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Let your creative side help you in making your career in advertising, as this is the perfect industry that gives people with a creative touch a way to make a career in various organisations that work on varied media outlets. Whether it is managing your clients, writing, graphic design, managing campaigns, launching new products, video production, data analysis, or any other thing related to the world of advertising, you can do it only after getting enrolled in any appropriate advertising courses. There are many types of courses available in Australia such as courses in advertising and media, advertising training courses, advertising short courses, etc.

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Usually referred to as marketing, advertising is the sector that helps in making the client’s business grow. Therefore, when you opt for any of the advertising course, you are made to learn things that involve promotion of products and services through different media channels. These days the online influence has created the need for online advertising. As a result, many of the courses deal with the study of communication and digital media.

Advertising Courses Available Here

If you are planning to make a successful career full of job opportunities, then the following courses can help you a lot:

  • Certificate IV in Advertising
  • Diploma of Marketing
  • Short Courses in Advertising
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Media and Communication with a Major in Advertising
  • Masters of Advertising

Once you complete any of the aforementioned courses, then you won’t be facing any problem in getting a job. The most popular job options available to you after finishing these courses are:

  • Advertising or Marketing Professional
  • Advertising Manager
  • Sales Manager           

Advertising is a field that involves quite challenging jobs. Mostly, these jobs involve creativity and application of innovative ideas. Every day you have to plan new things for your client business and never let the competitors move ahead of your clients. This all includes strategic plans and their executions in an efficient way. You will be responsible to carry out the work with respect to your designation and you will be bound to work in a team for a fruitful result. The work in an advertising agency is more challenging as here you need to maintain constant interaction with both the companies’ internal and external partners so that you are able to develop effective marketing campaigns. You will also be asked to maintain the reports and do the research on current advertising trends by conducting surveys.

The advertising industry has evolved a lot with the advancement in marketing techniques. Today, this field has become indispensable for all businesses across the globe. Perhaps that is why there are so many courses available in the market related to advertising and marketing. After getting qualified in any online advertising courses or the advertising training courses, the candidates get in a position where they have bright future and can get the following job roles in the advertising industry:

  • Sales Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Advertising Account Coordinator
  • Digital Sales Coordinator
  • Media Planner
  • Advertising or Marketing Professional
  • Advertising Manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing Team Leader
  • Marketing Officer
  • Sales Officer
  • Product Manager
  • Public Relations Manager

Whether you have completed a diploma course or have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, one thing is certain that you won’t be having any scarcity of jobs. Strikingly, if you have previous relevant industry experience in addition to certifications, you will be able to grab a good job with a handsome salary in the advertising sector. These days it is not only that advertising agencies are hiring professionals with this qualification, but also many other business organisations prefer advertising managers to become a part of their team in order to meet organisational goals in a timely manner.

Approximately, the gross salary of an Advertising Manager in Australia is AU$68,500 and with experience, the designation improves and so is the remuneration. The best thing about the advertising field is that as you move on to other positions and improves your resume with additional certifications; your salary also increases with respect to it.

Certificate IV in Advertising

This is a TAFE course and is one of the fundamental advertising training courses. In the Certificate IV, candidates are introduced to conducting, presenting and analysing market research, in addition to the study of consumer behaviour and profiling of a target audience. These are some of the rudimentary things that will help you develop an understanding of advertising production. This will also enable you to conduct electronic marketing that includes promotion of products and services, and scheduling of advertisements. Even this course makes students acquainted with the use of computer packages and the writing of complex documents.

Diploma of Marketing

This is a course that students may or may not take after Certificate IV course. In this study, students will be made to learn how to make a presentation and make their ideas presentable and discuss it. The candidates are also taught how to apply digital solutions in their work processes and utilise marketing communication across the convergent industry. After completing this course, you may pursue further studies, otherwise, you may start working in the industry, as there are umpteen job options after this course.

Short Courses in Advertising

The advertising short courses are the best options available for working advertising professionals who want to improve their resume by getting some certification short course on different topics, such as Systems thinking and complex project management, Social media marketing tools for business, etc. These classes are presented by experienced industry practitioners in the social media, digital marketing and advertising fields that help you in gaining knowledge and sharpening your skills by making it up-to-date in the ever-changing media landscape.

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

This is a degree program that helps you gain practical marketing knowledge and skills by understanding consumer behaviour, digital marketing trends and other marketing strategies.  In the contemporary business scenario, the role, nature and responsibilities of marketing have undergone a sea change. In this course, you learn how to engage and influence target audiences by apply relevant and contemporary marketing theories and practices in an ethical manner.

Bachelor of Media and Communication with a Major in Advertising

This course is designed to let students get an insight of New media and develop skills and knowledge of different online advertising works, such as blogs, management of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. In this course, the candidates are made to learn the differences between convergent and conventional media such as newspapers, TV and radio. You gain knowledge of current media theories as well as traditional theories that involve writing for print and broadcast.

Masters of Advertising

This is one of the most sorted after courses in advertising and media that provides the candidates industry-focused and in-depth analysis of advertising as well as a marketing communication. The participants of this course are engaged in academic and professional sources of advertising available all across the globe. You will be allowed to build professional knowledge and acquire relevant skills that explore a range of evolutionary communication processes so that you meet the demands of the global advertising market.

As more our world is becoming digital, the advertising industry is becoming more integrated with the internet. Today, it is all about online marketing and creating your brand image. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why all big and reputed companies are trying to cater customers online. Nevertheless, it is important for you to know to grow in this sector; you need proper qualification and appropriate exposure of the industry. Apart from this, as a candidate, you must understand the rising competition and the inevitable need of highly creative professional, as this will help you understanding whether this field is meant for you or not. You need to have a keen interest in advertising, only then you can have bright future prospects. Therefore, when you are opting courses in advertising and media or any advertising short courses, you must make sure that it suits your requirements.

Advertising Courses Australia