Professional Year Program in Adelaide

International students, who after completing their higher education in Australia fail to get a job, they can opt for the professional year program in Adelaide and this would provide them the perfect pathway towards employment. This program offers courses in certain fields such as accounting, Information Technology (IT) and engineering and the participants of the program acquire knowledge and skills required to get a job in the industry. Any graduate from Australia may choose a Professional Year program that gives them an opportunity to get a hands-on experience in the working of their respective field.

When the candidates reach the final stage of the professional year program in Adelaide, then apart from the Professional Year classroom studies, the students also get internship placement experiences in accounting, IT and engineering, thereby preparing for the next stage of their life, i.e. job. These Professional Year courses focus on structured career development and so the candidates develop the abilities with respect to their fields and get nurtured as a competent professional.


This program offers international graduates with skills that helps them in gaining employment opportunity and excel in their respective field. Once the students have a successful completion of their professional year program in Adelaide, it provides them eligibility for migration points, thereby leading them towards permanent residency in Australia. In fact, while applying Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia, students gain 5 migration points with the help of this program and acquire a Professional Year certificate that certifies the candidates’ knowledge of Australian workplace and culture as well as the practical experience in the industry. The students  develop communication skills, thereby adding value to their resume and facilitating networking with industry peers.

Any individual who wants to get enrolled in the professional year program in Adelaide, but has other priorities, then the professional year program in Adelaide is the best option. It gives international graduate students an opportunity to get into a good organization or any reputed company in Australia. With the help of such program the candidates are able to apply for permanent residency in Australia. Professional Year Programs are designed to allow students attain industry-specific skills through study. The students also gain work experience in this program that prepares the participants for professional careers in the Australian workforce.

The development of practical skills with a professional internship offered in this program gives candidates an opportunity to get multiple job options. Once the participants are qualified and have obtained a Professional Year certificate, then it aids to improve their career prospects as International Students and broadens their chances of grabbing a good job in the accounting, Engineering and IT industry. The students will have the following job roles to perform after completing this course:

  • Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Technical Support
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Consultant
  • Accountant
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounting Manager
  • Auditor
  • Bookkeeper
  • Chief Financial Officer

Combining together both the formal learning as well as workplace experience, the professional year program especially in Adelaide prepares participants for the Australian workplace environment and develop their communicative skills. There are government funded professional year program also available for students and help them get an internship to familiarise the candidates about all the aspects of work procedures in Australia.  Any student can apply for this program and can become qualified to enhance their career prospects.