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Before you start to explore the reasons why you would want to take up health courses to pursue a career in the Australian health sector to be engaging and fulfilling, you need to know what the sector includes. As per the Australian government's Health and Welfare institute, the country's healthcare system includes all the activities whose main aim is to promote, maintain and restore health.

In Australia, this includes a multibranched web of settings, participants, public providers and supporting mechanisms from secondary to primary care professionals. In this guide, you will know some of the reasons to start a career in healthcare and why training under My Study Counselor is the best choice for you.

The Healthcare Sector in Australia is About to Become Close to Double in Size 

Australia's healthcare industry currently hires one in eight Australians or around 1.5 million people. This makes it Australia's largest employer, the healthcare sector is educated, and around three-quarters of the employees have post-school qualifications. It is not a surprise that the healthcare sector in Australia is thought to be one of the best in the world. 

But today, the sector faces a huge concern, and that is facing prospects of being unable to meet all future demands. This is a complicated problem, and there are three important points explained by industry experts responsible for this problem. As per studies undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of older Australians will increase in the next few years due to low fertility and enhanced life expectancy. This makes you think that opting for online health courses is your best career choice. 

Some facts regarding the elderly population in Australia are as follows:

  • Around 1976, the elderly Australians comprised 9% of the Australian population. Since then, the figure has grown to 15% in 2016. 
  • As per the experts, the numbers will increase by 22% by 2056. It is said that the average health expenditure is much higher in senior populations. 
  • The senior population in Australia is also said to have higher rates of primary care needs, hospitalization and secondary care needs. 
  • Similar to other developed economies, Australia has also increased the rates of diseases like alcohol, smoking, higher sun exposure, poor diets and much more. 
  • Some of the diseases include diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity and much more. As per the 2016 Australian of the year, around one-third of the costs of the healthcare system are due to sun exposure, obesity, alcohol and smoking.
  • It is said that the increasing generality of such diseases is not confined to any certain demographic.  
  • The new developments in medical technologies and treatments, from advanced scanning techniques to medications, have led to growing expenditures and have placed different demands on patients and the public health system.  

For instance, hepatitis C, which affects more than 230,000 Australians, can be the cause of enervating liver diseases that can only be treated with drugs. But even though those are affordable, they cause side effects and are effective half of the time. 

But in 2016, the Australian government added different drug classes called direct-acting antiviral treatments to the pharmaceutical benefits scheme.
It is said that the DAA medications are effective around 95% of the time and have lesser side effects, can be taken as a tablet and work more quickly. There is only one drawback of this new drug: they are quite expensive, and a single treatment can cost around $20,000.   

Due to all these reasons, the Australian treasury predicts that health expenditure will increase from 4 to 7% of GDP in 2050. At the same time, the number of employees in the health sector is going to rise to around 3% per year. Knowing this, you can opt for health courses in Australia. This is why you need to consider a career in healthcare, as there will be no shortage of job opportunities in Australia. 

The Australian Health Sector Offers the Best Salaries and Benefits Packages

The salaries in the Australian health sector are not the same for every job. For instance, a graduate registered nurse earns a salary of around $56,000, while a graduate doctor earns a salary close to $65,000. After close to ten years of employment in the healthcare sector, the average salary for doctors can grow to more than $100,000, while nurses can earn close to $80,000. 

As per the analyses of lifetime earnings, Australian health experts are known as some of the highest-paid workers in Australia throughout their careers. This pattern will not stop in the next few years, and despite yearly wage growth and low records in several Australian industries, the salaries for these workers have only continued to increase. 

Besides the competitive salaries, Australian health experts can access proper benefits. For instance, public health employees can take benefits of salary packaging that can allow them to buy approved items within specific incomes.

You Can Enjoy Better Career Flexibility

Australia's healthcare sector depends upon Australian graduates who want to specialize, and this is how doctors in internships turn to neurosurgeons. Australian nurses are known to be involved in aged care and pediatrics. To encourage specialization, the Australian healthcare industry is quite flexible. 

This is another reason why you should opt for health training courses under our guide at My Study Counselor. If you start as a healthcare graduate, you can have a degree of influence depending on where you end up. 

You can prefer to work in public employment or draw up a career in private health. You can also work in community health care, busy hospitals, boutique medical practices or other places. When you are a healthcare graduate, you can choose a career as per your choice and work as you wish. 

You Will Have Many Opportunities to Learn

Each day seems to bring the latest developments in healthcare, from unique treatments to better diagnostic tools. To make sure that patients always get the best possible treatments, most healthcare careers need the commitment to continue development. For instance, nurses and doctors need to earn a set number of points each year to stay accredited.

They earn those points by completing educational courses, publishing content, attending conferences and performing other assigned tasks that help them to stay well-informed and be ready to fight any emerging problems. A career in healthcare will provide you with multiple opportunities to learn about your work. For instance, different things can happen on different days in a hospital, and there are many things to learn from them.

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You Can Help to Bring a Difference in Your Community 

When people are often asked why they choose to work in the Australian healthcare sector, they say that this is the only profession that can help others live a better life, ease pain and reduce mental suffering. In this sector, there are developments that often impact the entire community. 

After people undertake health courses in college, they become healthcare professionals and dedicate their lives to combating different challenges and helping to improve people's lives in their community. You can take up a healthcare course under our experts at My Study Counselor to become a medical professional in the future.  

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As stated above, the healthcare sector of Australia is huge, and employment opportunities are expected to increase in the next few years. If you desire to be a part of the healthcare sector in the future, you can opt for different online health courses under our experts at My Study Counselor

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