Aged Care Courses in Perth

The aged care industry is expanding with time. Perhaps, that is why more and more students are pursuing for aged care courses. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015, Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers, around 1 in 10 carers belong under the age of 25. This means that more and more youngsters are opting for the job of carers. Another interesting thing highlighted in the same survey is that more than third of the primary carers are female. Considering both the points one may say that aged care courses are good options for young candidates, especially the females. Right training courses gets you in touch with a bunch of colleges and institutions serving the course. Hence, moving forward is much important to know about the types of aged care courses. 

Even, students who have some financial troubles may opt for government funded aged care courses in Perth. This type of aged care courses are a boon for students who want to make a career in this industry, but due to lack of monetary assistance fail to do it. 

Aged Care Courses in Perth (2 Courses)

Study Mode : Classroom
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Study Mode : Classroom
1 Location
  • Perth
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Diploma courses are majorly designed to prepare students for taking care of elderly or disabled persons. Here you are introduced to the needs of your personal, emotional and physical needs. You will learn how to perform all the work in a professional manner, thereby adhering to all the rules and regulations associated with it. This qualification is non-clinical, but you will learn the basics of caring and the first aid. As an aged care professional, you have to work round the clock. Once you get a job in any facility care there are some decorum’s that you need to follow. In this course, you acquire all skills and knowledge required in executing the role of a carer.

Perth is world’s top most known name for education. For the aspirants who are working, whether part-time or full-time usually face a problem in pursuing this type of course. The good news is that they can get enrolled in aged care short courses in Perth. These courses are available online and that is why the candidates do not need to spend their time in commuting and taking face-to-face classes. The students may also opt for government funded aged care courses in Perth. Both ways they have options for an online mode of classes. This makes the aged care courses a convenient option for both young as well as mid-aged candidates. 

There are many types of job roles that you can perform, after completing online vocational courses like that of Aged care in Perth. These are:

  • Aged Care Professional
  • Carer of Elderly People in Clinics
  • Individual Support Worker
  • Assistant in Nursing
  • Residential Care Worker
  • Residential Support Worker
  • Community Care Worker
  • Aged Care or Disabled Care Professional
  • Disability Support Worker 
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Community Care Assistant
  • Family Support Working Professional
  • Youth Working Professional 

There are many students who have financial issues and as a result they start working from a very young age. Many times they are working as primary carers without any proper qualification. As a result, they do not get the same salary as that of the carers with proper qualification. The candidates can now opt for government funded aged care courses in Perth. These courses give them an opportunity to get qualified as a professional aged carer. Strikingly, there are also courses for international students in Australia that can help them get instant jobs after getting the qualification.