Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise)

The course of Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise) is a perfect course that creates a pathway for the ones looking for enhancement into the knowledge and skills relating to biomedical and professional health fields. In this course, the students will be gaining with the knowledge about working of human body and would be enough capable to help others in improving their general health and wellbeing by following a healthy lifestyle, exercise and physical activities. By enrolling in the course of Bachelor of health science Exercise, a student will be able to learn about the human body functioning in response to the various exercises, performance of the different physical activities and training through the health professional program foundations. The course will enable the students to develop a strong foundation in the implementation, application and evaluation of the healthy exercises and lifestyles. The students will be able to strategize and bring the community changes through individuals. 

The course of Bachelor of Health science (Exercise) is a program that is designed to provide knowledge and skills to the individuals realting to the fundamentals of functioning of the body in response to some exercise and physical activity performed. In this course, you will learn the following during the 3 year course and covered into 6 semesters. 

  • Understanding health
  • Chemistry I
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Application of maths and statistics for health and support
  • Biology I
  • Musculoskeletal anatomy and nutrition
  • Exercise prescription through the lifespan
  • professional integrity
  • systems anatomy and physiology
  • applied exercise physiology
  • strength and conditioning
  • principles of health promotion
  • biomechanics
  • health, lifestyle disease and exercise prescription
  • sports medicine
  • raising health awareness
  • human pathophysiology and pharmacalogy
  • functional anatomy
  • Research design and epidemiology
  • psychology
  • nutrition, health and sporting performance
  • advanced training principles and exercise prescription
  • health and physical assessments

The bachelor of health science exercise online program lets the students learn a lot of fundamentals and techniques of the responses given by the human body against some physical activity or exercise. After successfully completing this course, the student may also opt to the folowing fields as the part of career perspectives:

  • Health officer
  • High performance sports advisers
  • Claims consultant
  • Medical officer
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Laboratory technician
  • Medicine
  • physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Nursing
  • Health and exercise research
  • chiropractic
  • osteopathy

The course of Bachelor of Health Science (Exercise) provides proficient knowledge relating to the human body responses towards any physical activity or exercise performed. This course is absolutely right for you. The course undergoes developing the foundation of applying, implementing and evaluating the different healthy lifestyles among the individuals. You will be able to build a broad understanding of biomedicine and exercise science fields while exploring the role of socio-cultural aspects that underpin lifestyle opportunities. Gaining with the knowledge of essentials in bachelor of health science exercise course, the individuals will be also entailed with the practical experience and knowledge along with the theoretical learning and practices. 
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