Certificate II in Engineering Studies “Mechanical, Fabrication and Composites” (VIC ONLY)

The Certificate II in Fabrication Engineering Studies VIC course has been created for the building up of understudies and the trade persons in the engineering segment. Though, the course also enables the students in the creation of the better abilities. There is the inclusion of the 3 main segments in the course and those are like the Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication Engineering and the composites Engineering. Along with this, you would undergo the learning of many more essentials like maintenance & installation, fluid power equipment's, metallurgy based skills, inspection & design, etc. The segment of the mechanical engineering helps the individuals in having safe operations of the technology based machines. The fabrication would teach you regarding the maintenance and the power of the fluids along with the aspect of the installation and the use of the tools and the equipment's. These also undergoes covering the skills and the knowledge for the aspect of the employment in the corporate world.  

Here is given with the aspects of the varied segments of the learning in the Certificate II in Mechanical Engineering Studies VIC course.

  • Performing the soft soldering.
  • Undergoing the working of the routine oxy acetylene welding.
  • Working in the segment of the mechanical cutting.
  • Performing the tasks of the manual heat and the thermal cutting.
  • Proper application of the fabrication, forming and the shaping of the essential techniques.
  • Proper assembling of the fabricated  based components.
  • Undergoing the performing of the routine manual metals and the arc welding.
  • Performing the aspects of the advanced welding by the use of the arc welding processing. 
  • Welding by the use of the submerged arc welding processing.
  • Performing the advanced welding by having the use of oxy Acetylene Welding process. 
  • Having the proper processing of the welding process. 
  • Replacing, repairing and modifying the fabrications.
  • Having the aspect of the geometric development. 
  • Advanced geometrical development – transitions 
  • Advanced geometric development - conical

One could have the development of the better career in the field of the engineering in the below mentioned segments:

  • Welding Inspector
  • Certified Welder
  • Welding Supervisor

If you are among the individuals desiring to have the career growth in the fields of fabrication, mechanical and the composites, this course would surely suit you. It is the best option as the course provides with huge opportunities for the enhancement of the knowledge for having better stand in the corporate world.  The engineering certification  has been explicitly created to be conveyed to individuals who are existing designing trades-persons or conveyed to disciples in an Engineering Trade who concentrate at a higher level during their apprenticeship. The capability may likewise be accomplished through formal abilities recognition evaluation process. Certificate II in Composites Engineering Studies VIC is offered in three main streams and they are: CNC machining, fabrication and maintenance fluid power. The course is offered in three main streams  and they are: CNC machining, fabrication and maintenance fluid power. It has been developed to be delivered to individual interested in learning advanced skills in engineering.