Agriculture Courses

Agriculture is an integral part of the Australian economy. The increasing agricultural exports and the rise of total agricultural production in Australia is the result of the agricultural produce. Australian farmers take it very seriously and to a certain extent, the credit must be given to the agricultural studies in Australia. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why agricultural courses in Australia are so much in demand. The agricultural boom at present in the country has created an inevitable demand for agriculture education courses. These agriculture degree courses have given an opportunity to candidates to get qualified and become part of Australia’s sustainable agriculture future.

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When students opt for any if the agriculture courses in any institute, he or she gets to acquire a comprehensive set of practical skills required for carrying out agricultural work. Definitely, it depends on the course the candidate has opted for. Nevertheless, in all the certified agricultural training courses, students shall learn the rudimentary of agriculture essentials, sustainable management of agricultural land, maintenance and usage of agricultural tools, appropriate use of chemicals, skills to look after livestock, and many more other farming and irrigation related things.

Agriculture Courses Available Here

The purpose of all agricultural degree courses is to empower candidates with relevant agricultural skills. Perhaps, this is one of the major reasons why these days the demand for agricultural courses in Australia has increased so much. The students get qualified to work on a farm and earn a handsome income. Here are the names of some of the major agriculture education courses available in the country:

  • Certificate III in Agriculture
  • Certificate II in Agriculture
  • Certificate IV in Agriculture
  • Diploma of Agriculture
  • Agriculture Short Courses
  • Bachelor of Agriculture          
  • Master Agricultural Studies

Undoubtedly, after getting qualified for any of the aforementioned agriculture training courses, the candidates will be able to grab a job in this vast agriculture industry. The potential employers look for people that are genuinely qualified and have a passion to work on farming lands. Usually, the job roles available in the market after completing the online agriculture courses or full-time agriculture degree courses are:

  • Agricultural, Forestry or Horticultural Operator
  • Agricultural Technician
  • Agricultural or Forestry Scientist       

Agriculture is a vast industry that encompasses various types of work. All the work couldn’t be carried out by the same person and so to execute each work, candidates need to possess special skills that they are introduced to while their agriculture training courses. If you have chosen the study of Agricultural technicians, then your job will be related to study the impacts of weather on crops. Your work will be more related to the evaluation of the overall production operation. Other works that you might be doing after getting a job in agriculture industry will be of taking care of crops, land, soil, livestock, maintaining natural vegetation, applying chemicals appropriately, taking measures to prevent weed growth, pest prevention, and other water-related issues.

Here is no scarcity of job options in the agriculture industry in Australia. Being a country where agriculture is given importance, Australia unveils to students different types of career opportunities that they can avail after getting qualified in a recognised agriculture degree courses. These are:

  • Agricultural, Forestry or Horticultural Operator
  • Agricultural Technician
  • Agricultural or Forestry Scientist       
  • Dairy Farmer
  • Livestock Production Specialist
  • Horticulturalist
  • Fisheries
  • General Operations Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Crop Harvesting Specialist
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Plant Geneticist
  • Farm Supplier

Agribusiness is improving in Australia and so are the job opportunities. With innumerable cost-effective courses options available in this field such as agriculture short courses, online agriculture courses; the candidates have got better future prospects in this field. They can have a bright career in the agriculture industry. These courses have provided you an opportunity to structure your own studies with respect to your specific interests in this sector. 

As far as the remuneration is concerned, it depends profusely on your job role. For instance, a farm manager can have a gross salary of AU$60,000 to AU$70,000 p.a. General Operations Manager can also get up to AU$90,000 per annum, while office administrator and farm hand can get a gross salary of AU$55,000 and AU$40,000 per annum, respectively. The promotion and salary depends a lot on the candidates’ experience and qualification. The good thing is that with extra certifications, such as by having certificates of agriculture short courses, you may have a chance of better remuneration.

Certificate III in Agriculture

This is a certificate level course that includes the study of agriculture rudimentary and understanding the use of different tools and techniques in farming. The applicants of this course need to be of at least 18 years old. The students will study in this course how to observe and report on weather, what are the health and safety processes in agriculture work and how to practice environmentally sustainable work process. 

Certificate II in Agriculture

This course focuses on improving the fundamental skills of a farm worker and how you can have an all-around knowledge of agriculture.  This is also a TAFE course just like the Certificate III course and prepares candidates to work effectively in the agricultural industry. Here you will attain skills required to manage livestock and maintain general works on farms. This is one of the agricultural education courses that will definitely enhance your knowledge to establish, grow and harvest crops.

Certificate IV in Agriculture

In this TAFE affiliated course, the students will first learn a vast range of practical skills, such as the fundamentals on the livestock production, breeding programs, production of different types of crops, planning of budget and its analysis, etc. Once you are through with all this, then you will specialise in Organic production or Agribusiness. It depends upon the interest of the participants of course. 

Diploma of Agriculture

Being a diploma course, this course is designed in such a way that the candidates acquire specialist knowledge and skills. This course is quite in demand right in all over Australia, as most of the farm employers these days look for specialists on their farm. The increased concern of the livestock’s welfare and climate risk management has led to the demand of sustainable agriculture production that can take care of soil health and the overall ecosystem.

Agriculture Short Courses

These are courses that are meant to improve the resumes of the candidates. These are known as agriculture short courses. Mainly these are online agriculture courses that candidates opt to attain specialised knowledge in certain areas of agriculture, such as study animal breeding, farm engineering, and irrigation management, manage dairy cattle, etc.

Bachelor of Agriculture      

The agriculture practices have undergone a sea change. These days the farms are more technologically advanced and farming has evolved as agribusiness. It is a vast industry that involves a complex system and specialisations. Agriculture has gone beyond the farm, and so it requires individuals who are qualified and have expertise in contemporary agriculture practices.  This course is best suited for students who want to make future in agriculture, as here the candidates will acquire a comprehensive knowledge and skills of agriculture from the market point of view.

Master Agricultural Studies

As this is a Postgraduate level course, so the candidates will here gain hands-on experience in the farming industry. They will be introduced to the both practical as well as theoretical knowledge in the agriculture sector. The students will also do specialisation in this course, as this will give them an opportunity to work as agriculture technicians or General Operations Manager. They will also learn how to supervise other employees on the farm, such as farm hand.

If you want to make a career in farming industry, then getting qualified is quite prudent. It helps you get absorbed in the main agriculture industry. However, it is always advised to the participants of the courses that they choose this field only if they have interest in farming and other environmental issues. Agriculture training courses demand your full concentration in the field with the focus on creating sustainability in agriculture. You cannot excel in this field if you do not interest in this field. Although, leading a life on farms is quite interesting these days, as now the farms are quite high-tech. Nevertheless, you can never have bright future prospects in this industry, until you have a thirst to acquire knowledge in this field and contemporary methods and techniques of farming to enhance the production in a way that it preserves the ecosystem.

Agriculture Courses Australia