Certificate IV in Mental Health

This course is designed to deliver the required skills, knowledge and attributes to perform professionally and competently in the non clinical health sector. Certificate 4 in mental health would provide you huge number of practical and theoretical training. You can develop the coaching and communication skills. The course will provide the ability to enter in non clinical mental health workforce. You can find the employment in a range of context including respite and residential services, home or center based program and community based non government organization. The course would cover the core unit based competencies including the aspects of recovery oriented mental health, establishing self directed recovery relationships, working effectively in trauma informed care, assessing and promoting social , self advocacy, emotional and physical well being, assessing co existing needs and providing interventions for people with alcohol issues. After completing cert iv mental health, you would be able to work as Mental Health Outreach Worker, Mental Health Intake Officer and Community Rehabilitation and Support Worker. 

Certificate iv in mental health online course will cover the following units:

  • Assessing and promoting the social, emotional and physical well being aspects
  • Establishing the self-directed recovery based relationships
  • Participating in the workplace health and safety
  • Promoting and facilitating the self advocacy based aspects
  • Providing the recovery oriented mental health services
  • Providing the services to the people with co-existing mental health, alcohol and other drugs related issues
  • Working collaboratively with the care network and other services
  • Working effectively in the trauma informed care segment 
  • Working legally and ethically in the business
  • Working with the diverse group of people

After completing cert 4 mental health, you will be able to work across a range of careers including:

  • youth mental health worker
  • outreach program worker
  • community mental health practitioner
  • mental health support worker
  • disability support worker

If you want to work in the health industry then cert iv mental health is the best option for you. After completing this course, you can assist the people with mental health issues to improve their social well being and mental health. You can be a outreach officer, mental health worker and support worker after completing this qualification. You would be able to determine the requirement of people with the mental  health issues and problems. You can promote physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being. You can improve your communication skills and have  better interaction with different clients after grabbing the knowledge of certificate iv in mental health. You can achieve the success and goal with this qualification in the health care industry. You can work in health care industry as outreach program worker, youth mental health worker, mental health support worker, community mental health practitioner, disability support worker. Though over and all, you would be able to support the individuals who are affected by mental illness and disability.