Diploma of Mental Health

Diploma of Mental Health Training is designed for delivering the required skills, knowledge and attributes to perform professionally and competently in non clinical health sector. The learning of the course will provide the practical and theoretical training. You can develop the coaching and communication skills. It will also provide the ability to enter in non clinical mental health workforce. After completing the learning of the course in well manner, you can work as welfare support worker, mental health support worker, community support worker and mental health outreach worker. Successful completion of  Diploma of Mental Health course you will gain the essential skills you need to work as specialized mental health worker. It would teach you how to provide community services. You would be also specialized in social housing, case management, statutory and forensic, young and family welfare. This course will teach you the tactics of recovery oriented mental health services  

This Diploma of Mental Health  course will cover the following units:

  • Implementing the recovery oriented approaches in the complex business segments
  • Providing the recovery oriented mental health services to the individuals
  • Providing the early intervention, health prevention and promotion programs
  • Reflecting on and improving the own professional practices
  • Establishing the self-directed recovery based relationships
  • Providing the systems advocacy based services
  • Working with the diverse range of people
  • Implement the trauma informed care
  • Working collaboratively with the care network and other services
  • Better assess and promotion of the social, emotional and physical well-being based sections
  • Managing the work in health and safe manner
  • Researching and applying the evidences to the practicing
  • Promoting the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
  • Providing better services to the people with co-existing mental health, alcohol and other drugs based issues
  • Providing support in developing the wellness plans and advanced directives

After gaining the proper learning of the Online Diploma of Mental Health course, one may have the development of the career in the sections described as below:

  • Alcohol & Drug Clinician
  • Social Justice Worker
  • Mental Health Support Worker
  • youth mental health worker
  • outreach program worker
  • community mental health practitioner
  • mental health support worker
  • disability support worker

If you want to expand to career opportunities in the mental health industry then Diploma of Mental Health Course is the best option for you. After completing this course, you would be able to assist the people with mental health issues to improve their social well being and mental health.  You can be a outreach officer, mental health worker and support worker after completing this qualification. Determination could be done of the requirement of people with the mental  health issues and problems. You can learn how to handle and work with various people. You can establish self directed recovery relationship. This course is perfect for you if you are looking to work in mental health segment and solve the related issue of the individuals.