Top Vocational Courses for Indian Students to Study Abroad

In an era where the global job market is constantly evolving and industries are always seeking skilled professionals, the importance of vocational education cannot be overstated. For Indian students looking to study abroad, seeking a vocational course and hands-on training can be both an exciting and promising career option. 

In this blog, we will delve into different vocational programs that an Indian student can pursue to kickstart their career. 

  1. Automotive Courses to Study Abroad 
  2. Aged Care Courses to Study Overseas
  3. Business Management Courses Abroad
  4. Carpentry Courses in Abroad
  5. Child Care Courses Abroad
  6. Cookery Courses Abroad
  7. English Language Courses for International Students
  8. Hospitality Courses Abroad
  9. Management Courses
  10. Social Media Marketing Courses

Automotive Courses to Study Abroad       

  Studying automotive courses overseas is a great option for those looking to enrol themselves in the 2024-2025 academic session. This course includes manufacturing, repairing, testing, servicing, designing, developing and operating automobiles. It's an excellent course for anyone who is interested and has an aptitude in science, design, and engineering. This course may last anywhere between three and five years.  

Courses/Programme College/University Location
Automobile Engineering Abroad University of Auckland Auckland, New Zealand
Loyalist College Belleville, Canada
Centennial College Toronto, Canada
Durham College Oshawa, Canada
Technical University of Munich Munich, Germany
Arizona State University Tempe, USA
Purdue University West Lafayette, USA
University of the West of England Bristol, UK
Politecnico Di Milano Milan, Italy
RMIT University Melbourne, Australia

Child Care Courses Abroad

Studying child care courses includes learning how to properly provide care and support services to children. These courses help you learn about not only the physical care of children but also psychological care. There are about 4000 educational institutions that provide childcare courses. Childcare courses may last from 6 months to two years. 

Courses/Programme College/University Location
Child Care Courses The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada
Columbia University New York, USA
University College London London, UK
University of Auckland Auckland, New Zealand
University of Bristol Bristol, UK
University of Wollongong Wollongong, Australia
Curtin University Perth, Australia
Stanley College Perth, Australia
University of Essex Colchester, UK

Aged Care Courses to Study Overseas

Designed for students passionate about elderly care and want to learn more about it. This course allows you to gain practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge about topics like the health care of elderly people, hygiene and sanitation of senior citizens, and interaction with them. It usually lasts for six months. 

Courses/Programme College/University Location
Aged Care Courses to Study in overseas Western Sydney University New South Wales, Australia
New Zealand Tertiary College New Zealand
Stanley College Perth, Australia
CQUniversity Australia Australia
Université de Saint-Boniface Canada
Virginia Commonwealth University USA

Business Management Courses

Business management courses are made for students who want to get a headstart in the corporate world and develop managerial skills. This course is rightly the most popular course amongst students as it provides you with essential management, human resource, and marketing skills. Those planning to study business management in the year 2024 should consider the universities given below. 

Courses/Programme College/University Location
Business Management Courses Harvard University Cambridge, USA
University of Toronto Toronto, Canada
Stanford University Stanford, USA
The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada
University of Oxford Oxford, UK
Stanley College Perth, Australia
Imperial College London London, UK
The University of Chicago Chicago, USA
University of Glasgow Glasgow, UK
Curtin University - Australia Perth, Australia

Carpentry Courses

You can become skilled in carpentry with construction and building skills, which will help you build a career in the building and construction industry. These courses are primarily provided in countries like Australia and Canada and last for up to 24 months. Universities also teach alternative and eco-friendly building methods, opening up more job options for students.

Courses/Programme College/University Location
Carpentry Courses Abroad Loyalist College Belleville, Ontario (ON), Canada
Fanshawe College London, Ontario (ON), Canada
Parkland College Champaign, Illinois, USA
Green River College USA
Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology New Zealand
Stanley College Perth, Australia
Victorian Institute of Technology Australia

Cookery Courses Abroad

If you are enthusiastic about learning and sharpening your culinary skills, you should consider studying cookery courses abroad, ranging from diploma courses to bachelor's of arts in cookery. These courses may last for up to two years. You should enrol for the 2024 batch if you plan to study cookery courses abroad. 

Courses/Programme College/University Location
Cookery Courses Abroad TAFE NSW New South Wales, Australia
Okanagan College British Columbia (BC), Canada
Stanley College Perth, Australia
University of Otago North Dunedin, New Zealand
Bangor University Bangor (Wales), UK
University of Kentucky Kentucky, USA
Lambton College Sarnia, Ontario (ON), Canada

English Language Courses for Abroad Studies

Studying English in a foreign country will be a wonderful option if you wish to enhance your English speaking and comprehension skills. It will help you build connections with people from diverse backgrounds and immerse in another country's rich culture and heritage. The duration will vary depending on the type of course you opt for. 

Courses/Programme College/University Location
English Language Courses for Abroad Studies Pace University New York, New York, USA
The University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona, USA
University of New England (UNE) New South Wales, Australia
Okanagan College British Columbia (BC), Canada
University of Cumbria Carlisle, Cumbria, UK
Catholic University of America Washington, District Of Columbia, USA
Loughborough University Leicestershire, UK

Hospitality and Tourism Management Abroad 

Are you planning to pursue your management studies in hospitality and tourism in 2024? If yes, the programs mentioned below are excellent for you as they will help you land the best-paying jobs and sharpen your people management skills, service delivery skills, bar and hotel management skills, and more. 

Courses/Programme College/University Location
Hospitality Courses Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology New Zealand
Southern Institute of Technology New Zealand
Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Australia
Bond University Australia
Hil University United Kingdom
Stanley College Perth, Australia
Auckland University of Technology (AUT) New Zealand

Social Media Marketing Courses

Social media marketing courses are gaining traction in today’s day and age. These courses are curated to improve quality training at both individual and corporate levels. It will help you to upgrade your skill set and forge a name for yourself in the professional world. These courses typically last for three to six months.

Courses/Programme College/University Location
Social Media Marketing Courses Abroad Pace University New York, USA
University of Chester Chester, Cheshire, UK
Curtin University Bentley, Western Australia, Australia
Stanley College Perth, Australia
Deakin University Burwood, Victoria, Australia
Fanshawe College London, Ontario (ON), Canada
University of West London Ealing, UK

Admission Process to Study in Vocational Courses

Given below is the step-by-step process to study abroad for vocational courses:

#1. Choose a certain country, program, and university to pursue your preferred undergraduate course.
#2. Appear for the required examinations such as TOEFL, IELTS, ACT, SAT, etc.
#3. Go through the eligibility requirements and mandated documents on the official website of your preferred university. 
#4 Get a Letter of recommendation ( LOR) from a professor or any other qualified individual. 
#5. As a part of your application, write flawless essays and statements of purpose. 
#6. Gather required academic transcripts. 
#7. Complete the university application and submit it together with the required application fee. 
#8. Wait for the university’s results since they might contact you for an interview to offer admission.
#9. Apply for a student visa depending on your desired country.


Can Indian students get a scholarship to study abroad for Vocational courses?
 Yes. Some colleges and universities offer scholarships depending on the course and country. 

Are government-funded courses available for international students?
Yes, government-funded courses are available for international students, but it depends on the course, country of study, and level of study. 

Can Indian students study overseas for free after high school?
Yes! It is possible with the option of fully funded scholarships and work-study programs. 

What are the best countries for Indian students to enroll in vocational courses abroad?
Countries like Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia are some of the best countries for vocational courses abroad. 

Is pursuing vocational courses abroad worth it?
Yes! It is worth it as it offers personal growth opportunities and global exposure along with improved skills and qualifications. 

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