Financial Planning Courses

Financial planning is a way of offering your client strategies of handling their financial matters. When you get enrolled in any of the financial planning courses online or face-to-face, the students gain the skills that allow them to make a career in the finance industry. These certified financial planning courses online are a way of acquiring knowledge related to retirement, insurance, taxation and retirement plans. Everyday new financial products and schemes are getting introduced not only in Australia, but also all across the world. You need to prepare a financial plan after considering all the possibilities of success by analysing the current state of the market and the financial level of your client. Interestingly, these financial planning training courses offer you all this.

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The courses in financial planning and wealth management are designed in such a way that it helps you in acquiring skills and knowledge required to manage your clients’ money and other financial issues. Whether it is about the mortgage, saving options or investment schemes, you can guide your client in all these work, as in any of the certified financial planning courses online, students are taught about different financial products available in the market. As a student of financial planning training courses, you will also learn how to manage the financial problems, risks involved in financial products, communicating financial schemes going on in the market, analysing the investment objectives of the client, etc.

Financial Planning Courses Available Here

If you are looking for in-class or any other financial planning courses online in Australia, then you do not have to worry about it. Hereby, some of the best financial planning courses have been highlighted:

  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Trading Mentor Course          
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Self-Managed Super Funds Adviser (Personal Advice)
  • Derivatives Adviser (Personal Advice)
  • Diploma Financial Planning
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

Once you complete any of the aforementioned financial planning courses, then you will be able to seek job roles, such as the following:

  • Financial Adviser or Manager
  • Securities and Commodities Broker
  • Financial Planner for Insurance Companies

Your work in the financial planning industry will depend to a great extent on your job role. For instance, if you get qualified as a financial adviser, then your job will be to help your clients make a good decision in investing their money in the market with respect to their income, responsibility, and needs.

If you are someone who is interested in getting qualified in any of the aforementioned courses, then after finishing the course you will be able to grab a job as the following:

  • Financial Investment Firms
  • Banks             
  • Self-Employment
  • Rental or Real Estate
  • Commercial Finance Services
  • Financial Adviser or Manager
  • Junior Financial Planner
  • Paraplanner
  • Senior Paraplanner
  • Securities and Commodities Broker
  • Financial Planner for Insurance Companies

As far as the job prospects are concerned then any of the courses in financial planning and wealth management in Australia is very promising. You will be able to get absorbed in the industry immediately after finishing the study. In fact, you do not need to worry about the salary. The remuneration in this field is quite good and you will be able to have a good income even at the entry-level job.

For instance, as a Financial Planner you can earn about AU $70,391 per year and the best thing is that with experience and more certifications, your salary also gets improved. Furthermore, the job is not very hectic and you have the chance of getting self-employed.

There are various types of financial planning courses available in Australia. Some are online while some are in-class courses. However, all the courses in financial planning have bright future prospects for the participants of the courses. The most popular courses are:

Diploma of Financial Planning

In this course, the students are able to attain the relevant skills and knowledge that are required to become a successful professional in the Financial Planning and management industry. This course allows you to become a Financial Adviser and help your client make prudent investments in best financial products available in the market.

Trading Mentor Course          

This course helps the students gain knowledge about the trading techniques and strategies can work in maximising the upside and minimising the downside. This means in this course you will learn all the techniques of trading and how to manage the risks and money in the best manner possible. 

Diploma of Financial Planning

You want your client to reach their financial goals then you need to implement structured strategies structured. Keeping this in mind, this diploma level course has been designed.  This course helps you in equipping for appropriate financial planning, trend analysis, risk evaluation, implementation of long-term financial security strategy. In this course, you will also learn how to use different types of financial planning software.

Self-Managed Super Funds Adviser (Personal Advice)

This is a financial planning short course that allows the students to acquire knowledge to create, operate and comply with the regulatory requirements. This is one of the courses that will help you improve your resume.

Derivatives Adviser (Personal Advice)

This is another short course in financial planning that caters to individuals requiring RG146 compliance and authorisation. This course will offer the students the specialist knowledge as well as technical skills required to give compliant advice to the clients and how to clients could use Derivatives products.

Diploma Financial Planning

This is another diploma course in Financial Planning that makes you competent to offer your client advice on investment on Securities, Derivatives, Superannuation, and Insurance. Once you become qualified you will be able to work as a financial planner and you will remain updated with the latest trends in the financial services industry.

Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

This is a nationally recognised Diploma course, which is available both online as well as in-class mode. However, in both the classes, you will learn the same things, such as a range of skills required in Taxation Planning, Advanced Investment Planning, Estate Planning and Financial Planning.

Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

This is a course that equips you to become a financial broker and gain skills and knowledge required for finance and mortgage broking planning activities. You will be able to assist your client in financial product buying and selling after completing this course.

If you are someone who enjoys planning and management of finance, then the financial planning training courses are the best options available for you. You just need to look for the courses in financial planning and wealth management and then according to your interest get enrolled in any of the suitable course. You may also opt for certified financial planning courses online, as this way you will be able to attain knowledge while carrying out your other important duties. The only thing that you need to remember is that all these courses are purely business and finance based, so you need to have an interest in the finance industry.

Financial Planning Courses Australia