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Planning to Pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Singapore?

Are you planning to pursue your studies in Singapore? Also known as the Lion city, it is that place where ancient Eastern traditions blend with Western innovation. Studying in Singapore for international students is a transformative journey. It helps to truly flourish as an individual. Keep reading to get more insights on this.

Perks of Studying Bachelor's Degree in Singapore for International Students

Singapore isn't all about academics. Singapore also offers urban excitement along with its natural beauty. It ensures there's something for everyone. Let us look at the perks of studying in Singapore. 

Top-Tier Education: Collaborations with prestigious institutions like MIT and Harvard add value.

Global Crossroads: Its unique location that bridges Eastern and Western cultures and business practices. You'll gain valuable insights to make you ready for a successful international career.

A World of Cultures: You get a chance to interact with classmates from diverse backgrounds. This broadens your worldview and understanding. 

Career Launchpad: Singapore's booming economy hub provides ample job opportunities for graduates.

Safety and Security: Worried about safety? As per the 2022 Safety Perceptions Index,Singapore is among the safest countries in the world. 

Eligibility Requirements for Bachelor Degrees in Singapore

Singapore's universities have particular criteria for students from abroad. They are as follows:

  1. Submission of official transcripts from 10th and 12th grade studies.
  2. Public universities expect around 90% or more in both grades.
  3. A GPA of 65% or higher for admission is usually enough to get into private colleges.

Language Proficiency Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees in Singapore

Proficiency in the English language is vital for universities in Singapore for international students. For undergraduate admissions the score details are: 

IELTS: Score of 6.5-7 bands

TOEFL: Score of 90-100

 Private universities may accept other tests like PTE or CAEL, or waive the requirement entirely if your previous education was in English.

Popular Bachelor Degrees in Singapore

Some of the renowned bachelor degree programs to pursue are:        

Bachelor of Fine Arts: This program is for students who like to be creatively driven. Animation industry moves fast, so it is important to keep updating with the latest softwares and programs.

Computer Science and Information Technology:This most sought-after course is for  people fascinated by the world of technology. This course helps to explore various fields of computer, cybersecurity,data science and more.

Business and Management: This program hones your ability to analyse markets and identify opportunities for business. You will be trained to become a confident leader as well.

BA English Language and Literature: In this program, you'll grow your literary prowess, dissecting novels, poems, and plays to uncover the secrets behind their power.

Law: Does the fight for fairness and equality burn brightly within you? Then, law is perfect for you. You'll learn the intricacies of the legal system with precision.

Average Length of a Bachelor's Degree in Singapore

You can earn your Bachelor's degree in just three short years for standard programs. Programs with a year of industry placement can give you that extra edge in just four incredible years. 

Bachelor Degree Course Fees in Singapore For Indian Students

The price for a study in Singapore for Indian students varies depending on the specific program and university you choose.  Tuition for bachelor's degrees typically range from 17,750–24,300 EUR/year. As an international student,  you’ll be spending anywhere between 700 and 1,500 EUR per month, depending on where you live and lifestyle choice.

Scholarship Options for Studying Bachelor's Degree in Singapore

International students can unlock their academic aspirations in Singapore with a diverse scholarship.  This includes:

Merit-Based: If you're a top student who pushes boundaries and craves knowledge, these will shower you with recognition and financial support. 

Need-Based: These scholarships are like helping hand to talented students who might not otherwise be able to afford a Singaporean education. 

Discipline-Specific: It is for exceptional students with incredible potential towards specific study areas. 

Part-Time Job Opportunities for Bachelor's Degree Students in Singapore

Many universities offer part-time positions right on campus. Tutoring is a fantastic way to connect with students and get paid for doing what you love. With your translation skills, you can be the bridge, transforming documents, websites, and even movies into masterpieces for a global audience. Try out client-facing roles like receptionist, product distributor, or sales assistant. These jobs can also provide valuable industry experience.

Post-Bachelor Degree Work Visa Options in Singapore For Indian Students

A work permit is necessary for employment in Singapore. The good news is you can still explore job opportunities after graduation. Here's how:

Job Offer: The most straightforward path is securing a job offer before you graduate. This allows you to apply for the appropriate work permit.

Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) Option: If you haven't landed a job by graduation, the LTVP provides a safety net. This pass grants you a two-year stay in Singapore to actively search for employment.

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