MYOB Advanced Certificate

MYOB Advanced Certificate is designed to provide knowledge and skills to allow students to administer various business types.  After the successful completion of online MYOB advanced certificate, you would gain access to the required tools and tactics and engage in the effective managing of the Accounting and payroll software. Yon can perform advanced inventory and advanced reporting. This course will teach you the methods of implementing the cash flows and budgets with automation. You would also learn about the MYOB essentials dashboard and setting. You would understand the disadvantages and advantages of using cloud software. After completing MYOB Advanced Certificate Courses, you will be eligible to work as MYOB Payroll Manager, MYOB Payroll Administrator, MYOB qualified Accountant, MYOB qualified Accounts Officer/Bookkeeper/Manager, MYOB qualified Administrator/Manager and  MYOB Implementation Specialist. 

This course will cover the following units:

  • Overview of the customization based segments
  • Changing Start Up And Closure of the system
  • Changing the preferences in respect to the sales And purchases 
  • Preferences based on reports And forms
  • Overview Of the security
  • Setting up the password of administrators      
  • Opening the files by using passwords      
  • Creating the profiles of the users      
  • Working With A User Account      
  • Deleting the Unwanted User Profiles      
  • Overview of the data mining aspects      
  • Creating A Custom List and using it  
  • Creating Custom Fields and using it      
  • Creating Identifiers and applying that all      
  • Printing A List Of Identifiers      
  • Advanced Searching and reporting      
  • Custom Reports      
  • Petty Cash      
  • Credit Cards
  • Point Of Sales
  • Fixed Assets
  • Job Tracking
  • MYOB And Word Processing
  • MYOB And Spreadsheets

After gaining the knowledge of the essentials in the segment of MYOB Advanced Certificate, you would be find employment in the below mentioned segments.

  • MYOB qualified Administrator/Manager
  • MYOB qualified Accounts Officer/Bookkeeper/Manager
  • MYOB Payroll Manager
  • MYOB Implementation Specialist
  • MYOB qualified Accountant
  • MYOB Payroll Administrator

This course is for those want to gain the knowledge of advanced features and functions of the MYOB package. The Advanced certification in MYOB will teach you the methods of using the MYOB package in your business. It would be quite better to enroll in the course if you desire to start your own business or manage your current business. After completing MYOB Advanced Training Certificate, you will be able to customize many MYOB operation and features in better manner. You can learn to use MYOB to manage your petty cash drawer and point of sales translation. You can export data from MYOB to spreadsheet application. You will be able to customize MYOB from. After completing this course, you will be able to access the accounting and payroll software. With this qualification, you can make your career in finance, accounting and business. After completing MYOB Advanced Certificate Courses, you will be eligible to work as MYOB Payroll Manager, MYOB Payroll Administrator etc.