Certificate II in Security Operations

This course helps all those who want to work in the Security industry. Once you complete this Certificate II in Security Operations course, it helps you in getting a security guard licence, so that you can start your work as a Crowd Controller or Unarmed Security Officer anywhere, such as a mall, business organisations, etc.  The course is designed in such a way that you get an insight into the work practices of the Security industry and gain skills required to perform more  of a traditional security officer role. 

This is an interesting course and while pursuing this study, you will be introduced to practical demonstrations of security roles as well as the use of equipment. You will also acquire knowledge of how to work in a team. Apart from this, it is a qualification that  would open vast job opportunities for you. Though, you would be also enough capable of performing those all in an efficient way. If you are interested in this course, then get in touch with us.

This is a qualification that makes you acquainted with the skills and knowledge that are in demand in the contemporary security industry. Here, students would learn the fundamental defensive tactics along with the procedure of applying first aid. You will be trained as a professional security controller along with learning the methods of handling security risk situations in such a way that would keep you protected alongside the premise that you are guarding.  

There are certain procedures that you need to follow to determine the safety of the workplace and all these things are introduced to you in this course with other things such as the effective communication, patrolling of premises, operating the important security equipments and all the safety rules and regulations related to the security services. This is a face-to-face course, where you will be given proper training and you will know your responsibilities as an officer managing the security of others. Call us now or contact XYZ to know more about this course.  

The growing necessity of security has only added the job opportunities for you. Now, there are many career options available, some of which have been mentioned below:

  • General Guarding
  • Crowd and Venue Control
  • Approved Crowd Controller
  • Security Officer
  • Crowd Controller Officer
  • Shopping Centre security
  • Construction Site / Industrial security
  • Nightclub security

This course would perfectly suit for all those students who are interested in procuring the Security Officer License from the respective Police. This is a study that is designed for those who are physically fit and are willing to work in security risk situations. You will be learning defensive tactics other than how to apply first aid. If you are brave and enjoy spending long hours in determining in the security of others, then this course is perfect for you. 

It is important for all the aspirants to remember that this job demands a dedication to the service and you need to be vigilant all the time. Hence, only those candidates who are interested in this type of job must opt for this. Definitely, there is no scarcity of job in this field as, security officers are required in all types of industry. If you want to get enrolled in this course, then contact us now.