Study in Gold Coast – Australia

This is Queensland’s coastal city. It is 66 kms southeast of Brisbane. It is considered Australia’s 6th biggest city. The Southport suburb is where its business district is situated; it is where most corporate offices can be found in this city. Know about this place before you decide to study in Gold Coast.

About Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a beautiful place where the population is a little over 600,000. It was known as South City before the name was changed. Before European settlers moved here, Yugambeh people used to occupy this area. This city is known for its high-rises, surfing beaches, nightlife, theme park, education, and more. It is a popular tourist destination and also a great place for further studies because of the amazing universities located here.

  • Established Established
    Europeans arrived at Mermaid Beach in 1823.“Gold Coast” was a nickname for this place which was given in 1950 due to the high-priced real estate and other commodities in this place.
  • Geography Geographic area
    Area is 414.3 km2 (160 sq. mi);
  • Demographics Demographics
    The most common ancestries of people residing here are English, Australian, Scottish, Irish, etc
  • Language Language
    Majority of the population speak English 68.9%, and languages spoken too at home (24.7%)
  • Economy Economy
    Tourism is the primary aspect of Gold Coast’s economy.
  • Education Education
    There are foremost university campuses available in this place such as Bond University, Griffith University, etc. This is why every year increasing number of international students opt to study in Gold Coast.
  • Climate Climate
    Hot and humid summers. during summer people can observe heavy rain, thunderstorms, etc. Winter is always pleasant

Reasons to study in Gold Coast

If people are looking to study in Gold Coast, then the following reasons will convince them:

  • Lifestyle

    Multiculturalism, nightlife, laidback vibe, sunny weather, etc. are the reason people want to reside on Gold Coast. This lifestyle is lucrative for all, especially young international students. Such a lifestyle with world-class universities is why people want to study in colleges in Gold Coast.

  • Weather

    According to the Australian Meteorology Bureau, the record high temperature was 40.5°C and record low was 2.5°C. On average, the high temperature stays between 28-28.9°C and the average low stays between 12-12.5°C. Such temperature is what international scholars love and thus, opt to study in Gold Coast.

  • Innovation

    With top-notch universities and research centres, innovation is at an all-time high. Advancements in every field made this an attractive city in film production and more. Moreover, innovation plays a crucial role in developing this city’s infrastructure which led to a plethora of road networks and other connectivity.

  • Multicultural

    The English ancestry people consist of 29.3% while others involved are 22.5% of Australians, 7.5% of Scottish, 8.2% of Irish, 3.6% of German, etc. Such diversity in a population is why it offers a great insight into multi-culture and helps international students adapt to this place easily. Multiculture makes foreign students adapt quickly and thus, they want to study in Gold Coast.

  • World-class education

    Top universities like Griffith, Bond, Southern Cross, and others are located here. Thus, students get the ultimate choices that would lead to a successful career. People want to study in Gold Coast universities because of its top-notch educational infrastructure.

  • Cheaper transport

    Cheap transportation is what you can expect when using public transportation in Gold Coast. Light Rail service, intercity trains, public buses, water ferries, etc. all cost quite low. Furthermore, scholars get discounts numerous times that using public transport becomes almost free.

  • Multilingual

    68.9% speak English at home; however, other speakers who speak a different language at home include 1.6% Mandarin, 1% Japanese, 0.6% Spanish and Korean each, and 0.5% Cantonese. This shows the diversification and multilingual aspect in Gold Coast.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare is remarkable and it provides both public and private healthcare institutes. Some of the notable hospitals and medical institutes are Forbes Healthcare, Healthcare Australia, Gold Coast University Hospital, etc.

  • Tourism

    As mentioned earlier tourism is the primary aspect that has the economy of Gold Coast thriving. Some of the most amazing places to visit include Australian Outback Spectacular, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Jet Ski Safari, Warner Bros Movie World, etc.

  • Safety

    Gold Coast is a great place to live with measures implemented by the authorities to ensure complete safety. It is a tourist spot and thus, additional care is taken towards the safety of people.

Top universities in Gold Coast

Griffith University

Bond University

Southern Cross University

University of Newcastle

Macquarie University

Gold Coast’s transportation

  • Public Transport

    Gold Coast offers a remarkable public transport system. Its G:Link light rail service is quite popular among tourists as well as residents. Services are available in places like Surfer’s Paradise, Southport, Main Beach, Broadbeach, etc. Also, the public bus service is run by Surfside. Purchase a Go Card and it will help one travel at low-cost making transportation very cheap; thus, wanting to study in Gold Coast makes sense.

  • Cycling

    People can buy or rent cycles and explore the city as the maximum number of days annually are filled with sunshine.

  • Airport

    Gold Coast airport is 22 kms approximately from Surfers Paradise. It is situated in Coolangatta. Both domestic and international flights are available from here frequently. It is Australia’s 6th busiest airport.

  • Other transport

    Other options available for transport include water ferries, yellow taxis, rented cars, etc. People also if want can acquire a driving license and buy a car for commuting themselves.

living cost

The prediction for a single student is that he/she will need to spend $1000 approximately every month. It includes room rent ($550), food ($200), electricity, water, internet, gas, mobile, transport, and entertainment ($240 combined). Such low living cost is what attracts foreign scholars to study in Gold Coast.

Disclaimer: This is an ideal expense for a single scholar and doesn’t include course fees, materials, etc. The expense number might vary based on a person’s lifestyle choices.

Free things to do in Gold Coast

  • Surfers Paradise Beach

    Surfers Paradise Beach

    This is an amazing beach that offers breathtaking views. Anyone can take a stroll for free and enjoy the sea breeze and sunsets that you can cherish always

  • Window shopping at Harbour Town

    Window shopping at Harbour Town

    This is a premium shopping outlet area. People can take a stroll for window shopping as well as buy anything they like.

  • Kiarra Beach

    Kiarra Beach

    Clean beach that offers peace and tranquillity to visitors. Many people opt to take their cycle and ride here to enjoy the sight healthily.

  • Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

    Pacific Fair Shopping Centre

    It's open every day from 9 am to 5:30 pm. An individual can roam around and explore this centre for free unless they opt to buy something.

  • Burleigh Head National Park

    Burleigh Head National Park

    Here one can explore the stunning scenic beauty and learn about animal welfare and other aspects. Though it is free, certain areas might require a ticket.

  • Beachfront markets Surfers Paradise

    Beachfront markets Surfers Paradise

    Take a stroll through the Surfers Paradise beachfront market. It offers over 100 stalls to check out. Only buying something will require money.

With so many benefits and a high-quality educational system, it is no doubt that international students want to study in Gold Coast.

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