity of job after students complete any of these courses. The practical training helps students gain professional skills and so their job prospects are good. The remuneration is different depending upon the field of the participants. As an accountant, the students can get a salary of $50,000 to $60,000 per year. For engineers and IT professionals, the remuneration could be somewhere around $70,000 to $80,000 annually.

There are three types of Professional Year Program Courses and they are:

Professional Year Program- Accounting

This course will help to account for students acquiring the knowledge and practical experience required for jobs in Australia. They will get an insight into the demands of the market and will be ready to work as competent accountants.

Professional Year Program - IT

When you do engineering in Computer Science and are lacking relevant practical skills, then you end up unemployed. This course helps international students to get jobs in the Australian IT industry.

Professional Year Program - Engineering

This course is meant for engineering pass-outs. It offers training to them that makes them competent to work in the industry. The international students who are planning to pursue this course will learn all the relevant skills required in getting jobs.

These courses are perfect for any candidate who wants to get a permanent job in Australia. These jobs offer international students an opportunity to prove their calibre in their field by providing them the 12-months program. This allows students to build industry-specific skills that are required in making their professional career in the Australian skilled workforce.