Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services

Certificate iv in companion animal services tens to be the course which would enable you to build your skills and knowledge for the case of companion animals and the operation of a companion animal facility. It will permit you in practicing the aspects which you have already learned and would result in the increment in your experience working with other in an animal care facility. The course would entail you with the   teaching of legal and ethical responsibility in relation to animal handling. This course will teach you how to handle animals in a kind way that minimizes their stress.  Though, it would have the inclusion of varied aspects like that of hygiene and well-being, animal health, understanding animal behavior, rescue, training and enrichment programs, basic first aid, handling and transporting the animals.

The Certificate iv in companion animal services online course will help you to develop the essential understanding of animal welfare, safety procedures and workplace health within an animal care environment. The course will entail you with the learning of animal behavior & training, nutrition & enrichment and well being. You would gain the knowledge to enter the companion animal industry in a variety of professional roles in basic training facilities, boarding facilities, animal shelters, companion and organization and pet shops. You can acquire varied practices handling skills across a range of different species. The course will cover the following essentials in the learning section:

  • Managing the compliance in the companion animal industry
  • Maintaining the workplace health and safety proceedings in accurate manner. 
  • Managing the companion in the animal breeding 
  • Maintaining and monitoring the animal health and well being 
  • Identifying and responding to the animal behavior 
  • Providing enrichment for the well being of the animals.
  • Planing for and providing the nutritional requirements to the animals 
  • Providing basic care to the domestic cats
  • Providing basic care of freshwater fish
  • Providing basic care to the non venomous reptiles 
  • Providing the basic care to rodents and rabbits
  • Providing basic care to the birds  

The segment avails the individuals with a wide range of employment opportunities in retail aquarium, pet boarding facilities, animal rescuer center, and welfare organization. You can learn the foundation skills required for animal related industries such as animal technology and physician nursing.

Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services  is for you if you are looking to expand your skills and knowledge about working with animals. You can turn your passion for animals into a rewarding career by undergoing the learning of the course. Undergo the learning of the course and grab more knowledge about handling and working with animal in a compassionate environment. This course will provide the ability to handle different animals. Do you love animals so much and want to do something for them then this course will help you. The job roles generally involve supervisory responsibility having th inclusion of shop manager, animal groomer, companion animal behaviorist, cattery or kennel manager, hydro-bath operator, animal shelter supervisor. With this course, you can identify and respond to animal behavior. You can also maintain workplace health and safety process.