Security Courses

Security courses open up multiple career opportunities for you, thereby empowering you to lead a disciplined life. One can never go short of career options, as security personnel’s are needed in a multitude of industries. Whether it is a construction site or health care facility, security people are always in demand.

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There are different levels of security courses. Hence, the candidates are imparted knowledge with respect to their course. Nonetheless, there are some things that are the basics, which are introduced to all participants in all the courses such as current skills involved in the quality security training. Face to face training classes are also available in courses that are offline. Practical skills, strategies and security risk management are also part of these courses, so that you get the working knowledge of the security courses.

Security Courses Available Here

There are many types of security courses options available here. You may choose the one, which suits you the most. Scroll down to have a look at different courses.

  • Certificate II in Security Operations (Unarmed & Crowd Control)
  • Certificate II and III in Security Operations Package
  • Certificate III in Security Operations (Cash in transit, Bodyguard, Monitoring)
  • Certificate III in Security Operations (Unarmed & Crowd Control)
  • Security Weapons & Defensive Tactics Course
  • Security Officer – Bodyguard
  • Security Officer – Cash in Transit
  • Security Officer – Monitoring
  • Handcuffs and Batons

Candidates can get job in many sectors like banking, retail, warehousing, aviation, education, health, hospitality, and transportation both full time and part time. Broadly there are following types of jobs that are available after finishing these courses:

  • Bodyguard
  • Security System Manager
  • Security Administrator
  • Gatekeeper
  • Crowd Controller
  • Risk Assessor
  • Security Operations Officer

The candidates will never fall short of job options, as security sector is only expanding with the time. There are innumerable job outcomes once candidates complete any of the aforementioned courses and these are:

  • Loss Prevention Officer
  • Mobile Patrol Guard
  • Concierge
  • Security Agent
  • Loss Prevention Officer
  • Security Advisor
  • Private Investigator
  • Bodyguard
  • Security System Manager
  • Security Administrator
  • Gatekeeper
  • Crowd Controller
  • Risk Assessor
  • Security Operations Office

As the career options in security sector spreads across all other industries. This means there will be ample of jobs and the remuneration will also be good.

  • Salary - Any security officer can earn around $1 000 - $1 249 per week, which will be something $52 000 - $64 999 per annum. Nonetheless, it depends profusely on the experience and the level of course you have completed. Certainly, the salary increases with time and with certifications.

Certificate II in Security Operations (Unarmed & Crowd Control)

This is a course that helps candidates to gain a license for unarmed security and crowd control with the first aid & CPR. The aspirants will be trained with a strong mix of theory, where practical applications will also be given importance. The main purpose of the course is to prepare candidates with the skills that are required for performing the role of a successful security officer. The candidates will be introduced to all the things in a technical and lawful manner, without ignoring the ethics of the security control management.

Certificate II and III in Security Operations Package

This Certificate II and III course in the Security Operations package is meant for those who want the license as a Security Officer (Unarmed), Crowd Controller, Bodyguard, Security Officer(Monitoring) and Security Officer (Cash in Transit). For all such job outcomes, candidates need to complete this Certificate II and III course, as it will provide you the training for managing and supervising security work. After finishing this course, you will be  qualified to use your skills  in security jobs in places like shopping centres, pubs, clubs, airport security, control rooms, events, cash in transit (unarmed), etc. You need to ensure that when you opt for the Certificate III you must have completed all the units that you want to be included in your license.

Certificate III in Security Operations (Cash in transit, Bodyguard, Monitoring)

Firstly, the candidates must complete the certificate 2 and then choose this course. After completing this course, you will be able to hold supervisory and monitoring positions in any sector. Even in airport security, you will be able to get the job.  You must opt for additional training, if you want to add new things in your license. This course will provide you the skills required for managing security operations.

Certificate III in Security Operations (Unarmed & Crowd Control)

Similar to the Certificate II, this course can prepare candidates for middle management, thereby helping them to attain supervisory positions in the security industry. Perhaps, this course is nothing, but an in-depth and higher level learning than the Certificate II. It is an 8 day course for face to face mode and will provide you the knowledge of the security management work.

Security Weapons & Defensive Tactics Course

In this course, the candidates must provide a copy of a Statement of Attainment, which will show that they completed a Firearms Safety Course (30989QLD Course in Firearms Safety). Whether, it is a Category C (shotgun) or Category H (revolver), this course includes the Firearms Safety Course for all this. This course helps you in  completing a theory component and the firing range.

Security Officer – Bodyguard

This BodyGuard Course is a must for your career, if the candidate wants to flourish in the security industry. Apart of imbibing valuable skills, you will be able to add the Bodyguard function in your security licence, which will help you to grow in your career. This one day course provides you the skills required to manage the safety of persons at risk.

Security Officer – Cash in Transit

The prerequisite of this course is to complete the Certificate II in Security Operations course. This course is perfectly suited for security guards and Cash in Transit security officer, as after completing this course you will be able to work effectively. The amalgamation of theory and practical training will make you an officer who can manage all the responsibilities related to Cash in Transit industry officer, thereby understanding the law properly. 

Security Officer – Monitoring

After you are through with the Certificate II course in Security Operations, then you can opt for this course, thereby adding to your security licence, the Monitoring function. More than the license, it helps you in gaining the skills and knowledge needed as a Monitoring Security Officer.

Whether, it is reporting of an incident or working as a security control room operator, the extensive training on the legalities and practical skills provided in this course can help you in becoming a more responsible monitoring officer.

Handcuffs and Batons

The legalities associated with Handcuffs & Batons are taught in this one day course. Furthermore, the candidates are involved in the management of  risk situations by using handcuffs and batons, when needed.  This course trains you in handling any threat and applying effective methods to ensure that no injury occurs at the same time by the weapon.

Security Licence Renewal Course

It is a very important course, as after every three years, the licence holders of crowd control must be able to complete 2 crowd control units. Apart from this, the security officers also need to  complete with respect to their last completion. This determines that they are updated with the latest techniques. This course will help Security license holders to complete the two control modules-

  • Manage Conflict through Negotiation
  • Control Persons using Empty Hand Techniques

High school education is required, if you want to go for security jobs. This means that those candidates who want to get into a good job with a handsome salary, immediately after their senior secondary can go for these security courses. Certainly, you need to be well-built and brave to opt for these courses. The career options that you get after completing any of these courses are so many that you won’t be facing any dearth of job.