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Do not let your creativity get overshadowed by your day to day career. Now, get enrolled in any of the beauty & hairdressing courses and make a career in the hair and beauty industry. Once you get qualified, you can work as a beauty professional as well as start a new business of hairdressing and beauty. The best thing about this type of courses is that you can easily find many short beauty hair courses that you can opt for even while working. Furthermore, hairdressing and beauty courses are also available online and help you in making a successful career.

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The candidates will gain skills and knowledge depending upon their chosen discipline. For instance, if you choose a course in hairdressing, then you will acquire all the skills needed to become a hairdresser. Whether it is about the styling of the hair or cutting hair to perform hair treatment, in these courses, you will learn how to do all this work here in the courses of hairdressing. Therefore, one can say that in any of the hairdressing and beauty courses whether online or regular, students will develop practical industry oriented comprehensive skills as well as an understanding of the work procedure in any of the reputed beauty salon.

Beauty & hairdressing Courses Available Here

There are innumerable courses options available in the beauty industry and these are:

  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy 
  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy (Online Course)
  • Certificate III in Nail Technology
  • Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy
  • Certificate III in Hairdressing
  • Certificate III in Barbering      
  • Certificate IV in Hairdressing
  • Diploma of Salon Management

Basic Hairstyling Techniques for Make-Up Artists

After getting qualified, the candidates shall be seeking different job roles, such as:

  • Beauty therapist
  • Hairdresser
  • Barber
  • Nail technician
  • Makeup Artist

There are different things that a professional in beauty and hairdressing industry is required to do. However, the job duties vary depending upon their qualification in their respective field and designation. For instance, if you have completed a certificate level course in nail technology, then after getting a job in a beauty salon, you will be performing professional manicure and pedicure treatments rather than cutting hair. However, if you get qualified as a beautician, you will be working in the area of beauty and performing varied roles, such as managing your own business, planning different beauty packages, determining that safe practices are followed in the salon, etc.

This is an industry which has never been on a decline. The more people are becoming beauty conscious, the higher are the chances of the growth of beauty and hairdressing industry growth. If you are planning to make a career in this field, then you will certainly have bright future prospects. You just need to opt for courses that suit you and you will be able to get the following job role options:

  • Beauty therapist
  • Hairdresser
  • Barber
  • Nail technician
  • Makeup Artist
  • Hair Stylists
  • Hair Designer
  • Beauty Care Professional
  • Cosmetologist

As this industry is booming especially from last few decades, so the job opportunities in this field are myriad. Once you become a professional in this sector, you will be able to have a great career ahead. You may do some short courses afterward and this will only add new feathers to your resume.

As far as the remuneration is concerned, it is important for you to understand that it varies depending on your qualification, designation, and experience. For instance, a qualified hairdresser in Australia can earn an average salary of AU$45,000 – 50,000 per annum while a beauty therapist can earn around AU$46,000 per annum.

Diploma of Beauty Therapy

This is a diploma level course which is nationally recognised and you will be able to gain skills required to provide a wide range of treatments including both for the face and the body, such as facials, beauty makeovers, lash and brow treatments, hair removal, manicures, selling retail skin care pedicures and spray tanning. You will also learn in this course how to work in modern and well-equipped beauty studios, where you can acquire hands-on experience with different treatments and therapies.

Diploma of Beauty Therapy (Online Course)

This is an online course that will help you in getting qualified even when you’ve got a busy family life or other work responsibilities. In this course, you will also learn the same things as that of the above course, such as nail treatments, make-up and body treatments, eyelash extension, waxing, tinting, facials, etc. The professional trainers that will be guiding you in this course will ensure that you attain all the relevant skills that one can gain in a regular beauty therapy course.

Certificate III in Nail Technology

This is a course that makes you qualified in carrying out high-quality professional manicure and pedicure treatments and other trendy and beautiful procedures related to nail art, such as applying acrylic and gel nail enhancements to meet the needs of your clients, promoting your nail design business and ensuring that strict infection control practices are followed in a beauty salon.

Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy       

This course is a combination of online learning as well as work placement. Here, the students will be introduced to the theoretical part of the beauty therapy to enhance their knowledge in addition to the practical skills in beauty therapy. This beauty therapy course gives you an opportunity to attain a workplace practical skill that gives you confidence, competence and helps you build contacts in the industry.

Certificate III in Hairdressing

This is a specialist hairdressing course that helps you in attaining skills which are required in a salon business practice at any reputed hairdressing training studio. This TAFE course helps equips you in design and styling of hair, scalp treatments, protein treatments and straightening, long hair design, advanced cutting and colouring techniques, etc.

Certificate III in Barbering

This is a course that offers you both the specialist urban barbering skills and traditional barbering techniques. After completing this course, you will be able to do men’s grooming, hair styling, hair, and scalp treatment techniques, applying scissor and clipping techniques in addition to head and face shaving.       

Certificate IV in Hairdressing

This course will help you get a job of a senior hairdresser, as in this course you will learn the specialist skills, such as hair designing, trichology and chemical reformation, colouring and complex colour correction and many other senior hairdresser works.

Diploma of Salon Management

This course helps you in starting your own salon or becoming a manager at any salon. In this you will learn the skills required to manage a salon business, such coordinating with the other beauty artists, planning, monitoring and evaluating their work and many other managerial works.

Basic Hairstyling Techniques for Make-Up Artists

This is a short course that helps you gain skills of applying the latest hair styling techniques, such as how to control the fluidity of hair, or applying hair colour. This qualification will be add-on feature for a makeup artist.

When you are opting for beauty & hairdressing courses, you need to understand that this is a creative industry. Hence, your chances of growth in your career will depend a lot on your own talent and the interest that you have in your chosen field of work. Therefore, it is advised that you choose course according to your interest in it and then try to gain skills and knowledge that are required in this field. You might think that these hairdressing and beauty courses are easy, but they are not. In fact, these are quite challenging as every day you have to learn new things and your study will be based on practical skills. This means you need to dedicate your time in practicing more and more, even if you are doing online beauty and hairdressing courses.

Beauty & hairdressing Courses Australia