Diploma of Beauty Therapy

With Diploma of beauty therapy you will learn to perform the full range of beauty therapist ranging from manicures, facials , pedicures, waxing and spa. Beauty therapy diploma courses has the inclusion of the practical placement in the salon of your choice where you can gain face to face experience and confidence Though, the course is designed for individuals who want to transform existing passion and interest into rewarding career for life. The contents of the course includes the performing of manicure and pedicure treatment, professional makeup application, the basics of hair removal and ultimately and essential hair care and styling tips. 

Diploma of beauty therapy includes the following units: 

  • providing the clients with the body massages 
  • providing the body treatments
  • providing the lash and brow services 
  • providing the facial treatments and the recommendations for the skin care.
  • Providing the specialized facial treatments
  • providing the waxing based services
  • designing and applying the make-up
  • providing the manicure and pedicure services to the individuals
  • undergoing the research and applying the beauty industry based information
  • conducting the salon financial transactions
  • providing the salon services to the clients
  • complying with the organizational requirements within a personal services environment
  • applying the safe, hygienic and health based work practices
  • undertaking the planning of the small business 
  • applying the cosmetic tanning products
  • providing the aromatherapy massages
  • using the reflexology relaxation techniques in beauty treatments
  • preparing the personalized aromatic plant based oil blends for the beauty treatments
  • maintaining the standards for controlling the infection
  • applying the eyelash extensions
  • designing and applying the make-up for the photography
  • designing and applying the remedial camouflage make-up
  • designing and having the application of the creative make-up

Job outcomes after the completion of the Diploma of beauty therapy courses has the inclusion of the following:

  • Nail technician
  • Beauty therapist
  • Salon owner
  • Salon manager
  • Beautician

Diploma of beauty therapy will teach you a broad range of beauty therapy based treatments and services which has the inclusion of facial massage, selling retail skin care and cosmetic products and coordinating a work team, hair removal, body massage, lash and brow treatments, spa treatments, aromatherapy, nail technology services, providing advice on beauty treatments and services, make-up etc. If you want to start your own beauty business, then there rests the requirement of the course. There are numbers of colleges offering beauty therapy diploma courses in the Australian region.  This course will tech you how to provide various treatment, health and safety issues.  You will learn about different technique and get hand on experience in real salons. You will gain the knowledge about proper hygiene, ethics and customer relations. With this course you will also develop important transferable skills such as communication services.  This course will teach you how to provide various treatment, health and safety issues. You will learn about different technique and get hand on experience in real salons. You will also learn about proper ethics, hygienic and customer relations. You can learn the business principles and aesthetic applications through traditional coursework, internship and laboratory.