Top 12 Most Popular Courses to Study in Australia

After completing high school, diploma, or 12th grade, students are confronted with the situation of choosing the best courses from the college/university for further education. Nowadays Australia is quite a buzz to study-abroad destination for international students. Most of the overseas students get enroll from south Asia. ( India, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and china). Australia has overtaken the choice of studying status from the USA, Canada, and the UK.

The educational infrastructure and job availability have made Australia an ideal option for higher studies for international students. Most who visit this country want to study in Perth Australia because of the course options available there. If you are an international student & searching for the best option to study in this beautiful nation, then you should know about the top 12 most popular courses to study in colleges in Perth. These courses are most popular and in demand among domestic students from Australia. Hence, take a sneak peek at these courses in brief.

  • Nursing
  • Social Work
  • ICT
  • Hospitality 
  • Engineering
  • Child care
  • Education
  • Automotive
  • Trade courses
  • Accounting
  • Aged care
  • VET Courses

Top courses to study in Australia

The below-mentioned options are the best courses to study in Perth, Australia:


Nurses are always in demand and thus, graduating in Nursing will open up various opportunities for you. This course will aid in landing jobs in the healthcare industry and primary work areas would be hospitals, clinics, health institutes, etc. Courses available for this profession include Certificate III in Health Services Assistance, Diploma of Nursing, etc. read more

Social Work

These courses help students to learn about improving the personal and social well-being of an individual. Some of the courses available for social work include Certificate courses in Social Work, Bachelor of Social Work, etc. Some of the job opportunities include working in sectors like aged care facilities, private and public hospitals, community health institutes, etc. read more


ICT or Information and Communication Technology course is related to the ever-popular IT field. Information systems, internet marketing, cloud computing, and more aspects you can learn in an ICT course. Upon completion, people can join workplaces as software developers, machine learning engineers, cloud consultants, computer network architects, etc. Courses include Certificate IV in Programming, Certificate IV in Web-Base Tech, etc. 


Hospitality is a term that encompasses different service types like managing events, handling bars, hotels, tourism, restaurants, clubs, etc. Courses include UG, PG, short courses, TAFE courses in Perth, etc. Completing such courses will help one to acquire jobs such as event manager, chef, cook, restaurant or café manager, tour guide, retail, hospitality, or service manager, etc. Commercial cookery and kitchen operation are quite famous across Australia. read more


One of the most sought-after courses to study in Perth is engineering. An engineer would use critical thinking along with scient and math to develop technologies, products, etc. to improve people’s lives. Engineering has different branches like mechanical, electrical, nuclear, aerospace, etc.  Courses involved are civil engineering, automotive engineering, biochemical engineering, computer engineering, etc. Depending on the course completed you can land jobs like mining engineering, electronic engineer, civil engineer, etc. 


The popularity of childcare courses has increased due to the exceptional demand for childcare professionals in recent times. Jobs are always flexible and people can earn quite well. The primary objective of such courses is to know how to handle children below the age of 10 years. Courses consist of Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. These TAFE Perth courses are nationally recognized and offer hands-on experience to students. By completing these courses, people can land jobs as childcare workers or childcare center managers.


A plethora of education courses is present for you to choose from. It will help understand people’s learning and development aspects throughout their lives. These courses comprise Certificates III & IV in Educational Support, Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, etc. These courses will help you to get jobs like education administrator, learning mentor, foreign language teacher, education consultant, primary school teacher, community education officer, etc.


These courses are ideal for people who want to understand and work in the automotive industry. You will learn to maintain, diagnose, and repair automobiles through these courses. Automotive Courses involved are Certificate III in Automotive Vocational Preparation, Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical, Diploma of Automotive Technology, etc. Completing such courses will aid in landing jobs like vehicle builders, motorsports mechanics, service technicians, garage mechanics, repairers of transport vehicles, air conditioner specialists, etc.

Trade courses

Students get to learn numerous fundamental principles that are industry-specific related. Also, you will learn the procedures and practices involving occupational safety and health, skills related to a profession, etc. The course depends on the tradecraft you are willing to learn. Hence, some of the common courses include Certificate III in Floor and Wall Tiling, Carpentry, Solid Plastering, Decorating & Painting, Block/Brick laying, etc.


Maintaining and preparing financial records is essential for any business. Accounting courses will assist in being a professional to handle several business-related jobs. Accounting Courses include Certificate I, II, III, & IV, Diploma and Advanced diploma in accounting.
Completing these courses will help you to land jobs like accounting clerk, accountant, chief financial officer, bookkeeper, auditor, payroll manager, tax specialist, etc.

Aged Care

Most scholars opt for colleges in Perth to study aged care. You will learn to help and support aged people with their daily lives and activities. Courses involved in this field include Certificate III, IV, and Diploma in Aged Care.
Completing these courses will help you to get jobs such as a nursing assistant, disability support workers, field officer, community care assistant, aged care professional, etc.

VET courses

Vocational Education and Training help scholars to be skilled and ready for the job market. These courses aid in upgrading skills and knowledge in particular fields to easily acquire jobs. These courses include Certificate I, II, III, & IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Vocational Graduate Diploma, and Certificate, etc. By completing these courses people can land jobs in various business sectors such as healthcare, social work, business, etc. These are the top courses that can land you the Highest paying jobs in Australia in various sectors.

Nutshell: These are the top searching and recommended courses by local students from Australia and international students from globally. 

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