Diploma of Screen and Media Journalism

Due to increasing and evolving techniques and technologies, the communication process have become very quick and easy. The technologies are much evolving  on daily basis and people are able to communicate even faster and with great ease. This is only due to the emerging mediums of communication and mass media. The program of Diploma of Screen media journalism gives a wide range of opportunities to students to enhance their interest and knowledge in the field of mass media and communication. Through this course, you will be able to learn the different skills like video productions, content creation, utilization of the various online and social media platforms, photography for magazine publication and different forms of short documentaries.
With the course of Diploma of Screen and Media Journalism the student will be able to gain specialised knowledge and skills and apply hands over the careers with the film making, journalism, gaming industry, radio and television. 

This program of Diploma of Screen and Media online is a nationally recognised course which is able to offer a wide range of specialty units to the students which will further be helpful in becoming a smart film maker or TV anchor or news reader etc. 

This diploma of screen production course offers a wide range of learning and enhances the skills and knowledge of student in gaining the knowldege of varied media and communication based practices. 

The students will be able to learn the various skills like visuals creation, content creation and making audios. Establishing and maintaining the different social media platforms will be learned by the enrolled students. The skills will be developed in relation to the expertise interview for the podcasts, blogs and documentaries. You can learn the effectiveness in relationship building with the colleagues and networks industry. Shooting and editing the content for video and audio will be learned through this course. Collaboration of the various designs for magazine and its production can be learned in this course. Students can develop the skills of photography and documentary for photo and print.

The Diploma of media and communication program is a very wide range in itself. Through this course, the students learns many things with which he or she can brighten up their career opportunities and land on to a good platform. The Diploma of Screen and Media Journalism can lead to a number of career opportunities like:

  • Media Planner
  • Social Media Manager
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Runner, broadcasting/ film/ video
  • Public relations officer
  • Web content manager
  • Television/ film/ video producer
  • Programme researcher, broadcasting/film/ video
  • UX designer
  • Film director
  • Writer
  • Editorial assistant
  • Advertising account executive
  • Market researcher
  • Magazine journalist
  • Event manager
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Information officer

The Diploma of Screen and Media Journalism is a course that consists of a variety of streams in itself. If you are interested into creative learning and enhancing your skills simuntaneously into a number of fields, then this course of Diploma of Screen & Media or Diploma in Screen production is absolutely the perfect one for you. The  diploma of media and communication is the one where students can enhance their film making and communication skills. This is a course for the students having passion for working with cinematographics. You can easily spread the messages you want to convey to others in mass. After the completion of Diploma of Screen and Media Journalism program you will be eligible for the job positions which will be respectable and reputable for your career growth and future scope. You can secure your interest and your career through enrolment into this course. Diploma of media communication program is also available for the students looking for distant courses.

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