Top Global Universities for Indian Students to Study in 2024

Choosing a destination for study abroad programs can be difficult, particularly with so many outstanding colleges available worldwide. In this blog, we will assist you in narrowing it down a little if you're an Indian student.

We'll break down some of the best colleges in the world that are excellent choices for Indian students. We'll take into account factors like academic standing, cost, and even how accepting they are of overseas students. So let's search for the ideal universities that will provide you with the best study abroad programs.

Discussing Top Global Universities for Indian Students

1. Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the best universities in the world! The name alone evokes thoughts of scholarly distinction. Harvard was established in 1636, thus it has been around for ages! They have a truly global student body, with over 20% of them coming from other countries.

Harvard is unique and is a great option to study in the USA for international students.  There are courses available for both more experienced students wishing to specialize in a particular profession and undergrads, or recent high school graduates. Other than Harvard, there are other universities in USA for international students.

The interesting aspect is that Harvard offers excellent programs in almost any field you can think of, including business and medicine.

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2. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): 

MIT is a place where brilliant minds join together to create the future! The Massachusetts institution, which was established in 1861 close to Boston, has drawn many inquisitive students. 

Graduate students, or people with a degree who choose to continue learning, make up more than half of the student body here! MIT may be the best choice for you if you're full of ideas and want to change the world.

They provide five primary fields of study, including social sciences and humanities as well as engineering and architecture. However, let's face it: MIT is renowned for its excellent courses in technology and science. We are discussing mathematics, physics, biology, and computer science, which are the foundations of the contemporary world!  Should you possess a strong interest in these topics and aspire to truly impact society, MIT might be the ideal destination for you.

3. Stanford University

Stanford is one of the most prestigious universities in the world! This esteemed university is situated in the Bay Area about 30 miles south of San Francisco. Since its founding in 1885, it has drawn brilliant minds looking for a top-notch education.

Approximately 2,000 of the staggering 40,000–60,000 applicants are approved each year, making it an extremely low acceptance rate of approximately 4-5%!

Its seven colleges are combined into one and a broad range of disciplines are offered. Both graduate and bachelor degree courses are available in the USA for international students and universities. These include engineering, earth sciences, and humanities and sciences. The catch is that graduate students are the only ones admitted to Stanford's esteemed schools of business, law, education, and medicine. Consider it as advanced coursework for individuals holding a bachelor's degree already.  It makes sense that Stanford is regarded as having some of the top medical and business schools worldwide!

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4. University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

The renowned public institution UC Berkeley, often known as Cal, is situated around 15 miles from the energetic metropolis of San Francisco. Over 150 years have passed since its founding in 1868 as a center of learning.

About 70% of California's student body is noted for being undergraduates, and many of them are still pursuing their bachelor's degrees.  This indicates that there is a busy campus life with lots of events and chances to socialize with other students.

The great aspect is that UC Berkeley offers a staggering 350 distinct degree programs throughout its 14 colleges and institutions. So, there's a road for you at Cal, regardless of your interests: think of the well-regarded Haas School for business, engineering, chemistry, or even law.

They are particularly well-known for its highly regarded business, chemistry, and physics departments.  UC Berkeley can be the ideal institution for you if you have a strong interest in these subjects and wish to study under the top instructors!

5. Oxford University

Oxford University is one of the better universities offering distinction in academia. If you're interested in history, Oxford University might be the ideal fit for you because of its rich past! Founded in the year 1096, this university is among the oldest in the entire globe. Oxford, which is around an hour's drive northwest of London, has a long history of turning forth bright brains.  

The intriguing part is that, despite Oxford's global renown, over half (45%) of its pupils are graduate students. These are individuals who wish to pursue further education in a particular field but already hold a bachelor's degree. Oxford may be a perfect option for you if you're prepared to learn more about a subject you're passionate about!

Humanities (think history, literature, and languages), math and science (think physics, biology, and medicine), and social sciences (think economics and psychology) are their four primary fields of study.  In these domains, Oxford has thirty colleges, all renowned for being the best in their respective fields of study.

Therefore Oxford may have the ideal program for you, regardless of your passions: classic literature, cutting-edge medical research, or everything in between!

6. Columbia University

Located in the center of the busy Manhattan borough of New York City, the esteemed Columbia University was established in 1754. Being one of the top 6 institutions in the world, Columbia provides students from all over the world with an excellent educational experience.

Imagine attending a school where thirty percent of your peers are foreign, creating a genuinely global community. Columbia has everything you need, whether you're a motivated first-year student or hoping to advance your studies. The Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia College, and the School of General Studies are three undergraduate institutions that provide a variety of programs to suit diverse interests. Columbia University also offers highly regarded graduate programs in business, law, medicine, and other fields.  Columbia University serves as a breeding ground in addition to being a center of education.

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The top choices for Indian students looking for a blend of academics and foreign students are Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley. MIT is a leader in science and technology, Stanford is an all-around leader, and UC Berkeley is reasonably priced. Oxford has excellent programs and is historic. Columbia provides an international education in a busy metropolis. There are a lot of universities in Europe for International students. Go around and select your ideal university!

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