Certificate II in Glass and Glazing

The glass and glazing section has the inclusion of shaping, cutting, installing glass into a variety of fitting including shop fronts, windows, doors and furniture. This  qualification explain the knowledge and skills required to perform basic glass and glazing join role such as safety processing and moving thin glass. The production of glass is energy and labour intensive process. This process can be manipulated in different ways to create glass. Certificate 2 in Glass and Glazing is much helpful to develop the knowledge and skills in the glass and glazing operations. By undergoing the learning of the course, you would have the effective use of the communication technologies. The course consists of five core units of competency and eight elective units of competency. It will provide the learners with huge opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge in mining and construction sectors. Glass certificate and glaze certificate would provide you the ability to work at heights and you will be able to calculate and measure accurately.  You can enjoy your practical work after competing this course. If you want to become a glass and glazing trades-person then it is possible but you need to complete an apprenticeship or trainee-ship. 

Certificate II in Glass and Glazing (2 Courses)

Study Mode : Classroom
2 Location
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
Study Mode : Classroom
2 Location
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
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Certificate II in Glass Glazing course will cover the following units:

  • Application of the basic glass handling
  • Providing the sort of first aid service
  • Using the glass and glazing sector hand and power tools
  • Operating the glass free fall rack and table
  • Process thin glass by hand
  • Moving the single glass sheets by the mechanical means
  • Processing of the glass by basic machines
  • Making the measurements and calculations
  • Better Communication in the workplace
  • Working in a team
  • Working safely
  • Participating in the environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Glazing and re-glaze residential windows and doors
  • Fabricating and assembling the frames
  • Processing of the thick glass
  • Processing the glass by semi-automatic machines
  • Preparation and the installation of the mirrors and glass splash-backs
  • Reading and interpreting in the plans and specifications
  • Using, handling and storing the glass and glazing products and consumables
  • Better assess over the glass and glazing requirements
  • Fabricating and installing the shower screens and wardrobe doors
  • Fabricating and installing the commercial glazing
  • Preparing and installing the architectural engineered glazing
  • Conducting the commercial and structural re-glazing

By undergoing the learning of the course. You can be glass cutter, domestic or commercial glazier, various positions in architectural glass work and glass edge worker/processor. 

  • Glass etcher 
  • Glass beveller 
  • Glass embosser 
  • Glass mould cleaner 
  • Glass processing worker
  • Glazier 
  • Glass silverer

If you want to make your career in the glazing sector then this could would lead you to the success stairs being the best option for you. The learning of the course provides you the knowledge and skills you required for performing a range of glass and glazing job roles, including processing, safely manufacturing, installing and moving different types of glass. This course will teach you how to install the glasses in buildings. Certificate II in Glass and Glazing  will provide the practical and theoretical knowledge for glass and glazing. You can learn how to lay sheet of glass onto glass cutting tables. This course will teach you how to fabricate aluminum for commercial and domestic application. The work falls into three areas and being described below:

  • Cutting the glass
  • Beveling or smoothing edges
  • fitting or glazing glass into prepared opening