Top Universities in Perth, Western Australia

The capital of Western Australia, Perth is also known as the ‘Education City’ of Australia.  The city lies where the Swan River converges with the southwest coast. It's the biggest city in all of Western Australia. Perth lies amidst Swan Coastal Plain between the Darling Scarp and the Indian Ocean. Perth is home to almost 2 million people and welcomes thousands of international students annually, the majority of which are immigrants from different parts of the world.
Besides being scenic and providing top-notch education to the student population Perth also has one of the lowest costs of living in all of Australia.  
In Western Australia, education is mandatory for the ages between six and seventeen, consistent with secondary as well as primary school. Several universities and technical and further education (TAFE) colleges provide tertiary education across Perth. 

What makes Perth a perfect student destination?

#1. Perth has one of the lowest costs of living of all Australian cities
#2. It has an efficient public transportation system
#3. Inexpensive accommodation options and food
#4. A cosmopolitan environment at a lower cost than they would pay to study elsewhere in Australia
#5. Surrounded by natural weekend get-away spots 

Perth ranks among the top best cities to live in the world when it comes to essential life factors like healthcare, culture, education, stability, environment, and infrastructure. 

Besides being an awesome place to live in, Perth is also a top student destination owing to the excellent education system implemented by Universities in Perth.

Speaking of which let’s take a look at some of the best Universities in Perth.

Top Five Universities in Perth

International students planning to study in Perth can be sure of excellent education along with impeccable student support services. It can be quite tough to determine which university is the right choice, especially for prospective international students. Each university in Perth has a lot to offer, so aspiring international students are recommended to thoroughly explore their options and do their research before starting the application process.

Each of the universities mentioned below offers premium education programs in a variety of subject areas. Given below is a list of the top 5 renowned universities in Perth, Western Australia. Four of which are public. International students studying in Perth validate receiving an excellent education, counselling sessions, along with outstanding student support services. On top of receiving premium education, aspiring students can also choose to study at other specialist universities which provide exemplary programs in an extensive array of subject areas. 

  1. Murdoch University
  2. Curtin University
  3. University of Notre Dame Australia
  4. Edith Cowan University
  5. University of Western Australi

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#1. Murdoch University

Murdoch University is a public university in Perth, Western Australia, with campuses also in Singapore and Dubai. It began operations as the state's second university on 25 July 1973 and accepted its first undergraduate students in 1975. Its name is taken from Sir Walter Murdoch (1874–1970), the Founding Professor of English and former Chancellor of the University of Western Australia. Murdoch is a verdant university and a member of the Innovative Research Universities. In 2018, Murdoch University was recognized as producing the most employable graduates of all Australian universities after 3 years of graduating from their courses. In 2019, the university ranked third in overall student satisfaction amongst all public universities in Western Australia.
Murdoch is a top-rated university in Perth and is preferred by thousands of international students who choose to pursue their education at this university each year. Founded in 1975 on a massive 570-acre area making it Australia’s largest campus to date. Murdoch University places a strong emphasis on leading its students to become ‘free thinkers’ with its top-notch innovation and research offerings. As one of the best Universities in Perth, Murdoch University prides itself on steadily rising as a global leader in the world of innovative education. 

Why Murdoch? 

  1. Leading research and academic programs
  2. Over 25,000 enrolled
  3. One of the top 100 young universities globally
  4. More than 2,400 teaching staff from 90 different countries
  5. Campuses in Dubai and Singapore 
  6. Over 3000 international students 
  7. Personalized courses and learning facilities 

Study areas at Murdoch:

  • Agricultural
  • Asian Studies
  • Architecture, Design, and Planning
  • Business and Commerce
  • Bachelor of art, Psychology
  • Data and Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Health and Biomedical Sciences
  • Law
  • Music and Fine Arts

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#2. Curtin University 

Named after the Prime Minister of Australia( 1941-45), John Curtin, Curtin University was founded in the year 1966. It is the largest university in WA and is world-renowned for being an innovative, international university revered highly for its effective research, robust industry networks, and exceptional academic programs. With a campus size of about 290 acres, Curtin University welcomes thousands of international students each year.

Owing to its global expansion and high-impact research orientation, Curtin University has risen rapidly up the international university rankings in the past few years, establishing itself among the top 1% of universities internationally.
As a university with a strong inclination towards innovation, Curtin reigns supreme in a wide range of research areas and programs designed to help out each student to get the best out of their time and efforts. The campus at Curtin University is a flourishing place of innovation and community hosting over 59,000 students in the year 2021. 

