Certificate IV in Youth Work

With certificate iv in youth work, you will gain the knowledge to develop and implement the program that address the behavioral, social, health, development and protection needs, welfare, whilst fostering community engagement and participation of the individuals. The study areas has the inclusion of varied aspects like that of Aboriginal and Torres strait islander cultural safety, legal and ethical compliance, community development framework and responding to family violence. After completing this course, you can work for a range of organization that deliver services to young people in both non-government and the government agencies including local councils, education setting, residential care facilities, school support program and youth justice setting.  The course would provide the learners a lot of opportunities to develop and facilitate programs for young people. You would learn the method of understanding and working with a variety of cultural perspectives. You can improve your skills to interact with the  guardians and families of young people. You can help and support the young people with by gaining the learning of the course. This course will teach you, how to respond to critical situation and how to assess young people.  

The certificate iv in youth work online course would cover the following important units in the study:

  • Working within a framework of community development
  • Using the communication medium for building up relationships 
  • Working with diverse range of people 
  • Promoting the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety 
  • Planning and conducting the group activities 
  • Working in a legal and ethical manner 
  • Working with people with mental health related issues
  • Identifying and responding to the children and young people in the situations of risk 
  • Engaging with the young people respectfully. 
  • Working effectively with young people in youth work context 
  • Supporting the young people in the creation of better opportunities in their lives 
  • Responding to the critical situations 
  • Providing better services for young people appropriate to the needs and circumstances 
  • Participating in the workplace health and safety 
  • Confirming the developmental status of the clients 
  • Recognizing and responding appropriately to the domestic and family violence 
  • Working with the people experiencing the risk of homelessness 
  • Communicating and working in health or community services based segments

After completing this online certificate iv in youth work course you be employed in  roles such as:

  • Recreational youth activities worker
  • Community development worker (youth)
  • Youth alcohol and other drugs worker
  • Residential care worker
  • Youth housing support worker
  • Youth and family services worker
  • Youth mental health worker
  • Youth alcohol and other drugs worker
  • Juvenile justice worker

Are you ready to lead positive impact in the lives of young people? Certificate IV in Youth Work will provide you with the skills and knowledge to support and work with 10-25 year old. After completing this course you will learn how to listen and understand young people’s problems. The course would provide you both practical as well as the theoretical knowledge. You will be able to provide the services to young people according to their requirements and circumstances. You can work and help young people. With this course, you would also learn the problem solving technique.  You would be able to develop and facilitate a range of community based programs. You can implement organizational policies and guidelines. After completing this course, You can work as youth housing support worker, youth and family services worker, youth mental health worker, youth alcohol and other drugs worker and juvenile justice worker, recreational youth activities worker, community development worker (youth), youth alcohol and other drugs worker, residential care worker and youth housing support worker. Though, the course would teach you the method of responding to the critical situations and having better access to the young people.