Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) (VIC ONLY)

Certificate iii in Individual Support provides the individuals with the efficient and effective skills and the knowledge which is required for underlying the effective role as the support and the care worker in the sector of the residential aged care and the community. The course is delivered to the individuals having the use of flexible methods along with the efficient use of the learning tools and tactics. Face to face learning is being provided to the individuals in the segment of in class study and learning. Successful and accurate completion of the cert 3 home and community care course helps in meeting out the pre-requisites in the varied essential fields of the segment of Health Diploma of Nursing. 

Certificate 3 in aged care is evaluated to be the course having the essential inclusion of the varied segments known to be the core units in the segment of learning .Thus under the units, the individual will gain with huge number of the learning described as below:

  • Providing the required and essential support to the individuals.
  • Support the aspect of the well being and the independence in the area.
  • Having better communication and working in the community and the health segment based services.
  • Undergoing the aspect of working with the diverse range of the individuals. 
  • Learning about recognizing the systems of the healthy body.
  • Undergoing the work era in the ethical and legal manner.
  • Following the safe work practices for caring the clients directly. 
  • Undergoing the facilitation of the empowerment of the older people.
  • Meeting out the personal support needs of the individuals.
  • Providing the individuals with the essential community and the home support services.
  • Delivery of the care services along with having the use of the palliative approach. 

Gaining with the essential skills and knowledge in the field of Certificate iii individual support would surely help the individuals in attaining with the better career growth in the varied segments described as below. 

  • Assistant in Nursing
  • Respite Worker
  • Support Worker
  • Personal Care Worker 
  • Community Care Worker
  • Case Coordinator
  • Case Management Supervisor
  • Case Worker or Case Manager
  • Community Educator 
  • Welfare Worker    
  • Program Coordinator 
  • Welfare Center Manager 
  • Customer service Staff
  • Domestic assistant
  • Care Service Employee
  • Allied Health Assistant
  • Therapy Assistant
  • Community Based Allied Health Assistant
  • Outreach Officer
  • Volunteer Manager
  • Center Manager    

The decision of indulging in the certificate 3 in individual support course and having the learning of the course would be a correct and growth fortunate career option for the individuals in the segment. 
It is being determined to be the course for providing the individuals with the base for attaining with the essential skills and knowledge for having better operations on the job role of assistant or the  care worker in the segment of nursing. Certificate 3 in home and community care is being evaluated to be the essential part of residential aged care facility. One could have the access to the learning of the course easily by undergoing the scenario of the direct entry. Also, it would serve to be more suitable for attaining some special experience along with the need for  formalizing of the essential qualifications in the segment.