Certificate IV in Agriculture

Certificate IV in Agriculture is a course especially designed for those who have an urge to improve their farming and agricultural skills. For getting enrolled in the course of Certificate IV in agriculture there are no prerequisites but do have some of the requirements to get entry to the course. The course is outlined in such a way that it takes one and half years to complete the qualification of certificate IV in agriculture. The time of this one year and 6 months is not onky the learning time of the course but also the time which you take to reflect and think about the things learned and other normal activities. 
The course requires some points to be present while entrance to this course which shall include:

  • The student must have a business that involves farm activities.
  • The student must an access to the computer system with an operating system of atleast Windows XP and applications like word 97, Adobe reader, Excel 97 and other satellite broadband internet connection or similar access. 
  • The student should have basic knowledge of operating a computer system.
  • Student should have completed 10 years or equivalent education before enrolment into this course.

This course is developed for the proper development of the farming skills and knowledge of the enroled students. The students will learn how to analyse and interpret the production data, planning and implementation of the agricultural crop maintenance, they will be able to cost a project. The successful completion will enable students to prepare and apply chemicals appropriately in the crops and farm. Along with the application of the chemicals, the transportation and storage of the chemicals is also learned during this course. The course of the certificate IV in agriculture teaches the students how to sample and interpret results. The students will also learn how to apply the project life cycle management processes. During this course, the student will very well be able to learn the development of the livestock feeding plans. 

The course of Certificate IV in Agriculture online course is a nationally recognised program by the Australian Qualifications Framework. After completion of the Certificate IV agriculture course program you can also apply for the Diploma of Agriculture course. The different outcomes of the enrolled course of certificate iv in agriculture are:

  • Farm consultant
  • Farm Supervisor
  • Shed Supervisor
  • Farm manager
  • Farm team leader
  • Farm production manager
  • Agronomist
  • Station/ property manager
  • Farm Team Leader
  • Farm supervisor
  • Shed Supervisor

Certificate IV in agriculture course develops the skills and knowledge of the students with the enrollment into this course relating to farm and agriculture sector. The agriculture sector is an ever-expanding sector where the opportunities are never ending. The students after after getting enrolled into this course will be able to gain supervisory field knowledge and skills which would develop their farming and agricultural practices. If you have good knowledge of business and want to expand your career in the field of agriculture and grow into this sector, then this is the right course for you. The qualification into the course of certificate iv in agriculture will enable you to use it as a qualification for entrance into the career where you can develop yourself in the farming industry as the farm manager or agribusiness administrator.
As this course is recognised as a national program by the Australian Qualifications Framework, it is one of the renowned courses which can bring bright future into your career options.