Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games

It’s the course which would provide you with the opportunity to turn your passion into a career. By undergoing with the learning of the course, you would entail with the learning of varied tactics for designing the video games along with the covering of the essential topics like that of the artificial intelligence and a lot more others in the gaming segment. The varied other topics being included are like the character scripting, character designing, programming with the visual studio, unity and a lot more others. 

At the successful completion of the digital and interactive games course, you would be entailed with the knowledge of required skills for the building up of successful career within the industry of the interactive and digital games. Also, you could gain with the employment in the varied fields like that of the assistant game designer, assistant animator, support to the games developers and a lot more others. 

This digital and interactive games course undergoes the covering of the essentials in all the fields of technical aspects in the designing of video games having the essential inclusion of the designs of the 3D games in the environments, rigging and the character animation. You would also gain the learning of the essentials for the production of digitally animated sequences and the creation of interactive spaces. 

One would also undergo the effective development of the aspects in the era of the games history, scripting of the characters and the effective working in the teams. 

The qualification of the course consists of varied core units of the competency for the better completion of the course. It is much essential that all of the competencies are required to be completed in the successful manner in order to gain with the accurate knowledge.

It is being determined that the program of learning is being divided into the 4 logical clusters of training in the category of ICT systems which are like the Core infrastructure, security & continuity, continuous improvement , governance and the service delivery aspects. 

The career opportunities being offered to the learners by the digital and interactive games course are determined as below:

  • Digital Media Authoring Specialist
  • Marketing Assistant 
  • Design Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Product Manager
  • IT Assistant 
  • Data Entry Operator
  • IT Coordinator
  • ICT Operations Support
  • Help Desk Officer
  • ICT user Support
  • Help Desk Assistant
  • Digital Media Coordinator
  • Assistant Software Developer
  • Interactive Analyst & Computer systems
  • IT project Manager
  • Special Effects make – up artist

Digital and interactive games based course would serve as the correct career choice for you. The aspect of the graphics, designing and skills of programming which would be learned by you during the course would help you in the development of the digital games. Also, you would be provided with the opportunity in working with the emerging and the new areas for the development of the games on the online aspects along with the interactive internet, mobile device gaming and the TV games development. Though, the passionate individuals would undergo the learning of the aspects for  building up and designing the video games in the varied essential segments like that of story boarding, character designing, character scripting, and a lot more others for the sort of the exciting industry.