Certificate IV In Information Technology Networking

Certificate iv in information technology networking is designed to provide training in server administration (Linus and windows), networking, client support and security. You can gain the knowledge and skills  required to install and manager network. The course would teach you  the tactics of installing and administrating Microsoft  and Linux operating system. You can explore new technology and you can learn new technique related to the cloud and IOT (internet of thing). This course will teach you about cloud network, internet, data security and associated technologies. With Certificate iv in information technology networking online, you can grab with skills and knowledge in varied features of IT network technologies. This qualification is all about preparing you for exciting challenges and opportunities that comes with technological advancements. Main advantage of this course is that you can gain the communication and management skills with this course required for the better management of the small scale projects. Take the next step into digital world with the learning of the course. This qualification will provide the competitive edge which you would require to move ahead in the business . 

Certificate IV In Information Technology Networking (1 Courses)

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This  Certificate iv in information technology networking online course will cover the following units

  • Install, configure and test an internet protocol network
  • Install, operate and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network
  • Install and configure virtual machines for sustainable ICT 
  • Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultation processes
  • Determine and confirm client business requirements
  • Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment
  • Manage network and data integrity
  • Install and manage a server

The  career outcomes may include:

  • Junior networking assistant
  • Help desk support officer 
  • Networking technician
  • Network operator
  • Network administrator
  • Network manager
  • IT network operations technician
  • IT network operations support
  • IT network support technician 
  • IT network support 
  • IT network technician 
  • IT network support technician
  • IT network administrator 
  • IT network technician.

If you want to learn latest IT technologies and desire enhance your career in the networking industry then this course is perfect for you. With this course you can achieve the success and your set goals in networking field. You will be able to install and manage small scale networks. You would also learn the tactics of enhancing the networks and data integrity. Certificate 4 in information technology networking courses would provide the ability to troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network. It would also provide the industry based skills and knowledge to the learners which is much crucial for working in complex networks. Though, the working would rest to be as network manager or network technician. After completing certificate iv in information technology networking course, you will be able to work in different organization due to the huge requirement of networking expertise in the era.