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Music is a language that everyone understands and can feel it. The good thing is that now you can easily make a career in music industry. This is one of the most growing fields that promise you a bright future. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that music training builds your life. Perhaps that is why so many students are looking forward to music courses, as this will give wings to your creativity. Interestingly, these days you can find innumerable options of online music courses online as well as in-class. These courses are not very costly and allow you to develop connections in the industry. Whether you are striving for music therapy courses or music production courses, you can find umpteen options in Australia.

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In these courses, the students will gain skills and knowledge of music. However, the learning process will vary depending upon the selection of the course. If a student opts for music production course, then they will acquire knowledge of different equipment setup. The student will learn to mix techniques and transition in addition to other things, such as track selection, basic music structure, etc. If a student chooses the music therapy course, then they will attain skills required for becoming a music therapist. You will learn the relation between music and psychology, thereby performing music that relaxes the heart and mind of your client. Furthermore, the student will also learn the work procedures of the musician in the industry.

Music Courses Available Here

All those who are interested in studying music and are striving for popular music courses can look for the following options:

  • Melbourne DJ Academy Private Tuition Course
  • Certificate III in Music Industry (Sound Production)
  • Diploma of Music (Composition and Music Production)
  • Bachelor of Music (Composition and Production)
  • Master of Music Therapy

Once you get qualified after pursuing any of the aforementioned courses, then you may seek the following job roles:

  • Musician
  • Music Therapist
  • Music Composer

After completing the course, you will be performing the role of a professional music composer or a therapist depending on your qualification. Your job will be based on your expertise in the music industry. However, there are a few things that generally all music professionals do. They try new things in the music world keeping in mind your target audience and use different music equipment setup. For instance, if you are a music producer, then you will produce music by applying different music techniques.

There are many things that students will be doing once they complete the aforementioned courses. They may opt for delivering music performances, offering training to other music aspirants, etc. Concert classes are another thing that you may give a try after finishing the course. Here are some of the job roles that you may perform after getting qualified in a recognised course:

  • Music Trainer
  • Music Performer
  • Audio Production Specialist
  • Live Sound Recordist
  • Assistant Sound Mixers
  • Music Therapist
  • Music Composer
  • Musician
  • Music Producer

In Australia, you do not have to worry about the future prospects of the music industry. There is no scarcity of jobs and once you get qualified, you have multiple career options. Even the salary is good and with experience, you can earn more.

The remuneration profusely depends on your job role. For instance, the average salary of a music therapist is approximately AU$45,197 per year or AU$23 per hour, while the salary of a music composer could be something around AU$50,000 to AU$60,000, per annum.

There are many types of music courses available in Australia. Some are online music courses, while some are in-class. It depends on you which one you prefer to. You may also find short music courses, such as TAFE music courses. Here some of the major music courses have been discussed:

Melbourne DJ Academy Private Tuition Course

If you are a DJ and want to join a TAFE music course, then this is a good option for you. Here you will learn or improve the basic of music equipment use and basic music structure. Furthermore, you will also specialise in producing high quality, radio ready content apart from executing the traditional recording, mixing and mastering services. This course is the perfect option for singers, songwriters, and bands, as they will be able to take their understanding of music to the next level.

Certificate III in Music Industry (Sound Production)

In this course, you will be able to develop skills and knowledge of the working procedure of the entertainment industry in Australia. If you are someone who wants to enter into the performing and mainstream music industry, then this is an entry-level course. You might end up as an assistant sound mixer, or live sound recordist after completing this course.

Diploma of Music (Composition and Music Production)

This is a diploma level degree course in music production and composition that gives you an insight of the entertainment industry in addition to the practical concepts of music composition. In this course, the students will gain knowledge of all the theoretical tools and techniques of both sound and music production.

Bachelor of Music (Composition and Production)

This is a bachelor degree program that allows you to get an in-depth understanding of music and sound production. Here, you will learn something more than the basics of music composition and will be introduced to the practical skills required in the entertainment world of music industry.

Master of Music Therapy

Being a postgraduate course, this is more of a specialise course that offers you a hands-on experience in the music therapy field. You will learn how to cater to your clients the music that will give them peace of mind. In addition to music, you will also study psychology to understand the requirements of your clients and how music can heal their pain effectively.

Music is something which is not everyone’s cup of tea. You must choose the music therapy courses or music production courses only if you are certain that music is your passion. This field is quite demanding and is full of struggle. However, once you prove yourself, you will be having a great future ahead. The best thing about the music courses, even the online music courses is that it helps you in having a clear understanding of what is going on currently in the music world.

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