Why Curtin?

  1. Diverse student community with students from all parts of the world
  2. Education based on the global perspective
  3. Campuses in Western Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, and Mauritius
  4. A platform to build a global network benefitting students both personally and professionally
  5. Close Collaboration of Curtin’s with industry experts
  6. Variety of study areas

Study Areas:

  • Business, management, and law
  • Physical sciences, geoscience, and mathematics
  • Agriculture, environment, and sustainability
  • Information technology
  • Health
  • Architecture and construction
  • Engineering, mining, and surveying
  • Arts and creative industries
  • Culture, society, and Indigenous education

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#3. University of Notre Dame Australia

Another name among the top Universities in Perth is the private catholic university of Notre Dame. Notre Dame extends from the Western Coast of Australia in the historically rich and beautiful City of Fremantle to the town of Broome in the northwest going right through the heart of Sydney. Widely appreciated by students globally, Notre Dame embodies the archaic and revered traditions of Catholic Universities across Europe, and North America, as well as Intellectual Catholic Tradition. The university welcomes students belonging to all faiths and nationalities. 
The University of Notre Dame Australia provides a remarkable educational experience to its (over) 12,000 students. The education programs are managed by a dedicated staff of more than 700 across their three campuses. 

Why Notre Dame?

  1. A diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs 
  2. Encourages active participation and engagement in all areas
  3. A blend of Catholic traditions and innovative research
  4. Incorporates Catholic intellectual tradition 
  5. Great student-teacher ratio
  6. Holistic learning experience 

Study Areas:

  • Health Sciences
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Business
  • Philosophy & Theology
  • Education
  • Law
  • Nursing & Midwifery
  • Physiotherapy

Campus Locations

  • Fremantle
  • Broome
  • Sydney
  • Online

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#4. Edith Cowan University

Named in remembrance of the first woman to be elected to an Australian parliament, Edith Cowan University (ECU) is another popular public university in Western Australia. It gained university status in the year 1991. 
ECU offers over 300 courses across two metropolitan campuses in Perth i.e Mount Lawley and Joondalup and a regional campus in Bunbury. Additionally, many courses are also provided for online studies. Additionally, the university has partnerships with several educational institutions to conduct courses and programs offshore. The university enrolls more than 27,000 students at the UG and PG levels, 8,000 of whom were international students.

When it comes to skills development,student-to-teacher ratio, teaching quality, student support, learning resources, and overall experience, ECU has been ranked among the top three universities in Australia. 

Why ECU?

  1. ECU has been able to maintain a 5-star rating in quality teaching for 16 years
  2. Strong research community
  3. Great scholarship programs for domestic as well as international students 
  4. Impeccable support system for students 
  5. ECU enjoys a global reputation for offering top-notch vocational and professional education

Study Area

  • Business and law 
  • Science
  • Medical and health sciences 
  • Arts and humanities 
  • Nursing and midwifery 
  • Teacher Education 
  • Engineering and technology 
  • Performing arts 

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#5. University of Western Australia

Among the best Universities in Perth, The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a pioneering public research university in Western Australia. The UWA has its main campus in Perth and a secondary campus in Albany. Established more than a century ago in the year 1911, is the sixth-oldest Australian university. Thousands of international students flock to Australia each year to study at the University of Western Australia for their bachelor’s and master's programs. 
UWA thrives on providing its students with the platform to build technical skills and relevant networking with, internships, work-integrated learning, hands-on learning, and much more.

Located only minutes away from Perth, UWA lies alongside the banks of Swan River, on the the Whadjuk Nation.

Why the University of Western Australia?

  1. UWA has been ranked by QS 2023 as among the 100 top world universities 
  2. QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2022 ranks UWA as number 1 in Western Australia 
  3. As per the Good Universities Guide 2021, UWA maintains a 5-star teaching quality 
  4. UWA has over 4,500+ industry partnerships
  5. Excellent networking opportunities 

Study Areas 

  • Health and Biomedical Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Agricultural, Environmental, and Biological Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Architecture, Design, and Planning
  • Physical Sciences and Mathematics
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Business and Commerce
  • Data and Computer Science
  • Education
  • Law
  • Music and Fine Arts

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