Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy

The course is designed for the individuals who want to be as a beauty therapist to provide a range of beauty therapy treatment and different services, including nail services, waxing, make up, lash and brow treatment. Undergoing the learning of the Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy course, you can learn the business principle and aesthetic application through traditional coursework, internship and laboratory. You can gain the knowledge and skills required for cosmetologists. The beauty therapy is known as cosmetology and the beauty therapists is known as cosmetologist. The course combines the theoretical and practical knowledge having the inclusion of varied topics body massages, day to night makeup, facial treatment, dilapidation, pedicures and manicures. There are numbers of colleges offering certificate IV in beauty therapy. The beauty therapy sector cover an extensive variety of  services and treatments, products which exist for the purposes of enhancing physical appearance. To succeed as a beauty therapist means not only learning the treatment and procedures themselves, but also attaining deeper understanding of how the human body works. Hence, the course starts with zero knowledge of beauty culture and  converts students in to professionals. 

The certificate IV in beauty therapy online course includes training in demonstrating the cosmetic and retail skin care products. You will also learn to provide beauty therapy treatments including:

  • Body massage
  • Basic and advanced facial treatment
  • Body treatment

Certificate course in beauty therapy will cover the following units:

  • Applying the cosmetics tanning products
  • Applying the safe hygiene, health and work based practices
  • Complying with the organizational requirements within a personal services environment
  • Conducting the salon financial transactions in better manner
  • Designing and applying the make-up
  • Providing the clients with the body massages
  • Providing the body treatments
  • Providing the facial treatments and skin care recommendations
  • Providing the customers with the lash and brow services
  • Providing the manicure and pedicure services
  • Providing the salon services to the clients
  • Providing the waxing services to the clients
  • Researching and applying the beauty industry information
  • Applying the eyelash extensions
  • Designing and applying the make-up for photography
  • Designing and applying the remedial camouflage make-up
  • Maintaining the infection control standards
  • Providing the aromatherapy massages
  • Providing the clients with the specialized facial treatments

After completing certificate course in beauty therapy, you will be able to provide different services like; make up application, manicure and pedicure, waxing services, lash and brow treatment, body treatment and facial. Hence, you would have the career advancement in the below mentioned segments:

  • Makeup artist
  • Spa therapist
  • Beauty adviser 
  • Beauty therapist 
  • Makeup cum beautician
  • laser therapist
  • salon manager 

If you love to make people feel beautiful then certificate in Beauty Therapy course would be the perfect choice for you. You can achieve the success and goal in beauty therapy sectors. Undergoing the learning of the course, you would gain both practical as well as theoretical knowledge in the segment. You would gain the skills of efficiently managing the financial transaction, work within organization, develop effective work habits.  You can learn to maintain a professional appearance for supporting the team. The beauty and health industry is a growing business in the recent time phase. Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy course will provide the skills and knowledge in a broad range of beauty therapy treatments and services that include:

  • facials, 
  • body massage, 
  • specialized facials, 
  • lash and brow treatments,
  • make-up
  • and waxing

You would be also able to design and apply make-up for the photography aspect. Along with that you would also have the application of the remedial camouflage make-up. This course will provide the knowledge and skills for facial treatments and skin care recommendations. You can also maintain the infection control standards.