Certificate IV in Fitness

The Certificate IV in Fitness is a nationally recognized course that gives the student skills which can prepare them to provide a kick start to their career in the health sector which is one of the most demanded and fastest growing global industry. Nowadays, the customers tend to demand for more personalised fitness care and services and want attention and proper care while training themselves for fitness. The fitness sector is witnessing more demand in the medical sector and the allied health professionals want to work with the fitness professionals  so that they can design and offer better fitness programs that are suitable for the older people and can learn the skills of training the children too. The certificate IV in Fitness is an ideal program for students who want to gain skills and knowledge for fitness training and have strong interest in sports, health and fitness. Through the Certificate IV in fitness course, you will also be able to proive unsupervised training to your clients as it is a Nationally recognised qualification. 

The certificate iv in fitness online course being a nationally recognised qualification, prepares the students for many health and fitness related expertise. Some of the common learnings through this course which will be attained by the students are:

  • Planning the excercise programs for the clients
  • Application of the knowledge gained as principles of excercise science
  • Undertaking the posturals of clients appraisals and other tests of fitness
  • Undertaking functional movement and muscle range testing
  • Developing a broad variety of exercise pragrams
  • Running a small business
  • Working with chronic conditions affected people
  • Liaisoning with fitness service coordinators and personal training managers
  • Leading a team of personal trainers for planning, conducting and evaluating exercise training
  • Providing leadership and guidance to the other staffs and clients
  • Dealing with the unpredictable situations
  • Working independently or with very limited guidance
  • making use of discretion for solving the non-routine problems which includes managing and monitoring business activities for operating efficiently and profitably. 

The certificate 4 in fitness online will enable the students recieve an Assessment Result within 21 days of completion of each module/ unit or within the 21 days of close of study date. Students who successfully complete the required modules/units will recieve their qualification. Further they can take up their career into studying further into this field or can also work directly after completing the cert IV fitness program. 
They can work in the fitness industry as:

  • Personal trainer
  • Gym trainer
  • Work at a aquatic facility
  • Own a PT business, etc. 
  • Personal trainer in a fitness or leisure facility
  • Personal trainer at their own business
  • Getting employed into a diversity of fitness industry like fitness centres, aquatic facilities, gyms, community facilities
  • The student may be able to gain employment into personal training studios, outdoor fitness/boot camps
  • Cruise ships
  • The individual may also open up his own PT business

The Cert 4 fitness course is a nationally recognised program which is more popular among people wishing to gain a qualification in order to apply specialist skills to train individuals and different clients on one-on-one or group basis for their health improvement related components of fitness in relatively low risk situations. The certificate IV in fitness trains the individuals in such a way that they can take special training for the adolscents and older clients.
If you are one of those individuals who likes to train for fitness or have strong interest into sports, then this course is definitely right for you.
The students registered with this course program learn substantial in depth knowledge of planning, conducting and evaluating the exercise training and provide guidance and leadership to the clients in a unsupervised or personalised manner. For further assistance and details about this course, contact us.