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In Australia, there is a growing popularity of creative arts courses. This shows that the demands in the industry have enhanced with respect to visual arts professionals and so a new appreciation of the arts has unfolded. Today, there are multiple options for art courses available in the country. The candidates may even opt for online fine arts courses and can become a part of this potential industry. The excitement and glamour of this field make it appealing to the aspirants and they want to make a career in this field. There are various art courses that you may opt for in the creative arts field. This industry is booming and the future prospects are quite bright in this sector.

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The students who want to have a career in performing and visual arts or fine arts firstly need to opt for their desired course. Once they are enrolled, the participants of the course will be allowed to acquire knowledge of all technical aspects of creative production in case of film production courses or understand the different skills required to become a fine arts professional.  The students must consider that this is creative, so you will get multiple options for choosing the specialisations in humanities and social sciences, communications, etc. Under this qualification, the candidates will develop relevant skills and knowledge that will help them in their growth in the arts industry. Whether it is digital art, glasswork, ceramic, jewellery making, painting or any other thing like sculpture, textile design, and wood design, you will get introduced to all this depending upon the choice of your course.

Arts Courses Available Here

There are three levels of art courses available in Australia – Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate. Under these levels there are many types of courses, out of which the most popular ones have been named here:

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Certificate I in Visual Arts
  • Certificate IV in Visual Arts
  • Professional Photography Course
  • Art Appreciation Course
  • Certificate IV in Arts Administration
  • Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts

Graduate Courses:

  • Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts

Postgraduate Courses:

  • Master of Fine Art and Design
  • Master of Film and Digital Image  

If you are interested in any of the creative arts courses, then you need to get qualified. Once you have acquired an appropriate degree, then you will be able to get any of the following job roles:

  • Visual Art or Craft Professional
  • Actor
  • Dancer
  • Entertainer
  • Designer
  • Theatre Manager
  • Illustration Artist
  • Painter

The job role of the candidate will depend profusely on his or her choice of the course and the discipline in which they get the job. For instance, if you become a camera person, then your role will be related to filming and handling of the camera. Just like that if you complete a fine arts course in illustration or applied arts, then you will be working as an illustrator. This means that your job will be to develop a concept and combine art, design and other creative skills to produce animations, computer games, etc.

There are a variety of roles that you can perform on the basis of your qualification in the chosen art field. The most common career options for the candidates are:

  • Visual Art or Craft Professional
  • Actor
  • Animator
  • Arts administrator
  • Broadcast presenter
  • Ceramics designer
  • Community arts worker
  • Conservator
  • Dancer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Fine artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator
  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Jewellery designer
  • Music therapist
  • Photographer
  • Press photographer
  • Printmaker
  • Product designer
  • Textile designer
  • Theatre manager

As far as the job prospects are concerned, this industry as already told is growing at a tremendous pace, so it is quite good. A participant of the course can easily get a job in this industry. However, the remuneration is not defined. It varies from person to person, as it not only depends on the job role but also on the experience of the candidate.

Furthermore, you also need to develop your own network during the course, so that you can have an understanding of the work procedure of the industry. Nevertheless, the overall salary is good with respect to your investment in the courses. For instance, a graphic designer can earn around AU$50,000 per annum, while a creative director can even earn up to AU$107,122 per annum. A photographer can earn approximately, AU$53,427 per year.

Undergraduate Courses: These are the courses that anyone can choose after completing senior secondary and most of these are TAFE accredited course.

Certificate I in Visual Arts

This certificate level course helps the students in getting entry-level jobs and trains them in visual arts and craft and design. It helps students in making their career as a graphic designer.

Certificate IV in Visual Arts

This is a practical, studio-based qualification that helps candidates to understand a range of art methods. This course is designed to offer an introduction to the arts industry in areas such as painting, public art, drawing, digital art, sculpture, printmaking, etc.

Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts      

This program allows students to develop the artistic skills that help them in making a career in the visual arts industry. It will help the students to acquire the professional, technical and conceptual skills in drawing and illustration, painting, printmaking, etc.

Certificate IV in Arts Administration

This course is designed to equip participants for the course with skills that helps them in managing the challenges and responsibilities of contemporary arts administration. You will attain here creative, managerial as well as financial skills to work as an art administrator.

Professional Photography Course

This is an online professional photography course that will enable the students to attain the relevant knowledge and skills required for a career as a professional photographer. This is a comprehensive course that covers every aspect of photography.

Art Appreciation Course

This is one of the most in-depth online courses available in creative arts that cover all aspects of Art Appreciation. The aim of this course is to ensure the students that they gain the knowledge and skills required to start an entry-level job as a keen hobbyist. 

Graduate Courses: These are a bachelor degree course and you may opt for it to make a career in creative arts.

Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts

The course is designed to help students to understand the social, political and cultural contexts of creative arts. The students acquire knowledge and skills in sustainable creative practices as independent or commissioned practitioners, such as in art-making and creative arts research. This course is offered in seven disciplines of Creative Arts and these are - Visual Communication Design, Dance or Drama, Visual Arts, Photography, Film and Television, Animation and Motion Capture.

Bachelor of Arts

This is a course that focuses on academic disciplines and helps the candidate in understanding the workplace and community. You will have to choose the major in this course, such as in acting, dance, creative writing, photography, etc.

Postgraduate Courses: These courses are offered to students that want to get a specialised degree after completing their graduation.

Master of Fine Art and Design

This is a Master course that will equip students in understanding the technical and conceptual development through studio practice. This course can be selected under different specialisations, such as Photography, Printmaking, Public Art and Sculpture, Graphic Design, Curatorial Studies, etc.

Master of Film and Digital Image

This course offers the candidates a hands-on education in the contemporary moving image production. Here the students will learn how to develop a film including animation, screenwriting, sound design, digital effects, and other rich internet applications.

These courses are designed for students that have interest in subjects related to arts, such as painting, illustration, photography, filming, acting, etc. If you enjoy these things, then any of the aforementioned creative arts courses is a good option for you. However, if you are choosing this course out of the appeal for the glamour in this industry, then you might not have a bright future. These courses are quite demanding as it involves your own undivided attention in the field. You need to be patient as learning the skills take time and with experience you can have reach Zenith of success in this industry.

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