Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

Travel and tourism is evaluated to be a part of hospitality sector. Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management Course is designed to provide in depth knowledge in international destinations, ticketing, reservations, tourism operations and life skills to the learners. The course would deliver the theoretical knowledge to the learners. 

This qualification will teach you how to assist travelers with all aspects of planning a trip including car rentals, accommodation and flights. With this qualification, you can achieve the success and goal in the tourism sector. The course would provide a sort of pathway to work in various tourism industry. You can work for tour wholesalers, attractions, any small tourism business, heritage and culture sites and travel agencies. The travel and tourism industry is growing day by day and you can be a part of this industry with this course. The course would help you in attaining the success in travel and tourism sector. 

This course will cover the following units 

  • marketing principles
  • Fundamentals & essentials of the computer application 
  • Tourism industry 
  • Aspects of the business communication 
  • Standards of Accounting 
  • Heritage 
  • Eco Tourism segments
  • Resource management
  • Business based economies
  • Environment and Ecology
  • Stress management
  • principles and the concepts in hospitality management. 

After having the knowledge of the Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management Online courses in the field, you would gain with the employment in the below mentioned segments:

  • Tourism operator 
  • Tour manager  
  • Travel Analyst 
  • Travel Planner 
  • Management Trainee 
  • Resource Manager
  • Associate and analyst
  • Travel consultant
  • Travel sale consultant
  • Freelancer travel consultant

If you are interested to start your career in hospitality and tourism sector then online diploma of travel and tourism management would help you in attaining the desired goals and help in career advancement. With this course, you would gain access to the real world business and marketing experiences. Though, it would help you in developing strong communication and business management skills. After completing this course, you will be able to work as Tour manager, travel Analyst, Travel Planner, Management Trainee, Resource Manager, Associate and analyst, travel consultant, travel sale consultant, freelancer travel consultant, tour operator etc. It would offer excellent job opportunities for travel agencies, airlines, resorts, hotels, shipping companies, tourism department, tour operating companies. The travel and tourism industry primarily deals with taking care of the travel management, hospitality management, tourists and tour management etc. you can improve your communication skills. With the communication skill, you would be helped in having better communication with the clients. Better learning would be gained regarding the tourism marketing and advertisement processes. After completing this course, you will be able to work for both private and government sectors.