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Marriage is considered to be one of the most important aspects of our lives and everyone wants to complete his or her marriage in a complete all rounded manner. The panoply of rituals and customs of a marriage is pretty huge and the celebrant has a very special legal duty to perform. Not anybody and everybody can be appointed as a celebrant in a marriage, for this matter a person has to have the legal validation and the professional knowledge. In Australia there is a host of places from where one can learn the ropes of the trade and start a career out of it.

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The applicants of this course will learn about the legal procedures to conduct a marriage and the other formalities involved in this auspicious ceremony. Basically, this course will teach the candidates the ways in which they can make the wedding day as a very special day in the lives of their clients. As a matter of fact, there are a number of places where one can apply for the Celebrancy Courses. In Australia there are many schools and colleges and institutions where this course is provided in both offline and online mode. The concerned individual has the option to either choose the online mode or he or she can very well choose the open colleges for opting this course. 

Celebrancy Courses Available Here

There are a number of colleges and institutions available all over the country where one can learn the ropes of the trade and conduct the marriages legally. To become a successful and legal celebrant one needs to have certain qualification and the technical knowhow of the entire rituals and customs. The following are some of the Celebrancy Courses that one can opt for: -

  • Certificate IV Celebrancy (In-class) (Specified Locations ONLY)
  • Certificate IV in Celebrancy (VIC ONLY)
  • Certificate IV Celebrancy (Online)

After completing the above mentioned courses according to needs and requirements one will be able to register himself or herself as a legal celebrant. And this person has the legal validation of performing the rituals and the legal formalities of the marriage. There are number of courses available all over the country in various institutions. Both offline and online mode of this course is available and one can choose anyone according to his or her priority.

A celebrant who has got the required qualifications has got the legal rights to conduct the marriages as a celebrant. He or she has to perform all the rituals and the customs of the marriage and also ensure that all the legal matters are settled appropriately. It is one of the most essential duties of the celebrant to make sure that the wedding day becomes one of the most memorable and special day in the lives of the clients. The following are some of the duties of the celebrant: -

  • Authentication of all the legal documents and the important official papers.
  • Lodging the marriage documentation is one of the most important tasks.
  • The celebrant will witness the marriage vows.
  • Will educate the couple about the rituals and the customs of the marriage.
  • Solemnizing the marriage.
  • The celebrant will help in designing and planning the wedding.
  • If someone needs assistance in the change of name the celebrant will provide the legal guidance.
  • Will provide the presentation certificate.

After completing the celebrant short time course one will become a registered celebrant and is allowed to perform and conduct the customs and the rituals of the marriage legally. He or she will have all the power to complete the legal formalities of the marriage and also guide the couples to have a memorable day. The payment method of this avenue is pretty lucrative and one cannot complain about anything. The legal celebrant has a number of formalities and tasks to perform at the wedding day. The tasks and the duties of the celebrant range from designing and planning the marriage to completing the legal formalities of the marriage. Therefore, it is very important to have a valid and a bonafide celebrant.

The legal and the bonafide celebrant are always in demand and will always be in demand. They perform all the major rituals and the customs during the marriage ceremony and at the same time also look after the legal formalities involved in the entire ceremony. The celebrant is paid very handsomely and they make it a point to make the wedding extremely special for the couple.

Certificate IV Celebrancy (In-class) (Specified Locations ONLY)  

In this course the candidates are taught the very basics of the ceremony and the crucial aspects of it. The legal formalities and the other aspects are also dealt with to an extent.

Certificate IV in Celebrancy (VIC ONLY)

This course is going to deal with the roles of the various communities in a marriage. Apart from this the legal and the customs are also dealt with in details.

Certificate IV Celebrancy (Online)

Like the other courses, this course too will deal with all the crucial aspects of the marriage and will make the celebrant absolutely prepared for the real job. After the completion of these courses the candidates will be able to register themselves as proper, legal and bonafide celebrants.

The need and the demand for the legal and the bonafide celebrant is increasing every day. If you want to make the days of your clients memorable and very special then definitely this is the right avenue for you. The payment option is very lucrative and the pay package is very high. The need and the demand of bonafide, legal celebrant is increasing rapidly and that is why the number of course providers is increasing too. There are many intuitions and places where these courses are provided very diligently.

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