Study in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, known as the "City of Brotherly Love," is steeped in American history and offers a remarkable educational experience. From its thriving cultural scene to some of the most prestigious education institutions, Philadelphia has numerous student-friendly neighbourhoods for those studying in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia at a Glance

  • Established
    Founded in 1682 by William Penn, a Quaker leader during the American Revolution.
  • Geography
    Area of 369 square kilometers
  • Demographics
    Vibrant culture contributes to the city's rich diversity.
  • Language
    English is the primary language; other spoken languages are Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.
  • Economy
    Thriving economy with a growing startup scene.
  • Education
    The city is home to prestigious universities, colleges, and technical institutions.
  • Climate
    Four distinct seasons, with warm summers, colourful autumns, cold winters, and mild springs.

Why Should I Study in Philadelphia, USA?

Study Aboard in Philadelphia, USA, is a wise choice for international students, offering a range of compelling reasons to consider this city for your academic journey:

  • Lifestyle

    Philadelphia seamlessly blends historical landmarks like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell with modern cultural attractions, ensuring a diverse range of activities for students. Explore vibrant neighbourhoods, enjoy live music, and savour various cuisines.

  • Weather

    Experience the beauty of all four seasons in Philadelphia, from warm summers for outdoor adventures to picturesque winter scenes for those who enjoy the snow.

  • Innovation

    Philadelphia is a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, making it an ideal place for students interested in cutting-edge research, tech startups, and healthcare innovation.

  • Multicultural

    The city's diverse population includes students and residents from around the world, fostering a multicultural atmosphere where you can learn about various traditions and languages.

  • World-Class Education

    The city is renowned for its world-class educational institutions like the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and Drexel University, imparting top-tier education to students.

  • Cheaper Transport

    The city offers cheaper transportation options like buses and subways, making it affordable for daily commuting. These modes are cost-effective for students studying in Philadelphia.

  • Multilingual

    Philadelphia boasts a fascinating linguistic tapestry. Alongside English, the primary language, there are other linguistic communities, including Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Arabic.

  • Healthcare

    Philadelphia boasts top-notch healthcare facilities, ensuring that international students have access to quality medical care if needed.

  • Tourism

    Explore Philadelphia's historical landmarks, museums, parks, and cultural attractions, and take in its welcoming atmosphere for tourists.

  • Safety in Philadelphia

    The city prioritizes safety and inclusivity, making it a welcoming place for students of all backgrounds.

List of Top Universities in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is home to several prestigious universities and colleges where you can pursue your academic goals. Here are some institutions to consider for studying in Philadelphia:

University of Pennsylvania

Drexel University

Temple University

Saint Joseph's University

La Salle University

Philadelphia University

Thomas Jefferson University

The University of the Arts

Holy Family University

Transportation in Philadelphia

Philadelphia offers an efficient transportation system, making it convenient for students to explore the city using various modes of transportation:

  • Public Transport - Train, Bus

    SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) operates the subway and bus systems, providing easy access to the city and its neighbourhoods.

  • Bicycling

    Philadelphia is becoming increasingly bike-friendly, offering bike lanes and bike-sharing programs, such as Indego, for eco-friendly commuting.

  • Airport

    Philadelphia International Airport connects the city to domestic and international destinations, making it accessible for international students.

  • Other Transportation Options

    Students have the option of using taxi services, ridesharing apps, and car rentals for added convenience.

Cost of living in Philadelphia

Managing the cost of living as an international student is a vital aspect of your educational journey when studying abroad in Philadelphia. Below is a table for the estimated monthly expenses for an international student in Philadelphia:

Type of Living Costs Estimated Average Costs
Rent $900 USD
Food $250 USD
Transport $96 USD
Utilities $120 USD
Internet and Phone $70 USD
Entertainment $80 USD
Total Average Cost $1,516 USD

* Please note that these figures are indicative only and the actual cost of living in Philadelphia varies depending on the student and other factors

Free things to do in Philadelphia

Philadelphia offers numerous free activities for international students studying in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, so they can enjoy their leisure time:

  • Rundle Mall

    Historical Landmarks

    Visit iconic sites such as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art (home to the famous "Rocky Steps").

  • Museum


    Enjoy the city's green spaces, including Fairmount Park and Rittenhouse Square, perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation.

  • Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk


    Explore museums like the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Barnes Foundation, which offer free admission on specific days.

Studying in Philadelphia is a smart career move that promises a bright future. It not only opens doors to world-class education but also provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a diverse and dynamic community. With my study counsellor, you can now get regular tips on your application, visa, scholarships and more to ease the process of studying abroad in Philadelphia, USA

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