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Pathology is much more than a simple and mere blood test. It is branch of science that studies the nature and the type of diseases, the causes of the diseases and also the effects of it in the body. This is basically a branch of medicine that will revolve around the laboratory studies of the sample of the blood or the tissues of the body parts and examining them for the forensic purpose or the purpose of diagnostics. The people who are working in the pathologic labs are the ones responsible for the tests and they guide the patients according to the diseases detected during the tests. They also help in the process of monitoring the disease through various tests. The following are some of the branches of pathology: -

  • Chemical Pathology – In this branch of pathology examines all the chemical changes in body fluids and blood in order to detect the disease. Also it helps to check how the organs and the tissue are functioning in the body.
  • Anatomical Pathology – This branch of pathology involves analyzing all the solid tissue samples for the diagnosis of the disease or to examine separated cells. This branch also helps to determine diseases during the process of post mortem.
  • Immunopathology – This branch of pathology involves the design, performance and the supervision of tests that can check the immune system of the body.
  • Genetic Pathology – This branch of pathology deals with the diagnosing genetic conditions or determining someone’s inclination of future diseases by analyzing tissue, blood and body fluid samples.
  • Forensic Pathology – This branch of pathology deals with examining human tissue after death, in order to determine the cause of death. This process helps in the cases of sudden deaths or legal investigations.
  • Hematology – In this branch of pathology, the blood and the bone marrow is studied to identify abnormalities.
  • Microbiology – This branch of pathology deals with the diagnosing diseases that are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other infectious agents.
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The field of Pathology is pretty vast and huge. The learning objectives of the Pathology Courses will absolutely depend on the avenue the potential candidate is choosing for himself or herself. In Australia some of the best and world renowned colleges and universities and other similar intuitions are located that offer the best courses in this country. For example if the students or a potential candidate has chosen a course like Certificate III in Pathology Collection (VIC ONLY) the he or she will be learning all about the healthcare industry and the ways the specimens are collected. The courses are available in many modes and the most popular among the students is the online Pathology Courses. Apart from the online there are many open colleges where this course is also offered and can be availed by the students.

Pathology courses Available Here

In Australia some of the leading colleges and universities and other similar establishments are located from where the students and the candidates can avail the Pathology Courses. But while choosing the course one will have to be careful and prudent. One must choose the course that will cater to all the needs and the requirements and at the end it will also help to grab the best job. The following is one of the most popular courses among the students that they can apply for: -   

  • Certificate III in Pathology Collection (VIC ONLY)

Once the student has successfully completed his or her Pathology courses, successfully he or she will not have to think about the job prospects or about the career perspective. In Australia some of the best health care centers along with their pathology labs are located. Apart from this there are many other avenues where the successful candidates can work after completing the courses, diplomas or the certification programs. The following are the most probable job outcomes that one can look forward to: -

  • Pathology specimen collector (Phlebotomist)
  • Laboratory assistant

The dynamics of the jobs in the avenue of pathology will depend on the course that the candidates have completed. For example, if a particular person has completed the Certificate III in Pathology Collection (VIC ONLY), then the day to day job will involve specimen collection and also working as a laboratory assistant.

Once a candidate has successfully completed his or her pathology course successfully he or she will not have to think about his or her job prospects or the career outcomes. The following are some of the career outcomes that the potential candidates can look forward to after completing the courses: -

  • Pathologist
  • Scientist
  • Senior Scientist
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Pathology Collector
  • Health Information Professional
  • Pathology Typist
  • Couriers

In Australia some of the best and most professional pathology labs and other avenues exist where a well skilled pathology professional can work and earn a very handsome living. And on the other hand, the pathology industry is proliferating in Australia at a very rapid pace. The needs and the requirements of well skilled and very professional pathologists for the various avenues are never ending. The people who are above the age of fifty-five use the pathology services more than anybody else and according to reports this industry is rapidly and very drastically growing. In this field of pathology the most common demanding jobs are for the hematologists.

Certificate III in Pathology Collection (VIC ONLY)

In this course the students are being taught about the specimen collection, and the students will be introduced to all the state of the art machines and equipments that are used in the field of pathology.

Pathology is largely related with the health care centers and similar other establishments. It is a branch of science that basically deals with the detection of the diseases and also helps to monitor the ailments. Therefore, if you think that you have a flair for this science then definitely you must join this course. Apart from these, the field of pathology is one of the highest rewarding careers. In your day to day professional life you will have to make accurate, and very precise decisions.

Pathology Courses Australia