Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Certificate iv in training and assessment is designed to provide an understanding of vocational education to the learners. This course will provide you with the ability to design and deliver the non-accredited and accredited courses to the groups and the individuals who tends to work in the industry.  You can develop the competency based assessment and learn the tactics of using the training packages and accredited courses effectively. In this course, you will cover four modules which would be like Design, adult language literacy and numeracy, delivery of learning and workplace based assessment. The design  module will include the designing and development of learning program. The adult language literacy and numeracy will include the development of awareness.  Also, the workplace based assessment would have the inclusion of the activity based planning, assessing competency, designing and the overall development of the assessment tools. The course tends to be much helpful to fulfill the current and future development requirement of the individuals in the vocation education and training sector. 

This course would have the inclusion of the following units in its learning:

  • Planing the assessment based activities and the processes
  • Better assess to the competence
  • Effective Participation in the assessment validation
  • Planing, organizing and delivering the group-based learning
  • Planing, organizing and facilitating the better learning in the workplace
  • Designing and developing the varied learning programs
  • Having the effective use of the training packages and accredited courses to meet out the client needs
  • Contributing to the assessment
  • Designing and developing the assessment tools
  • Providing the work skill instruction
  • Coordinating and facilitating the distance-based learning
  • Facilitating the aspects of the e-learning
  • Maintaining the training and assessment based information
  • Participating in a quality audit program
  • Developing the teams and individuals in effective manner
  • Promoting the products and the services
  • Building up the relationships with the client along with the varied business networks
  • Analyzing and presenting the research information

After completing cert iv training and assessment online , you can apply for the diploma in vocational education and training.  After completing this course you can make your career in the below mentioned fields:

  • RTO assessor
  • Registered training organization (RTO) trainer
  • Training Adviser or Training Needs Analyst
  • Vocational Education teacher
  • Enterprise Trainer
  • Enterprise assessor

If you want to design and deliver the vocation based training then certificate 4 in training and assessment is the best option for you. Main advantage of this course is that you can design different learning program for individuals or groups. This course will provide the ability to maintain the training and assessment information. You can learn about the workplace based assessment. Thus, cert iv training and assessment is majorly suitable for those looking to deliver formal training. This course will provide the ability to understand the relationships between the competence or standards. You can participate in the validation of assessment activities and then you can improve the assessment practice. You can become more confident facilitator and presenter. After completing  this course you can be a vocational education teacher, training adviser or training needs analyst, RTO assessor, enterprise trainer, registered training organization (RTO) trainer and enterprise assessor.