Is It Better to Study in a Regional Area Australia

The most essential question asked by international students is, which place is better to study in Australia?  Either Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, etc. are the places that come to mind; however, opting for a regional area “study in Australia is a great choice for several reasons. The Australian government classifies a significant portion of this country as regional areas. The major cities in this nation include Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Apart from it, major regional centres and cities involve Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra, Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Newcastle, Hobart, and Wollongong. All other remaining locations are considered regional areas and regional centres.

What is regional area study?

People opting to study in Australia needs to choose a place. A scholar opting to study anywhere apart from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane would be considered to be studying in a regional area of this country.

Why do you want to study in regional Australia?

Ample reasons are there for international students choosing to study in regional Australia. Some of the major ones include:

1. Career Growth

Career growth can be observed in any part of Australia. Moreover, career types can thrive in this nation’s regional centres. Also, there will be less competition when it comes to job opportunities in regional areas than in Australian major cities; hence, it means acquiring a job might be an easier aspect.

2. Financial Stability

As it is easier to find a job in regional areas, it will be easy to enjoy financial stability in this part of Australia. Also, lower expenses adhere to financial stability for students as well as individuals who might be earning a little bit lower.

3. The reputation of colleges/universities

Numerous reputed colleges and universities are present to study in Australia’s regional areas. Some of the globally ranked universities consist of the University of Western Australia, Curtin University, University of Adelaide, Griffith University, etc. are just a few of the names on the long list.

4. Employment Rate

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the employment rate is substantially high in regional areas. Employment has increased to 13,765,200. Also, the ratio of employment to population remains at 64.4%. In addition, the unemployment rate remains at only a mere 3.5%.

5. Cost of living

The living cost in regional areas is much lower than that of living in a city. For instance, students’ on-campus accommodation can be around $750 a week in cities like Sydney; however, people opting for Wollongong university will require spending just $500 or so a week for the same. Therefore, lower living cost is what leads to less financial pressure when studying in this nation.

6. Job Opportunities

The employment statistics above portray how likely a person is to get a job after completing his/her studies. Apart from it, regional areas offer more part-time job opportunities to students with less competition to face. Also, scholars of regional universities will have access to added a year or more for working in this country after they graduate.

What are the benefits of regional areas in Australia?

1. Extra migration points:

The Australian government in 2019, announced changes to the immigration program. Such changes will boost regional areas by strengthening its economy. In short, one can get 5 extra points towards an individual’s Australian PR when choosing regional areas.

2. Special Scholarship

Destination Aus Scheme is available to international students that opt for a regional area “study in Australia”. It is funded by the country’s Department of Education.

3. VET

VET courses are available easily where students learn to increase their theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to land jobs easily. With more colleges and universities offering them in regional areas, it is easier for a scholar to get admission.

4. Additional year on post-study work visa-2years

Opting for regional areas for studying will lead students to enjoy an additional post-study work visa for a year or two. It depends on the courses, region, and other factors.

5. Cost of living

The cost of living in regional areas is far lesser than in cities like Sydney. It helps in lessening the financial burden quite a bit when studying in Australia.

6. Small class sizes

With most people opting for city universities, class sizes in regional areas are smaller. Thus, it leads to better personal tutoring and better learning.

7. Relaxed Lifestyle

A quiet, calm, and relaxed lifestyle are what you can expect when studying in a regional area, unlike any crowded places like Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne. The pace of life is much slower here; something which scholars enjoy.

8. Australian culture

Living in regional areas is the best way to understand and adapt to Australian culture. Hence, when opting for regional areas people get to mix with the residents and know about the culture more thoroughly.

9. Strong community feeling

The population of such places are smaller and thus, makes one feel part of a close group. Hence, it provides people with a strong community feeling.


  • Lack of facilities – When compared to cities one might feel that there might be some facilities lacking.
  • Lack of job availability – Well, there isn’t a lack of available jobs exactly, but compared to cities the number of jobs is limited.
  • Lack of public transportation – Regional areas don’t have extensive public transportation networks like cities do.
  • Limited entertainment – Entertainment is limited here but one can find something to his/her liking.

Which part of Australia is best for study?

When opting for a regional area “study in Australia” there are numerous places for people to study. These include locations that are given below. All, these places offer globally ranked universities that are ideal for higher studies.

  1. Perth
  2. Gold coast
  3. Wollongong
  4. Newcastle
  5. Adelaide
  6. Darwin
  7. Canberra
  8. Cairns
  9. Hobart
  10. Geelong

Is it easy to get PR in regional Australia?

It is easier to get PR in regional Australia due to the schemes laid out by the Australian government. Opting for such places would lead to additional migration points depending on location and other factors.


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